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Welcome to the Year 7 page. Read our blog below for all the latest Year 7 news. You will find key documents at the bottom of this page.

Mrs C Fisher
Head of Year 7

Thursday 5th July - 7LNA Blog

We have really enjoyed Year 7 and we would like to share the variety of competitions we have won and events we have attended.


Some of the students in our tutor group were nominated for a Sports Award and they were presented these at the exciting ceremony on Tuesday 19th June in front of teachers, fellow students and their parents. Some of these awards were given for students’ outstanding involvement in sports activities like: Netball, Cricket, Swimming, Football and Athletics. Additionally, Isabel Thornton, was nominated for the Contribution to Sport Award 2018, which is proof that she truly deserved her title as Student of the Term.


Some of us have been on some interesting trips this year! We went to the Theatre with the English Department to watch A Christmas Carol. There were moments where we were on the edge of our seats with tension and a hint of fear. There were also moments where we were falling off our seats with laughter. Recently, we went to the Natural History Museum in London with the Humanities Department. The biggest highlight for us was being able to explore the museum with our friends. After going to these amazing trips, we are really looking forward to visiting and performing in the beautiful town squares in Belgium and Germany and going on the FRENCH TRIP with Miss Nelson-Addy.


Speaking of Miss, she set us a challenge before the Easter Holidays to support the community as much as we could. This was an important challenge, because we could develop our independence by helping the local community AND be awarded the Platinum badge. Now, we have 7 students in the class with the Platinum award (10 hours each). It is important to mention that Izzy Hurst was the founder of this great success for 7LNA (and Year 7) to spend 58 hours(!) helping her local cub group on their camp trip!

Mr Tamplin and Miss Williams, our Personal Development teachers have been encouraging us to raise awareness for important issues. In groups, we have been going out to the local community to share our knowledge on world problems, such as: the dangers of smoking and the importance of fair trade. We feel as though this experience has helped us to develop our public speaking skills and our organisational skills. So we would like to say a huge thank you to both Mr Tamplin and Miss Williams for their enthusiasm and their support.

We also want to say and huge thank you to all of the teachers, especially Mrs Fisher and Mrs Herniman for being a fantastic support to us throughout the course of the year. We wish you all the best Miss Fisher, we will certainly miss you!

We really feel as though Year 7 has flown by and in that time, the key thing that we have learnt is that it is important to seek opportunities to step out of our comfort zones. We are looking forward to the SUMMER and to return in Year 8 with confidence, enthusiasm and vigour, ready to conquer the challenges together! But until then, we will cheer each other on, on SPORTS DAY!

Wednesday 27th June - #Benicebus

On Wednesday 27th June we were lucky enough to have the Benice Bus come and visit. The single decker bus parked up near the school field and was adapted to ahve a wide screen television, leaflets and social media emojis and photo frames. Three students from each tutor group were put forward to visit the bus and were given a talk about social media, bullying and how to stay safe online. The rest of the year group were then invited to visit the bus during break and lunchtime and I saw lots of students queueing up to visit and have their photo taken.

The girls got involved in lots of discussion and interactive games and answered a variety of questions.

Thank you to Mrs Berrill who organised the day for the girls.


Be nice


Monday 25th June - Archery Success

Hannah Ackland-Snow in 7JCB has been competing in  Archery for a number years. She spends each Friday period 5 in  coaching sessions Hannah won gold on Sunday and became Oxfordshire U14 ladies recurve Champion 2018, beating her PB by 68 points.

Last weekend Hannah competed in the First U14 Bristol Open. She shot against girls nearly 2 years her senior and held her own and finished a respectable 5th! The highlight of the day was the “Best Gold” shot at your longest distances which was against the whole field of archers, adults, men and women.

Previously, Hannah has travelled to Bristol to shot at Cleve Junior Open Championships to compete as a U14 for the first time, winning bronze. Teh day after  Hannah then shot in the 54th Windsor Diana at the Harlequin shot where she was awarded silver.

This weekend sees Hannah travel to Telford Hannah to the Junior National Outdoor Championships and we wish her lots of luck!

