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Mrs C Fisher
Head of Year 7

Monday 22nd January

This term Year 7 PD classes are covering the topic of E-Safety. I know from teaching this myself the types of activities that the girls get up to, whilst the majority are using these for a way of keeping in contact with friends and sharing photos, there are still potential risks and we are having a number of students come to us and discuss Whatsapp groups, Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook.

Below is a link which you may find useful as parents to use with your daughters.


Monday 15th January - Student Success

Kelsey Sym and Amber Collins-Freeman both represented their swimming club, Abingdon Vale, in the relay squad at the Oxon and North Bucks County Championships on Sunday 14th January.

They won the gold medal in the medley relay (Kelsey swam butterfly and Amber swam freestyle) and won the silver medal in the freestyle relay.

Kelsey and amber

Congratulations girls!!

Wednesday 10th January - Student Fundraising

Ella Hale 7KES has decided to take on a huge challenge over the course of this year. She is hoping to swim 1,200 lengths, which is equivalent to 30 km. Ella will be swimming most of this in local swimming pools but hopes to do some of this in open water.

Ella has set herself this challenge and said "I am doing it to raise money for Water Aid, I chose this charity because I believe that clean water is a basic human right. Clean Water saves lives! 

I embarked on this challenge just over a week ago and have already swam 1 km and 24 lengths. Raising £102. I hope to make this number even bigger so please donate generously.  Thank you!"

Please see the link below should you want to donate to Ella's fundraising.


Well done Ella!

Monday 9th January - Happy New Year

I hope you have had a restful break over Christmas and that the students are ready for this year at DGS. The students will receive new timetables on Tuesday as there have been a number of set changes. The hub learning sessions will also continue in to this term, again this will have been communicated with you.

There will be lots of events coming up this term for your daughter to get involved in, the new club timetable will be in the bulletin sent home on Friday 12th.

We have a GB athlete coming in to school on Friday 26th January to run a motivation session, this will be a non-school uniform day for Y7 only. Students should come in to school in their PE kit or sports clothing of their choice and pay £1 to their tutors. Mrs Reynolds will be sending out more information in due course.

Whilst we were having a relaxing break some of our students were involved in The Nutcracker performance at The Cornerstone. I have attached some photos of them in their costumes. Well done to Grace Gardner and Etholle Wren, what a great experience and I am sure you can't wait until the next time you are back on stage.


Nutcracker 2

Wednesday 20th December - Happy Christmas


With the disruption of snow days last week I finally got to deliver the Year 7 Celebration Assembly. It was an absolute pleasure to read out the praise that students had received from staff. I continue to be really impressed by the year group, their hard work in lessons, their attendance and the amount of students who have now received their leadership badges (so many that we ran out of badges for other year groups).


I have attached the presentation below so that you can read for yourselves how well your daughter is doing at DGS.


Thank you for your continued support and for all of those parents who have taken the time to send an email thanking their tutor, myself or Jackie for all of our support, it really is appreciated.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs Fisher

15th December - Onesie Day

On Friday 15th December saw the Year 7 "Onesie" Day as part of the non-uniform day which raises substantial for local charities. It was wonderful to see the variety and colour that the onesie day brings, alongside the enthusiasm and positivity of our students. I have provided a few photos at the bottom of this page.

Have a great Christmas everyone, it is well deserved.

Mr A Tamplin
Assistant Headteacher of Lower School

6th December - Odd Socks

On Tuesday 5th December the Community Ambassadors ran their first event. The "Chalk In" was a great success and it was great to see them getting so many students involved. As part of our All Different All Equal campaign the students were also asked to come in odd socks, yet again Y7 have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and were by far the best year group to get involved. I have attached some photos of the event so you to see the students in action.

Img 1542

Img 1543

Img 1544


30th November - The Best Parts of my Job and Odd Socks

It was lovely to hear so much praise from staff and employers about how well the Y7s did in their roles both in and outside of school on Takeover Day. It was great to hear how well the students settled in to the workplace, took on a variety of roles and responsibilities and were outstanding ambassadors of DGS. Mr George told the girls this morning that Y7 had the largest number of students working offsite that we have ever had! Thank you to all the parents and family members who allowed this to happen by welcoming the girls in to their place of work.

