Government & Politics


This subject, which is offered at Key Stage 5, covers British Politics for AS and American Politics for A2. Studies focus on contemporary politics, which students use in order to develop skills of analysis and evaluation as well as knowledge and understanding of the subject.

In Year 12, Unit 1(People & Politics), there are four areas of study – Democracy; Elections; Political Parties; and Pressure Groups. In Unit 2 (Governing the UK) there are a further four topics to explore – the UK Constitution; Parliament; the Prime Minister and Cabinet; and Judges and Civil Liberties.

In Year 13 the focus switches to American politics. In Unit 3 (Representative Processes in the USA) students study Elections and Voting; Political Parties; Pressure Groups; and Racial and Ethnic Politics. In Unit 4 (Governing the USA) there are four topic areas – the US Constitution; the Supreme Court; Congress; and the Presidency.