Thursday 21st June - End of term celebration - Pizza and Movie Night

The Interact Club at DGS are planning to hold a movie and pizza event for year 7 students as a celebration for completing their first year at DGS. The event will take place on Monday 16th July in Cockcroft Hall and will run from 3:15pm until 5:30pm. The film we will be watching is The Greatest Showman, which has a PG rating.

During the event, the girls will receive 3 slices of large Domino’s pizza and a drink. The total cost of this event will be £5 per person. Please indicate your daughter’s refreshment choices on the permission slip below.

The Interact Club is a student-led group and raises money and awareness for different issues and causes that we are interested in supporting. At present we are raising money for the disaster relief charity ShelterBox. Another ongoing goal of the club is to promote female education around the world with our link with Christ the King Primary which is a school in Mubende, Uganda. Any profit from this event will be going towards these causes.

Payment can be made either on ParentPay, or by sending £5 into the school office.  All payments should be made, and slips returned to Pupil Services, by Wednesday 11th July 2018.

We hope to see as many girls as possible at the event to celebrate an amazing first year at DGS.

Wednesday 13th June - Kids' Lit Quiz 

KLQWe are excited to announce that we are holding the DGS rounds of the Kids' Lit Quiz during lunchtimes of the week beginning Monday 16th July. Teams of four will battle it out against each other to find out who has the ultimate knowledge of children's literature! The winning team will go forward to represent the school in the Oxon/Berks regional heats of the Kids' Lit Quiz in November, with the chance of going forward to the National and International rounds later in the school year.

To take part, students need to fill in an application form, which can be printed off here or picked up from the library, and return this to Mrs Barnes by Monday 2nd July.

Monday 11th June - 7YLH's Blog

7YLH have has a busy and exciting term. During tutor time the girls have been doing some silent reading as well as having Anne Frank’s Diary read to them. Our main tutor group activity happens on Friday, three students are selected to present something that interests them for 2-4 minutes. Topics have ranged from short films to a passionate reading of Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. 7YLH have impressed me with their confidence and presenting skills which have only grown over the year. As such, Friday mornings are definitely one of my favourite points of the week!

7YLH have also made steady progress up the leadership ladder with all members having achieved their bronze badge. Hansa Bibi has been the outstanding student in this respect as she earned her Platinum level badge before the end of the year having completed many hours worth of voluntary work.

Here are a few quotes from 7YLH themselves to show individual and group highlights of the year (so far ) :

Sydnie “ I was part of the DGS dance show last November and also participated in all the music concerts and had a solo in the choir.”

Lily  “I was part of the house darts competition, I was really worried as I am not good at maths. I tried my best and we won! Yay!”

Bethan “At the beginning of the year I got into the school play and although it took a lot of my time, it was worth it. It also allowed me to make friends with other people who I wouldn’t have normally and taking part gives you a sense of pride”

Kasey “Holly and I took part in a netball tournament between local schools, we were in the B team. We played well and fought hard and ended up winning the B tournament!”

Monday 11th June - Overdue library books

As we go in to the final term of the school year, it is vital that we have any outstanding items returned to the library in preparation for September. There are a number of students who still have books on loan that are long overdue. We do not charge late fees, so please simply return these items to the library as soon as possible - we are always happy to get them back! If your daughter has lost an item belonging to the library, we do ask that you consider paying the cost to replace it. This can be done by a cheque made payable to Didcot Girls' School or via the parentpay item 'Replacement fee for lost library item'. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Barnes, the Library Manager, should you have any queries regarding this.

Thursday 24th May - U13 Cricket

U13 cricket

On Wednesday 23rd May the U13 Cricket team headed to Reading Blue Coat School to compete in the U13 Southern Vipers Tournament. Luckily it was very much cricket weather with the sun shining and we were lucky enough to be playing at some beautiful grounds.  Their first game was against Waingels and the girls unfortunately lost by 3 runs. There was some excellent batting with Millie Jones, Charlotte Taylor and Charlotte Barber scoring some excellent runs.

The second game was against The Piggott B team and the girls were much more confident in the field and when batting. The girls worked really well together, especially as this was the first time that the team had played together in a competition.

