Admissions Statement 2020/21 Consultation

Consultation period:  Tuesday 18 December 2018 to Tuesday 29 January 2019

In accordance with Paragraph 1.42 of the School Admissions code 2014, the governors of Didcot Girls’ School wish to consult on our admissions arrangements for 2020-21 and would welcome your feedback on the proposed changes.  Please note that the Guidance requires us to consult parents and any interested parties and offer the opportunity to comment on the amendments. Any feedback on the proposed changes should be sent to the Company Secretary, Sophy Parkin-Haig, by Tuesday 29 January 2019 so that we can determine our arrangements.

The proposed changes for the School Admissions Statement are as follows:

Page 2, Admissions Criteria 3 – change of wording from Ridgeway Education Trust to Didcot Girls’ School:

Children of a member of staff who is employed by Didcot Girls’ School where the member of staff has been employed by the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made, and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage. The member of staff must have parental responsibility (sole or shared) for the child.

Page 3, Admissions Criteria 6 – clarification of wording:

Those children who do not meet any of the above criteria. If there are more applicants than places in this category priority will be given to those children who live closest to the school by the nearest designated public route as defined on the Oxfordshire County Council’s Directorate for Children, Education & Families’ Geographic Information System.

Throughout the Admissions Statement:

The term ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ has been changed to ‘sibling’.


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