This morning I did a tour of the school with some prospective parents, hearing comments such as "I haven't seen my daughter with a smile like this for a while", "I can't believe how calm the lessons are" and "this school has a really lovely atmosphere". Well done, girls, particularly to those students in the Science and Maths lessons that I dropped in to, you showed excellent enthusiasm for your learning.

This week our Community Ambassadors have had their first meeting with Mr Manning and Heads of Year. Following this, we have devised the duty rota and they have delivered their first assembly.

Their role around the school will be to:

•Champion and advocate school values
–respectful relationships
•Run anti-bullying campaigns  
•Connect with the Student Council and House Captains
•Follow up with students after problems
•Keep up to date notice boards
•Promote a supportive, safe and inclusive community

They have already impressed me by being punctual to our meetings and all wanting to present in our assembly this morning. They spoke with such confidence in front of the rest of the year group that I know they are going to be great ambassadors for the school.  

Well done Joanna, Mehtab, Evie, Eleanor, Kate, Ruby, Eve, Grace, Hansah, Kahdeejah, Liybah, Ruby, Amy, Olivia, Sophia, Ella, Molly and Rebecca.

Following on from this the students were told about the "Odd Socks" Anti-Bullying Campaign. It would be great to see as many Y7s as possible on Tuesday wearing odd socks and participating in the "Chalk In" outside Austen at lunchtime.

24th November - Takeover Day

Our experience of being Mr Tamplin has been an amazing opportunity to see what he does. We have undertaken a lot of meetings and it feels like he is in these 24/7! It was a fun lesson speaking to the Year 9s about their Christmas projects; they were kind and respectful. Takeover Day is an opportunity to work out what to do when you’re older and it is a fun experience for young children. We really enjoyed it!

Louise Blake & Leesha Brown-Klucsai (AKA Mr Tamplin)

22nd November - Praise from Teachers

This term I have had numerous emails from members of staff sharing the great work that students have been competing in their lessons. I have attached some photos below of the great work that YLH and NHM have been doing in Geography, JCB in Art and Science.

Well done girls. Keep up the good work!

Thursday 16th November - 7DCH's Blog Entry

This term we asked 7DCH to reflect on their experiences so far at Didcot Girls School and their successes. I was very impressed by the articulate, well-thought-out responses I received. So I thought we could share some of 7DCH’s reflections with you.

Many of the girls started by writing about how well they have settled in since the start of the year…

“When I was in Year 6 my mum asked me if I wanted to visit DGS. I said “No! Why would I want to go to girls school all the way IN DIDCOT!?”  So I went anyway but it instantly clicked; I really wanted to come to this great school. Now I make an hour and a half journey every day, but it’s worth it because I have made the best friends and have already learnt so much.” – Sophia

“When I came to DGS I was scared and didn’t know where to go and I was confused. But after a week, I found my way around and made loads of friends. Moving to DGS was a great adventure.” – Sarah-Jane

“I was very nervous at the beginning, but I’m feeling much better. You make friends easily. Everyone is super friendly and all the teachers are super kind and helpful.” - Aoife

“Everyone helped me to settle in and now I have some good friends” - Melissa

Many wanted to talk about the clubs they have joined and other successes…

“There is a vast variety of clubs for all different interests. I have participated in Science club. It has been so much fun popping hydrogen, fire-writing, making slime and even holding fire in my hands!” – Nina

“7DCH has borrowed 125 books from the library putting us in 1st place for reading! I also went with the reading ambassadors to the Oxfordshire Book Awards” – Kirsty

“Sir! We should put a photo of us at House Opening Ceremony on the blog. I will send you a few to choose from” - Alexa



Okay Alexa, I couldn’t decide, so have two…


Go Greenfield house!

