Exams Office

 Welcome to the Exams Office.

Important information for exam candidates

On exam day, as soon as you know you are going to be late for an exam please:

  • Call Exams office on 01235 811033 immediately
  • If no reply - leave a voicemail - leave your name and contact number and call school reception on 01235 812092 – ask them to get an urgent message to the Exams Office – leave your name and contact number.
  • Make sure you are supervised by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES.
  • Travel safely, keep calm and make your way to school as soon as possible.
  • On arrival in school – go to Frideswides reception and ask for a member of the Exams Team. YOU MUST REMAIN SUPERVISED UNTIL HANDED OVER TO A MEMBER OF THE EXAMS TEAM.

If you are unwell on an exam day, please call for advice as soon as possible


Year 11 students attended an Exam briefing on 12/05/2017. A copy of the PowerPoint as a PDF file is available in the column on the left. 


  • Check the personal and subject details on the yellow sheets are correct.
  • Take time to look through your own timetable, paying attention to the start times as many of these have changed.
  • Please discuss any exam related queries you may have with the Exam Office if you need to, we are here to help. 
  • If you would like to ask any questions or check your equipment,  please feel free to drop in. 
  • If you would like to receive an electronic copy of your timetable, and a reminder 1 day before each exam, please ensure we have your correct email address. Electronic copies were sent on 12/05/2017.  
  • Read the Information for candidates in the right hand column, so you know the rules.


  • If you had a clashing exam, this has now been resolved. The candidate must remain supervised by an Invigilator from the moment they enter the exam room for the first exam, until they have been dismissed from their last clashing exam. All candidates are not permitted to use an internet enabled device whilst they are in an exam clash situation, nor communicate to anyone other than the Invigilator in the exam room. 


If a student has been entered for a modern foreign language

  • The chosen tier for paper 1 (listening), and paper 3 (reading) are now showing.
  • The exams will run consecutively, with the listening exam first and the reading exam second.


If a student has been entered for Biology, Chemistry and Physics papers 2 and 3

  • The exams will run consecutively, with paper 2 first and paper 3 second.



Best of luck to everyone taking exams this summer. 


Public exams can be a stressful time for students and parents/carers and it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. The school will make every effort to ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation for their exams, that the administrative arrangements run smoothly, and that exams are conducted in a way that will cause as little stress as possible and help our students achieve their best.

We have included some useful information here together with the official Exam Board notices. Please don't hesitate to contact us during school hours if you have any queries.

Contact Information:

 Exams Manager:

  Mrs Rebecca Keene

     01235 811033 Direct line and Fax

     01235 750477


 Exams Officer:

  Mrs Catherine Lawrence

     01235 811033 Direct Line and Fax

     01235 812092 Extension 576


 Exams Assistant:

  Mrs Esther Deabill

     01235 812092 Extension 626