Heads of Year

The Heads of Year and Student Managers are:

Position Name Email
7 Head of Year Mr A Tamplin atamplin@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Student Manager Miss SJ Smith sjsmith@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
8  Head of Year Mrs A Bass abass@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Student Manager Mrs K Ross kross@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Head of Year &
Student Manager
Mrs S Berrill sberrill@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Deputy Head of Year Mr C Fulwell cfulwell@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Head of Year &
Student Manager
Mrs C Pearl cpearl@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Deputy Head of Year Mrs E Baker ebaker@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
 Head of Year Mrs C Fisher cfisher@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Student Manager Mrs J Herniman jherniman@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
12 Head of Year Miss C Hanna channa@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk
Head of Year Mr I Black iblack@st-birinus.oxon.sch.uk