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11th June

The Reading Ambassadors are excited to announce that they will be hosting a showing of the film 'Matilda' after school on Friday 5th July. The event is open to Year 7 students only but places are limited, so students wishing to attend must have returned the reply slip at the bottom of the attached letter. The cost of attending the film night is £2, and the money raised will go towards new books and plants for the school library. Refreshments will also be available for an additional cost, as detailed in the letter. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

30 April 2019

The lovely group of girls that make up 7 RMO came back from their Christmas break full of energy and excitement for Term 3.  It was their first long holiday since September and they seemed genuinely pleased to be back in each other’s company.

Last week, during Student Guidance Time, I invited the girls to come up to the board and write a few words about how they feel about Didcot Girls' School, their school life here and their tutor group. 

Their responses were so enthusiastic and positive.  “We have all made a lot of new friends!”, “We help each other”, “We are cool!”,  “We are in the BEST house! (Bussell)”, “Confidence has increased in the whole tutor group”, “The clubs are very good!”, “We are great at contributing”, “We share things.”, “We are welcoming!

It is such a pleasure and privilege to be 7RMO’s tutor and see how their confidence has grown since their first days at DGS back in September.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and I look forward to seeing how the rest of their first year here develops them further!

Mrs O’Malley

Year 7RMO Tutor

23 April 2019

Well what a brilliant start to a new school and tutor group we have had, I remember coming to DGS on a hot summer night last June and meeting all my new class mates thinking I was never going to make new friends and felt really nervous about starting a new school in September 2018.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, there was nothing to be nervous of, we have all made new friends in 7CMD and we all get along.

The first all school experience that we had was the House Opening ceremony in October, we were all allowed to bring clothes to change into of our house colours, in 7CMD this is yellow as we are in Greenfield House.  We gathered on the field and marched round the field under our house flag, there was a tug of war competition as well as a doge ball event and there were also lots of opportunities to raise money for our house charity which is supporting an orphanage.  Last term we competed in a house competition called “The House Shout” which was a singing competition which Greenfield won.

We are all learning a wide variety of new subjects and different sports, along with loads of different clubs which we can join.  We have nearly all earned our Bronze Leadership award in 7CMD and are currently working towards different leadership badges.

During tutor time we have been reading the book SMART which we are all enjoying, at Christmas the whole form took part in a Secret Santa, which was lovely way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas.  We also went on a trip to the theatre in Oxford to see Peter Pan, we also have the opportunity to go on a school residential trip in May to France and many of us are going.

In the near future 7CMD will be raising money for our House Charity by having a cake sale, more details to follow nearer the time.

This covers the new experiences was have had so far and are looking forward to the new opportunities in the future.

Ava Drew

7CMD Form Captain


22 March 2019

As the days become longer and the weather gets warmer, we find that our time is made brighter by participating in new and fun experiences here at DGS. As the textiles teacher, I want to highlight how excited I am about the large participation of year 7 students in our Textiles Club. We’re working together to create a community quilt for social justice. It is a blast each week to work with these students and I’m very excited about how serious each student is about using their voice and textiles to promote change.

In the beginning of the year, 7MLC discussed and decided that our Tutor Group Ethos was kindness, independence, and leadership. As their Tutor, I am so proud to see each week students in 7MLC working together to achieve and maintain these values. We have students performing at the school dance show, taking part in clubs, and competing in sports. Within our Tutor Group students contribute by taking our tutor group leadership roles seriously. Several times a week we have students prepare and present lesson on topics such as “Children in Need”, how to earn badges for the Leadership Ladder, and on developing a growth mindset.

A recent discussion, led by our Growth Mindset leaders, asked the group to define what exactly is a “growth mindset”. To help explain, they shared this quote:


I felt that this quote resonated perfectly with what I want to foster in all my students: a belief in themselves, a confidence and pride in what who they are, and an understanding of the importance of empathy and kindness.