“I have already talked in several assemblies! I am really happy with the opportunities that DGS has given me.” - Sofia

“DGS gives you so many opportunities to start clubs you really enjoy and meet new people.” – Tahira

“This term we have been in a competition to sell as many Christmas raffle tickets as we can and whoever wins gets a £10 voucher and a selection box” - Lou

Funnily enough, culinary reflections were usually on the menu (my apologies) when it came to what the girls most enjoyed about DGS…

“The lunch food is amazing” – Leah B

“The food at DGS is great. I love the waffles.”- Katie

“The food from the canteen is amaaaazing. I have loved eating hot food at break and lunchtime” Isabel

And a final word from me,

I feel immensely proud of 7DCH for the wide array of achievements they have made already since starting secondary school. The girls are constantly updating me on all the ways in which they are working to move up the school’s leadership ladder and teachers are stopping me all the time in the corridor to say what a well-behaved, enthusiastic and hard-working tutor group I have. I feel very lucky, and can only echo a thought that Ebs put in her response…

“If this is what year 7 is like, I am excited for year 8 and for all the challenges ahead!” - Ebs

Mr Cameron-Hobbs

Monday 13th November - Student Success

One of the nicest parts of my job is hearing about what the girls do outside of school. I am very lucky to have a very talented year group and I really enjoy hearing from your parents about what you have achieved.

Hannah Ackland-Snow 7JCB competes in Archery to a very high standard and shoots well above her age group. This weekend she shot in a record status at Clophill Junior Open and won gold. Well done, Hannah! Hannah

Drew Lofthouse 7NWR

Drew Lofthouse (7NWR) is competing at the qualifiers for Irish dance on Thursday 16th November in Watford. In this competition Drew will compete against other dancers in order to secure a place at the World Championships. The picture below is Drew at the Great British Championships. We wish Drew lots of luck for Thursday.



Monday 30th October - 7HEA's Blog

Our first term at DGS has been an adventure, but all the while really fun! It was scary coming into school because you didn’t know anyone and people who are older than you may judge you, but now we’ve all made loads of friends, both inside and outside our form, so there was no need to worry!


“It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people” – Katie Shand


We have all done a range of clubs including; choir, science, knitting club and reading ambassadors. There is also a homework club everyday which helps us complete our homework on time and gives us extra support if we need it.

“The homework is challenging but that helps our learning” Victoria Yates


All of our teachers are really fun and enthusiastic, which encourages us to learn more. It’s been a great experience working with subjects we’ve never really done before like Product Design and Drama.

“We all really enjoy music with Mr Dingley and Art with Miss Malta because the subjects are really creative” Felicity Smith, Lauren Watts


The school is huge! We were all quite scared about getting lost a first but everyone is so friendly, there have been loads of times where we haven’t been sure about where we’re going so we just ask a teacher or another student and they are more than happy to help us out.

“I can’t wait to go to Year 8 and face the challenges ahead of me, also I like knitting club, its fun!” – Lillie-Mae Case


Now that term one is over, we are all really excited to come back after half term and continue our learning at Didcot Girls School. In term 2 we will be more confident and sure of where we are going! Thank you to everyone who has helped us settle in!

“I cannot wait to spend all our school life here!” – Aimee Dean

Wednesday 18th October - Student Success 

I am delighted to share that Amber Collins-Freeman was awarded a gold medal the the Abingdon Vale Biathlon. This involved a 50m swim and 800m run. Hopefully her time will qualify her for the National Finals.  Well done Amber!!Amber

Wednesday 11th October - Year 7 Public Speaking

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing half the year group complete their Public Speaking Competition in Cockcroft Hall. All of the Year 7 students had been working on their speeches during their English lessons and the winning students from each class then presented to their peers, teachers and Mr Cross and Mrs Warwick who were judging the competition. The speeches covered a variety of topics including; why computers are the best invention, racism, poaching, women's rights and equality, Didcot becoming a toy town, palm oil, their friends likes and dislikes, sexism, turning books in to films, the environment, the importance of performing in creative subjects and the winning speech from Elisha about her love of cats.

Mrs Warwick described the speeches as passionate, engaging and persuasive and was impressed by how well the girls spoke about some complex topics clearly to the audience.  

I am sorry that I couldn't see the other half of the year perform but if they did as well as the girls in P5 I am sure they would have been amazing. It really was a proud Head of Year moment to see the girls speak with such confidence to a large audience and I have no doubt that we have the next generation of politicians and lawyers in our year group with the persuasive skills that I observed that afternoon.

We are excited to announce that our Patron of Reading, Jo Cotterill, is paying her first visit to us of the academic year on Thursday 12th October. Jo will be talking to Year 7 about empathy within the context of her award-winning books.