We then went in to the semi-final match against Kennet School and the girls played their best game so far, there were multiple fours hit over the boundary, it was clear that the girls had listened to the coaching that Georgia Haworth in Y12 had given them and we bowled their team out. Winning the match against Kennet saw us go in to the final against the Piggott A team. Unfortunately we lost this game but coming second is a massive achievement for the U13 team who have been training regularly and for their first competition as a team it was a really successful day. It was a pleasure to take the girls away and they were a real credit to the school.

The team were as follows: Charlotte Barber (C), Millie Jones, Charlottle Taylor, Katie Woods, Rebecca Agg, Laura Millar, Ana Hills, Erin Brady, Emma Park, Steffi Harrison.

Tuesday 22nd May - 7NWR's Blog

NWR have been finding out about what the girls do outside of school and as you will see there are a lot of talented girls amongst them.

NWR with their Art Necklaces









A couple of weeks ago Izzy Taylor ran her fastest park run. The Park Run was 5k and she did it in 23 minutes and came 93rd and 2nd in her age group. Every Park Run has about 200 people.

Lilly James and Jess Stokes do horse riding every weekend. They enjoy it because of the horses can be so gentle. Even though it’s weird they like the smell of the horses. There aiming to jump higher at the end of this year.

Leanne Darley goes to street dance every Saturday she enjoys this because she can be who she wants to be. She also uses lots of energy which is good because she has a lot of it. She also goes to ballet on Thursdays but she prefers her street dance sessions.

Drew Lofthouse goes to Irish Dancing three times a week for no longer than 2 hours however she sometimes does dance workshops up to 6 hours. She enjoys Irish Dancing because it is a great experience and it is fun to go along to dance. She goes competing in lots of feis (Irish Dancing) and recently she won dancer of the term.

Millie Corrigan does dance every Saturday from 11:15 - 3:15, she has a lot of breaks in between. She does 3 styles of dance: Jazz, Modern and Commercial. She started when she was 3 and has won many awards. When she dances she feels like she knows everything even though she hasn’t learnt it all yet. Dance to her is her time, she can express her feelings that she wouldn't’t tell anyone in person. The way she dances makes people understand the messages she needs to say.

Sofya Lazareva helps in a lot of music clubs and related activities, and does figure skating outside of school. She is going on the music tour and can play a variety of instruments, such as: cornet (grade 6), Violin (grade 3) and ukulele. In her figure skating she has reached level seven in 4 months and enjoys it a lot!

We have Grace and Eve who are community prefects. They are looking out for people who are being bullied and at the moment they are helping run a competition. The competition is that you have to write an acrostic poem with the word community prefects.


Olivia Jones competed at the Oxon and Bucks county championships and managed to get PBs!

By Eve Massie & Abbie Harrison



'Things a Bright Girl Can Do' by Sally Nicholls

33876596On Thursday 21st June, the award-winning author Sally Nicholls will be visiting DGS to talk to Year 7 about her new book, 'Things a Bright Girl Can Do', which follows the lives of three teenage girls who join the suffragette movement. Copies of the book, to be signed by Sally on the day, can be pre-ordered for £6 via, using the payment item 'Things a Bright Girl Can Do'. The deadline for pre-orders is Thursday 24th May. Further details about the book, and Sally's visit, can be seen here.

Tuesday 8th May - 7NHM's Blog

7NHM have been busy over the past month this includes everything from sporting achievements to Easter egg hunts!


Kelsey Sym and Amber Collins- Freeman have been doing extremely well in their swimming. They have recently represented the school in multiple swimming galas. They have finished with a large amount of success.

Lottie Ritson has recently moved up in gymnastics, and is now competing at a very high level!

Steffi Harrison, Charlotte Taylor and Emma Park have competed in a few netball tournaments and matches in which they were successful. We are now county champions!

There has been a lot of charity fundraising and cake sales in year 7. This includes some people in our tutor. Ruby Granito and Louise Blake did a cake sale fundraising for an electric keyboard for the charity Eva’s friends. It was very successful and they raised over £100! Lottie Ritson, Lizzie Prickett and Faith Crosby helped as well.