In short, I am very proud of how much growth I’ve seen in all our year 7 students, and I am so excited to see what they accomplish next.

Ms Lovett Capone

Year 7 Tutor


Parent reminder: Please do sign your daughter's planner for the week immediately gone. It is important that you look at what homework has been set and any reminders that your daughter may have written. This is a simple way to keep in touch with the school. Thank you. Mr Parkin-Haig

17 January 2019

 SEP blog

Happy New Year and New Term!

I have been lucky to have been allocated a tutor group with a range of talents and abilities. Some academic, others sporting, musical, mathematical… the list goes on!

However, in the New Year spirit of refection, we have been thinking about what we could have as some achievable resolutions.

I set the girls a task of creating 3 resolutions, one Academic related, one Friendship related and the other Personal Wellbeing related – and WOW was I blown away!

Some resolutions included; getting more sleep, having a positive outlook on difficult lessons, learning a new sport, achieving gold on the leadership ladder and improving handwriting, building confidence in languages lessons - and there were many many more.

I am so proud of my girls’ ability to be so mature and reflective, and it is safe to say they have got their work cut out for them this year, with resolutions like these! However, with the resilience and growth mind-set I have seen from this bunch, there is no doubt in my mind that they will achieve them all.

Well done 7SEP, and I look forward to celebrating with you when you achieve all of your resolutions!

Miss Powell

Year 7 Tutor


Year 7 Vocabulary Booklets

We are pleased to be able to share with you the Year 7 Vocabulary Booklet. This booklet has been put together with great care by your teachers, to equip Year 10 students with some of the key vocabulary you will need to be successful in your study of these subjects this year. The booklet can be viewed here, which includes information about how best to use it to support your studies. 

21st January 2019

HP book nightIn celebration of Harry Potter Book Night, we are showing 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' after school on Wednesday 6th February. We are opening this up to Year 7 in the first instance, and students wanting to attend will need to complete the reply slip and return it to Mrs Barnes by Friday 1st February.

We are also holding a Harry Potter cake competition, which will be a house competition. Students wanting to take part should make or decorate cakes in a Harry Potter style and bring them to the library before school or at break time on Wednesday 6th February. The judging will take place at lunch time, so it is important that entries are submitted before then, and that they are clearly labelled with the student's name.

30 November 2018

7ELE and I have been working together over the last few weeks to assemble our notice board for the tutor room. I am very lucky to have a group of such creative, inventive and ambitious girls to work with; the amount of ideas they can generate after just a five minute discussion never ceases to amaze me. After much debating, we have settled on two key features of the board: their handprints and their achievements. 

I found myself reflecting on what apt choices these are, considering how far the members of 7ELE come over the last few months.

When posing her case for handprints, one of the girls explained, “Your hand prints and your finger prints are unique to you, and we’re all unique”. In response, another student added, “You can also give people a helping hand when they need it”. To me, these two comments go a long way to summarising what it feels like to be with these girls during Student Guidance Time. It is a celebration of the individual, as the girls become more confident in expressing their opinions and thinking for themselves. At the same time, it is a place where each individual is supported and celebrated by the group as a whole.

When we began to list the achievements to include on the board, it quickly became apparent that we were going to run out of space! We have girls who have become fluent in English since starting at DGS, girls who now get the bus every morning despite being worried about this at first, girls who go to clubs even though they don’t know others there, and girls setting ambitious goals for themselves (and achieving them!) in all academic areas. 

7ELE have got off to an incredible start at DGS, but with all the hustle and bustle of school life it would have been easy for them to go unaware of quite how far they have come, had we not sat down together to think about our tutor board. In thinking about what they would want other students and members of staff to know about them as a group, they have come to reflect on their strengths and achievements. As their tutor, this has been wonderful to watch. I cannot wait to see what they go on to do next term.

