Catering at Didcot Girls' School has been awarded GOLD for healthy choices from South Oxfordshire County Council.

At Didcot Girls’ School, we are proud to offer delicious, nutritious and excellent value school meals provided by our excellent Catering Team. Their professional high standards, cheerful service and delicious food ensure that lunch is a highlight of the day at Didcot Girls’ School!

There is an exciting range of hot and cold food available at both morning break and lunchtime. At morning break we offer a wide selection of freshly made baguettes, sandwiches and rolls, soup, hot pastries and a daily special. At lunchtime the choices include a traditional style menu with a hot meal costing between £2 and £2.40, and £2.90 to include a dessert: food choices are imaginative and varied, including an excellent range of vegetarian options. Jacket potatoes, a salad bar, a selection of freshly made baguettes, sandwiches, desserts, fresh fruit, and yoghurts are available throughout the year. Our drink selection includes chilled fruit juices, water, milk and sparkling juice drinks.

The Catering Team has a high standard of hygiene in all our food preparation. In June 2017 we were awarded the Environmental Health Department 'scores on the doors’ rating of the maximum 5 stars.

Both Frideswides Bistro and Sherwood Café have been newly refurbished, including exhibitions of student art work, to create attractive and sophisticated eating environments for all of our students to enjoy. Frideswides Bistro is used by Years 7, 8 & 9, and Sherwood Café is used by Years 10, 11 and the Sixth Form. The team also run a Breakfast Club in Frideswides Bistro every morning from 7.30am for students and staff who arrive early and need a good breakfast!

The Team works closely with members of the School Council to listen to student views about healthy eating.

We have introduced a cashless payment system which enables parents to see what food their daughters are buying every day, reduces queueing time and means that our students do not need to bring cash into school.

We are very fortunate to have the catering  team working as part of the DGS staff. 

Summer 2020


Pain au chocolate (milk, gluten, eggs, nuts, soybeans) - 70p  

Cheese & onion slice (gluten, milk) - 90p 

Chicken & ham slice (milk, gluten, celery, mustard) - 90p

Waffle (gluten, eggs, soya, milk) - £1.00

Breaktime or Lunch


Water 500ml - 60p 

Viva – strawberry or Banana - 60p 

Radnor Splash - 90p

        - Strawberry

        - Apple blackcurrant

        - Forest Fruits 

Suso - 90p 

        - Orange mandarin

        - Apple Elderflower


Popcorn - 80p

Sweet n salt or cinema sweet

Frosties or Coco Pop bars - 70p

Crisps - 80p

Meal Prices

Lunch Main Meal from £2 to £2.40  

Lunch Main Meal Deal with dessert of the day: £2.90

VAT will apply on some items for staff and visitors, but not for our students.

Menu w/c 22 June 2020

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