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2017 Exam Results

Didcot Sixth Form

A Level and AS Level Exam results will be available for collection on Thursday 17th August from Didcot Girls’ School in Cockcroft Hall.

Y13 are invited to collect results from 8.30-10.00am

Y12 are invited to collect results from 9.00- 10.00am.

GCSE retake results will be available on 24th August. Female students should collect from Didcot Girls’ School, and male students should collect from St Birinus School.


Didcot Girls’ School

GCSE Exam Results will be available for collection on Thursday 24th August in Cockcroft Hall.

Y11 are invited to collect from 9-10.00am.

All other years and private candidates should collect from 9.45am.

L3 FSMQ results are available for collection on Thursday 17th August, in Cockcroft Hall, from 9.30am. (uncollected L3FSMQ results will be placed in your GCSE envelope)

 Not able to collect in person?

You can arrange for someone else to collect your results for you.

  • You must write a letter addressed to the Exam Office, giving your permission to the nominated person (you must name them).
  •  The nominated person must present photographic ID to the member of staff issuing your results, which will be checked.
  • We will seal the envelope containing your results before passing your results to them.  
  • We are required to record this.

*All uncollected results will be posted out at the end of the day.


Public exams can be a stressful time for students and parents/carers and it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. The school will make every effort to ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation for their exams, that the administrative arrangements run smoothly, and that exams are conducted in a way that will cause as little stress as possible and help our students achieve their best.

We have included some useful information here together with the official Exam Board notices. Please don't hesitate to contact us during school hours if you have any queries.

Contact Information:




 Exams Officer:

  Mrs Catherine Lawrence

     01235 811033 Direct Line and Fax

     01235 812092 Extension 576


 Exams Assistant:

  Mrs Esther Deabill

     01235 812092 Extension 626



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