Miss Egan
Year 7 Tutor

20 November 2018

This week has been an important week for Year 7 and for Didcot Girls’ School more broadly. On Sunday 11th November at 11am the country came together in silence to remember the sacrifices made by the military for the people of Great Britain. In 7GRH we have endeavoured to mark this occasion in meaningful ways. On Thursday the tutor group came together to share our memories and connections with the World War One, World War Two and more recent military conflicts. Many members of our tutor group have family members or friends who have served in the army, the air force and the navy. We all discussed the importance of reflecting on the sacrifices that these service men have made, and continue to make, and remembering the losses suffered by all countries. In Wednesday’s assemble Ellen represented the school council and presented on the impact that World War One had many different areas of our society. On Sunday Isabelle represented the school by taking part in Didcot memorial procession. She also sold lots of poppies in Didcot Tesco.

This week, we are very excited about raising money for Children in Need. We are especially excited about wearing our onesies to school! Although the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, we are all positive about how we can help other people and how we can come together to raise money for charity.

Dr G Hunter
Year 7 Tutor

13 November 2018

I have had a wonderful start to my first term at Didcot Girls’ School.  A particular highlight was the darts competition because the Year 7 pupils showed such passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics. 

I discussed with my Tutor Group how they thought primary school would be different to secondary and how they now feel about this a term later. These were some of their reservations; there would be no one from their primary school in their new school, there would be lots of walking, and they may get lost walking to class. The pupils found that it was great to meet new people and that you can find many girls with similar interests to you to develop friendships. They also found that they very quickly worked out their way around the school and that many new friends in Year 7 felt the same as them!

Additionally, I discussed with my form class what has been the best thing so far at Didcot Girls’ School and what have they enjoyed the most. There were many positive responses, such as; meeting lots of new friends, the lovely environment, a variety of encouraging teachers, interesting homework, and learning exciting subjects. Pupils also noted the wealth of new opportunities, such as the MEP (Mandarin Excellence Programme) and that they are being encouraged to pursue their dreams, such as wanting to be a Scientist.

This has been a very positive start to the academic year and I look forward to the rest of the year!

Mr D McDaid
Year 7 Tutor


5 November 2018

This first term has been one of discovery and challenge. We have learnt what it means to work together in 10 classes of 30 girls. We have enjoyed the excitement of the House Opening Ceremony; an inspiring visit by Jo Cotterill, our Patron of Reading; the anticipation of the weekly Outstanding Student Award and Tutor Group Attendance Award; and building new friendships through participation in our extensive club provision. The Parents’ Information Evening on 27th September was a valuable time which helped to embed our ethos and vision for the rest of the year.

I have enjoyed visiting many classes during the term, seeing our girls engaged, confident, and keen to learn. There are countless examples of excellence in oracy across all subject areas, and I am always pleased to receive positive comments (of which there have been many) about the politeness and courtesy that our newest cohort exhibits on a daily basis.

Mr J Parkin-Haig
Head of Year 7

12 September 2018

In this morning's assembly we looked at what it means to be an outstanding Year 7 student at Didcot Girls' School. Kindness and risk-taking work together to help define character and this is something that we champion at DGS. I was delighted to present the first Year 7 Outstanding Student certificate to Charlotte in Miss Egan's tutor group.

It has been a really exciting and busy few days, and I am so impressed with the attitude of the girls who have joined the school. It is always a delight to receive positive feedback from teachers and other staff about Year 7 and I have certainly been inundated with lovely stories from many. Thank you so much to all parents and guardians who have helped the girls with their transition.

Well done Year 7!

Mr J Parkin-Haig
Head of Year 7

Jo Cotterill poster Oct visit

We are excited to announce that our Patron of Reading, Jo Cotterill, will be visiting DGS on Tuesday 9th October. The award-winning author will be talking to Year 7 about her books 'Jelly' and 'Electrigirl', as well as empathy and the power of reading.

Signed books will be available to buy from the library at lunchtime. To order one of her books (or all of them!) please complete an order form and return it to Mrs Barnes in the library by Friday 21st September.





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