Parents' Forum


We believe it is vital for parents and staff to work together in order for our young people to make the best progress possible. For this reason, the school hosts three Parent Forum meetings each year to which all DGS parents and carers are warmly invited. The structure of the Forum typically includes a presentation from staff on a current area of development, the opportunity for parents to ask questions and for staff to listen to feedback on this topic.

Please do support us and attend the Parent Forum if you are able.

Below, you will find the presentations and notes from all of our Parent Forum meetings; hopefully, these will give you a flavour of the discussions that were had.

The key areas of focus for the Forum last year were teaching and learning, and homework. The feedback received from parents was incredibly helpful and helped shape the new homework policy we have launched this year:

Similarly, discussions on the topic of teaching and learning contributed to developments in this area and were integral to our decision to make Oracy a whole school focus across all lessons

Parents’ Forum – Term 2 (7th November)

Thanks to all parents who attended our forum on the following topics:


  1. DGS Oracy Strategy – improving the quality of spoken communication across all areas of the school.
  2. DGS Homework policy – a brief reminder of the new policy and a chance for parents to feedback any improvement or differences they have noticed, as well as other general feedback on homework

The meeting was useful and some really helpful advice was given that we can use to shape our homework and oracy policies going forward.

It was good to hear that the use of Show My Homework and the new department homework policies are having a positive impact, and it was great to get the parental 'seal of approval' for our oracy plans.

Please see a copy of the presentation from the evening below.



The next Parent's Forum will be held in term 4, date and topics to be confirmed.


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