'Dance gives everything so much meaning. It makes you think about the movement of the body more deeply and the emotion and meaning behind it.' - Student



Dance is divided into 3 areas of study: 

  • The process of creating dances
  • Choreographic structure
  • Constituent features of a dance
  • Good studio practice
  • The technical nature of dance skills
  • The expressive nature of dance skills
  • Factors which influence the achievement of high quality dance performance
  • Analysis and interpretation of dances
  • The historical and social context of dances
  • The study of professional dance works
Key Stage 4
In Years 9, 10 and 11 at key stage 4, students can choose to follow AQA GCSE Dance where they extend their skills in choreography and performance and are introduced to dance appreciation.
Key Stage 5
Within the sixth form, the department runs AS and A2 courses in Dance where the students follow the AQA specification. The students are introduced to studying a specific era of dance development as well as a specific dance genre. This is in addition to the above 3 main areas continuing to be studied at a higher level.


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