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Year 11 student, Grace Roscoe, organises charity concert at Dorchester Abbey

Posted on: 26/02/2018

On Sunday afternoon, Dorchester Abbey was filled with the sound of singing as students and adults took part in Grace Roscoe’s Stepping into Song concert. Performers included students from All Saints Primary School, Didcot Rock Choir and Didcot Girls’ School.

The Accidentals, a student run choir from DGS, provided many pieces in their usual poised, confident and musical style, and many members, including Daisy Livesey, Grace Roscoe, Emelia Harrison, Lolly Platt and Jasmine Heelas also performed solos. Victoria Agg also featured on the flute. A special thank you should also go to Mr Coull and Mr Parkin-Haig who made musical appearances!

The concert was a great success and raised money for, and the profile of, Footsteps – a charity based in Dorchester-On-Thames. It was organised and run by Grace Roscoe and her family and demonstrates the outstanding leadership skills that we value in our students. It was immensely humbling to hear so much awe-inspiring music, organised by one of our own students, and we are very proud of all that took part.

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