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Nutritionist and wellbeing coach, Sam Brookes, visits DGS

Posted on: 16/05/2019

On Monday 13th May, Dr Khan invited Sam Brookes to Didcot Girls’ School to give us a fitness and nutrition talk. Sam is a nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness coach, who is very invested in health, well-being and helping others to keep a balanced life-style. He explained that that there is a powerful link between nutrition, physical health, mental wellbeing and academic achievement. We were shown just how harmful fast food is for us in an online experiment which proved how many chemicals are used to preserve McDonald’s French fries. After more than two and a half months, not a single bit of mould had started to grow. Sam portrayed the message that we need to cut down on junk food and start eating more fruit and vegetables - we should now actually be eating 10 portions a day! Sam finished the talk off with a static workout. It consisted of sprinting on the spot, press ups and more. It was a great way to end the day and was highly recommended by everyone who took part! 

Charlotte Noyce, 7SEP

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