Another great success has been very recent. Laura Mason and Maya Weeks have created the speaker’s corner. This is a corner where you can go and talk about anything that comes to mind. This corner is based in the Cockcroft’s grassy area.


In 7NHM’S student guidance time we have been getting creative, every Friday students have been teaching the rest of the form a skill/ trick of their choice. So far we have had Ruby and Lizzie teaching us a clapping rhythm, Maya with a magic trick and Faith and Louise, showing us how to do the splits. Amber and Léa have impressed us with card tricks.

Congratulations to anyone who took part in the recent maths challenge on Thursday. Some of the questions were very challenging but everybody put in 100% effort nevertheless.


In S.G.T. we have been looking at the news and discussing environmental and economic problems. This has helped the tutor bond and practice our debating skills.

Thursday 3rd May - Paralympic Athlete Menna Fitzpatrick

Our range of guest speakers seems to get increasingly exciting! On Wednesday 2 May Paralympic Champion Menna Fitzpatrick and her guide Jennifer Kehoe visited DGS.


At the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games Menna became Britain’s most successful Winter Paralympian as she claimed slalom gold, super combined silver, giant slalom silver and super-G bronze. Her guide Jen assists her through a high tech blue tooth fitted helmet as they ski. Menna’s achievements are incredible and inspirational particularly in light of the fact that she only has 5% visibility. She brought her goggles with her for students to try on and gain a sense of just how little she can see. Menna and Jen also brought along a range of impressive (and very heavy!) medals for us to look at and hold.

The visit lasted just over an hour, with Menna and Jen spending the first half with the PE Ambassadors, Ethos Leaders and Year 10 Deputy House Captains for a small seminar discussion. The second half in Cockcroft Hall involved all of Year 7, who were spellbound by the talk and asked an eclectic range of very impressive questions!

The main message Menna and Jen gave to us today was that a dream or passion is worth pursuing if it means enough to you. I felt particularly inspired to learn that Menna had declared her intention to become a Paralympian to her TA at Primary School and pursued this dream wholeheartedly since then. The fact that Menna is a Paralympic Champion with such limited visibility should reassure us that anything is possible should we set our minds to it!

Untitled 4


Untitled 3


Untitled 2


Wednesday 2nd May - Interact Club

On Thursday 26th April several members of the Interact Club visited the Welcome Break community group to speak about their charity work so far this year and spend time meeting and speaking with the members. The Welcome Break group provides a meeting place for the older people of the Didcot area and they meet each Thursday afternoon at the Didcot Baptist's Church in Didcot.


The students had prepared an excellent presentation about their events in recent terms which was really informative and the Welcome Break members were impressed with the high standard of their public speaking skills. The Interact Club also got the opportunity to spend some time talking with the group about the Interact Club and their time at DGS.


Watch this space for more Interact Club events coming later this year!


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20180426 144524

20180426 143546

Wednesday 25th April - Student Success

During the Easter Half Term two of the year group - Grace Gardner and Ellie Hillsdon appeared as orphans and members of Fagin’s Gang in Oliver. Their rehearsals and shows took up much of their first week! They will be at the Cornerstone in Didcot 26th - 28th April.

Ellie and grace

Hannah Ackland-Snow shot in a World Record Status Rose shoot  at Cleve near Bath/Bristol on Sunday 22nd April. She shot 3 distances and scored 1018 and won a blue rose award, shot a Junior Bowman score, smashing her personnel best by 51 points and won bronze!

Hannah 1

As you will see in the Weekly Bulletin we are offering Archery sessions on a Monday after school for anyone who is interested in learning a new sport.

Jackie has had the pleasure of dropping in to lessons this week and observed 7NHM in Geography who were learning about Britain. Jackie said the girls were really hard working and answering some tricky questions.


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On a personal note I would like to say how immaculate the girls' summer uniform has been. They continue to be polite and I am stopped on numerous occasions throughout the day with girls sharing what they have been doing, or the fundraising that they want to take part in. Please continue to support the charities where possible.

The new clubs timetable has started this week and I have been really impressed by how many Year 7 students are staying after school to take part in extra-curricular activities.

