'Art is you. Art is a message. Art is not a copy but an image of what you see. Art is unique to you.' - Year 7 pupil

Art & Graphics

'Every Child is an Artist'-Pablo Picasso
 Key Stage 3
In years 7 and 8 young artists will learn how to depict their visual world through a wide variety of media and technique. 
The Key Stage 3 schemes of work are designed to allow breadth and depth of study across a range of art discipline.  Our young artists experience how it feels to work like an artist, designer and a maker, over the 2 years. 
The work of other artists, designers and makers are explored and our young artists learn to embrace work from the past, as well as current art practice.
Key Stage 4
There are currently 2 GCSE Art based courses here at Didcot Girls' School, one is an unendorsed Art, Craft and Design course and the other is an endorsed Graphic Communication course.  Both courses are examined by AQA and therefore use the same assessment criteria.  Both courses provide students with opportunities to explore a variety of starting points and use processes and techniques which they may not have had access to at Key Stage 3 level.  A typical unit of work will explore 4 assessment objectives by taking students on a creative journey, exploring other artists work and developing ideas and experimenting as their ideas develop.  There are typically 2 coursework units and an exam unit, where students sit a 10-hour exam in which they produce their final outcome.  This takes place around Easter time.
Creative Spaces
We have several art rooms one of which is a ceramic room, housing 2 kilns and 2 potters' wheels.  We have an art library and study area with 9 computers, high quality laser printer and scanners.  We also have dedicated A-Level teaching spaces.  All classrooms are equipped with cameras and projectors, and also visualisers which we use for 'real time' demonstrations.
The school's Art Gallery displays exhibitions of work by students from across all year groups throughout the year.
There is a specialist Graphics studio in St Frideswide's building with Apple Mac computers. Work here includes Graphic Design, Illustration Package Design and Photo Editing. Animation software is used alongside traditional processess and work often involves 2D and 3D artwork for use in design outcomes.
Clubs, visits and competitions
All students have the opportunity to work after school on their GCSE coursework throughout the course and engage in any extra curricular competition entries that arise. Gallery visits are encouraged in KS4 and KS5.
We run a bi-termly competition in our VIEW Gallery and all students are encouraged to enter their individual interpretations of the changing themes, throughout the year.  Winners are announced in whole school assembly where they receive a prize gift.
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