Take a look at the video below for an introduction from Jo herself:


Signed books will also be available for students to buy. Pre-order your books by completing the form below, and returning to Mrs Barnes in the library by Wednesday 11th October.

Tuesday 3rd October - House Opening Ceremony

Once again Year 7 have thrown themselves in to school life. At lunchtime today students came together for the House Opening Ceremony - it is safe to say that Year 7 made an incredible effort and looked amazing in their house colours. I have attached some photos so you can see what they looked like.

Friday 29th September

Thank you for your attendance at last night's Parents Information Evening. I hope the evening was informative and useful to you as parents. I have uploaded the PowerPoint from last night onto the bottom of this page. Please get in touch if you have any questions relating to Year 7 at DGS.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr A Tamplin
Assistant Headteacher of the Lower School

Tuesday 26th September

Staff Praise

Miss Still - Geography - 7NWR

"The girls have worked so well today! They have been working silently for the whole lesson on completing their radial graphs for our fieldwork we did the work is fantastic, I’ve been so impressed today!"
Miss Vassiliou - Student Guidance Time - 7LNA
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been by 7LNA, whom I am covering this morning. They are working in absolute silence, working on things ranging from Chinese to Textiles to Maths to silent reading. What an impressive group!
It has been a real pleasure to meet them,
Miss Nicholls - Geography - 7LNA
I wanted to share with you the amazing geography work which 7LNA have produced this week.
LNA have been looking at Tectonic Processes, and in todays lesson, they looked at the two main types of volcano: Composite and Shield.
Attached, is a collection of their outstanding Play Doh models. 
Particular mentions for accurate and frankly awesome models go to:
Amber Wood, Amelie Harries, Rebecca Harrison, Keira Barnes and Elizabeth Rutherford.

Thursday 21st September

It has been another busy week for Year 7 at DGS. I think they are finally finding their way around the school site and there seems to be a lot less of them looking at the map in their planners.

Jackie and I have had the pleasure of dropping in to lots of lessons this week and have been really impressed by their work ethic. There is a real buzz when we go in to lessons and I am extremely proud of how well each of them has settled in. I have attached some photos so that you can see what girls have been doing in their lessons this week

All clubs are now up and running and it has been brilliant to hear how many clubs the girls are attending. I am sure that we set a new record with the 80 students at Trampolining club last night, and I expect similar numbers to Netball tonight. New clubs are added during the term so please keep checking the timetable on the school website. If students haven't yet joined a club they still can, very few of the clubs require you to sign up in advance.

This week I have signed off quite a few sections on the Leadership Ladder and it is great to have students ask to lead parts of my lessons so that they can work towards their Bronze Award. I have no doubt that Bronze Award badges will be coming home in the very near future ready to be stitched on to blazers. 

Keep up the good work girls!

Thursday 14th September 2017

We are only a week in to Year 7 and life at DGS, and I could not be more proud of how well the girls have settled in. It has been a pleasure to drop in to their Student Guidance Time and lessons, and see just how focussed the girls are. I am stopped on a daily basis by other members of staff saying how lovely the year group are and that they are a pleasure to teach.

My drop-ins this week have been English, Science, and Art, alongside teaching a lot of Y7 PE and some PD. The girls have really impressed me with their excellent attitude to learning and their confidence when sharing answers and feeding back to the class. During Student Guidance Time it has been lovely to see girls reading notices from the School Bulletin in front of the rest of the class, organising their tutor group roles, nominating a Form Captain and ensuring their tutor boards are up to date. Keep it up!

A special mention must go to the following students; Ella Hale, Summer Hawkins, Jessica Mallows, Bethany Wright and Molly Rasmussen, who, on their second day, were being interviewed for our Twitter page about their first impressions of DGS. Well done, girls! If you haven't had chance to follow DGS Twitter, you can do so by clicking here. It is a great way to find out what the students are doing.

The girls will be bringing home letters inviting you to our Parents Information Evening, which is being held on 28th September from 6.30 until 7.30 in Cockcroft Hall. If you cannot make it, all of the information will go on to the Y7 area of the website.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible on 28th.

Mrs C Fisher
Head of Year 7



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