We have another busy term ahead of us with a Y7 Chateau Visit Parents Information Evening on Wednesday 23rd May, more information to follow on this. We have the Music Tour preparations well underway, Snapshot's will be due at the start of Term 6 and numerous assemblies and events in school.

Keep up the good work girls!!


Thursday 22nd March - Cookie Sale and Crufts

Whilst the title of today's blog may seem a little weird, I am continually amazed by the girls and how much they do outside of school and for other people. I have been inundated with students wanting to raise money for various charities. I am sure the other year groups are really enjoying all of the cake sales that the students have been organising.

Firstly Isabel and Sophia from 7DCH spoke to me about running a Cookie Sale for their Guides "Grow A Fiver" challenge and so last Friday they bought in their homemade cookies and ran a raffle and it is fair to say their fiver definitely £100.25!! Thank you to the girls for organising and the rest of the year group for supporting their fundraising.



Secondly, I continued to be impressed by the amount of extra curricular activities the girls get up to. We have such a talented year group and this includes Aimee in 7HEA who spent last weekend at Crufts!

Aimee and George came 4th in the 'Junior class'. Her mum said "it was an amazing weekend although very busy.  Aimee not only shows George but also does a lot of the grooming and walking.  She has proven to be very responsible for the care and welfare of George and they have the most amazing bond it really is so lovely to see and we really could not be prouder. Aimee was the only child showing in her breed and she was standing along side professional show people and breeders.  She held her own and kept very cool when the judge called her to walk George and show him.   She was also asked questions about him which she was also able to answer."
As I am sure you are aware it would have taken Aimee and George a lot of time and effort to qualify for Crufts and juggling this alongside her school work cannot be easy. 
Well done Aimee!!


Monday 19th March - Year 7 Netball

After school on Tuesday 13th March, DGS competed at the Year 7 round robin tournament at Wallingford School. We were very excited as it was our first tournament as a team, all we wanted to do was get on the courts and play. The results were as follows:

Wallingford 10 - 0  WIN   
Langtree 7 - 2  WIN
Chiltern Edge 10 - 0 WIN
Icknield 4 - 3  WIN
Wheatley 9 - 0 WIN
Gillotts 2 - 0 WIN
We played some really impressive netball, with lots of interceptions and defending as well as some super shooting! We came 1st out of 7 schools and we were undefeated throughout the tournament. The team showed great sportsmanship and various players were nominated as Players' of the match.
Congratulations to Charlotte Lambert, Izzy Thrower, Summer-Rose Absolom,  Chloe Cormack, Charlotte Taylor, Emma Park, Lily-May Carpenter and Steffi Harrison. 
(Steffi Harrison 7NHM)
20180313 162525

Wednesday 14th March - Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition

On Tuesday 13th March Miss Smith and Mrs Minnell took 6 students in Year's 7 and 8, Amelie Marah, Esther Platts, Abi Monaghan, Elizabeth Cairns, Ellen Bradstock and Maya Weeks, to the Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition at Blenheim Palace.
The girls had worked incredibly hard with Miss Carter to prepare for this competition and were up against a 8 other schools. The girls were 7th to the podium and performed superbly, particularly fielding some tough questions such as 'Which politicians would you say that you admired today?' without time to prepare an answer!
Miss Smith said " I personally feel that the girls were in a solid position to retain their title until Oxford Spires took to the podium last and just beat the girls to the victory. Despite not retaining the main prize, Elizabeth did retain her title of 'Best Speaker' and received a prize from Lady Henrietta.
The girls were a real delight and thoroughly enjoyed the day receiving positive feedback from the judges."
Well done girls, you should be really proud of your achievements.
Img 0902
Img 0900

Thursday 8th March - Netball Success


20180307 133933

On Wednesday 7th March, DGS competed at the U13 County Schools Netball tournament in Oxford. The sun was shining and the girls were really looking forward to playing lots of netball. Results from the first round were as follows:


Oxford High 10 - 3 WIN

St Helens & St Katherine's 0 - 8 LOSS

Cokethorpe 7 - 1 WIN

The Dragon School 6 - 3 WIN

Tudor Hall 6 - 1 WIN

Lord Williams 10 - 1 WIN

Bloxham 10 - 2 WIN


The team played some really impressive netball in the first round of games, with lots of interceptions, turnovers and super shooting! We were placed 2nd in our pool and qualified to  compete in the semi-final against Headington School. It was a highly competitive game and the final score was 11-2 to Headington. The team showcased a quality level of netball today, earning themselves some fantastic results! We received some lovely comments from both officials and coaches about how well the team played, they really were fantastic DGS ambassadors. DGS were placed 3rd out of 16 schools in Oxfordshire, an outstanding result which the team should be extremely proud of!

Congratulations to Charlotte Taylor, Emma Park, Lily-May Carpenter, Charlotte Lambert, Laura Millar, Rebecca Agg, Millie Jones, Katie Woods, Ellie  Coster and Celena Appleby-Prince.



20180307 133945



Wednesday 21st February - 7LNA's Blog


Didcot Girls School is an outstanding secondary school, but when it comes down to what is expected of us (students and teachers), the school completes the community of Didcot like a jigsaw puzzle. We thrive because we have both teachers and students who are committed to excellence through self-discipline, kindness and respect. 7LNA understand now, more than ever, that if we support each other, the success and opportunities for change will be endless: one of us could be a part of the team who cure cancer, fly to another planet or write an award-winning novel! This idea for the future excites us!

We have all come from different backgrounds, different cultures, religions and communities, with our primary school friends. But in a new school, these relationships change all the time and we find ourselves replacing trusted friends with new people. In 7LNA, we have had to learn to love and care for one another like a family as our friendship groups change over time. But the time we spend together every Friday, getting to know each other and playing games, has really helped us to develop better relationships.

During our time at DGS, we have really valued taking on the opportunities offered to us in schools. Our head teacher quoted in an assembly that he wanted ‘one of [us] girls to become the next Tim Peake or to find the cure for cancer…’. The opportunities we are given each day, during our lessons are a stepping stone towards that outcome. Speaking of opportunities, some of us got the great opportunity to speak to Izzy Thornton’s relative who was an eye-witness and survivor of the Christchurch earthquake! As a year group, we also took part in a Speaking Competition. Some pupils from each English class stood up in front of the whole year group and read out their speeches. Some were about other members of their class, some were about the homeless and we even had one about guinea pigs! ‘Donald Trump’ was the title of the winning persuasive speech, written and delivered by Shantal. Well done!
As well as academic opportunities, we have also been given opportunities to get involved in sports events. Eight students from 7LNA participated in a netball tournament to raise money for the GB athlete visiting the year group. Niamh Emerson was a great speaker who taught us a lot about what it meant to be disciplined in sports and it was a great privilege to meet her! In the tournament, we played against the other tutor groups, with resilience and a growth mindset. Our growth mindset was surely tested: we lost the first match, drew the second and won the third and succeeded in every match after that! We seriously made a great team! With great shots, tactics and teamwork, we were able to keep our scores up and have fun at the same time! It was also great to be supported by our tutor Miss Nelson-Addy and tutor group from the sidelines shouting ‘LNA, LNA, LNA…’. (7YLH and 7LNA are due to play for the true 2nd place title in the netball tournament, so watch this space!) We also experienced a great success with athletics too – a special thanks to our committed captains: Elizabeth S and Rebecca!

At any school, attendance is important for our school life: in order to access the learning, we need to be in school! For the past three terms, Mrs Fisher has named 7LNA the winners for the best attendance. Yes, that’s three times in a row! But in our tutor, we are not just committed to excellent attendance, but also punctuality, immaculate school uniform, debates about current affairs and throwing a good tutor PARTY at the end of term! We still have so many leftovers!

The task of saying goodbye to our friends seems to have come at the end of each term. This year, LNA has waved goodbye, shed tears and read poems to two of our great friends: Nia and Robyn. Even though we have said goodbye, we have also enthusiastically welcomed a new friend: Ola!

It is safe to say it has been an eventful start to our time at DGS, but we have really enjoyed it overall. I think Pheobe says it best: ‘7LNA, we are a family!’

Written by Lily-May Carpenter Form Captain

Thursday 8th February - 7KAP's Blog


As a tutor I thought it would be good for the students to write the blog. I must say a big thank you to Chloe Cormack (Our form captain) for gathering the information and writing this blog so brilliantly.

Our tutor group have been getting stuck in to all of school life. Many people have conquered their fears of coming here and are now enjoying taking part in clubs and competition as well as everyday school lessons. Moving from primary to secondary school is hard but everyone has started to settle in.

Things we feared:

  •  feared getting lost but now I know my way around perfectly – Sienna
  • I was worried about going to science club but it is cool and fun – Liybah
  • I was scared about coming to Didcot Girls’ School because we were the oldest in the school in primary, so to then move in to year 7 and become the youngest was scary. I shouldn’t have been scared because everyone was helpful – Ruby

Things we have enjoyed:

  • Netball after school is really fun, it was great to try something new and I found some new friends – Indi
  • I’ve joined some new clubs and enjoyed taking part in them – Megan
  • Computer club is awesome; science club is epic and I love young voices and netball – Fiona
  • I enjoyed badminton club – Charlotte
  • Music, drama and netball in PE are my favourite lessons, they are great – Imo
  • I enjoyed meeting the gymnast, it was inspiring - Gracie

What we are looking forward to:

  • I’m looking forward to lots of different school trips - Emily W
  • I’m can’t wait to go on the music trip, I love young voices and orchestra – Maddie C + Ellie H

7KAP have really made a super start to their secondary School careers and I have no doubt that they will continue to feel all the emotions listed above but with guidance and support from staff and peers, will go on to have an excellent and fulfilling journey over the years they spend here at DGS.

Mrs K Parkington and Miss H Edwards - Tutors

Wednesday 7th February - Public Speaking Workshop

On Thursday 1st February Esha, Mollie, Maya, Rosie, Laura, Isabelle and Evie visited Blenheim Palace for a Public Speaking Workshop.

On arrival the girls had a tour of Blenheim where they asked insightful questions and had a huge bank of knowledge on Winston Churchill! They then took part in a 45 minute workshop learning techniques to improve their public speaking with them then having to create and perform a speech in approximately 10 minutes!

Miss Smith who took the girls said they were impeccably behaved and a credit to the school. Well done girls!!


Ps 1


Ps 2

Monday 5th February - Student Success

Mary Francis has been awarded her ever shield from Abingdon Athletics club for the "Oxfordshire Junior League Female Athlete of 2017".

What some of you might not realise is that Mary has been suffering with a long term ankle injury, she isn't allowed to participate in any P.E, dance,athletics, gymnastics or trampolining whilst under going painful physiotherapy.

To go on and win this award shows that all of Mary's hard work and resilience has been recognised by her Athletics Club.

I am extremely proud to be able to share this great news on the blog as it represents everything we hope to instil in the students during their time at DGS.  

Well done Mary!

Wednesday 30th January - Mrs Reynolds Team GB Visit

On Friday 26th January, Year 7 students welcomed Team GB athlete Niamh Keane, an aerobic gymnast, to DGS. The girls took part in assemblies and workshops, focusing on physical and mental resilience.

As always, the girls have made me and all the staff at DGS so proud. They conducted themselves brilliantly during the day and were complimented by Niamh on their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm.

In advance of the 2020 Olympics, the girls enjoyed raising money to support the amazing Team GB. Fund-raising included a non-uniform day (sporty theme); taking part in a netball competition in which 7NHM were crowned the victors; and a cake sale, with the girls baking, buying and selling the cakes themselves. 

Rachael Warwick, Executive Headteacher, said: ‘It was inspirational for our Year 7 students to meet, talk and work with a Team GB gymnast, and Niamh’s focus on resilience reinforced the positive messages that we share with our students on the importance of developing a growth mindset for life.’

A massive thank you to all the girls for their enthusiasm on the day and the superb questions they put to Niamh. Our thanks go to Team GB for giving the girls this superb opportunity.

Niamh 2


Niamh 1

Monday 29th January - 7KES Tutor Blog

7KES have made an amazing start at DGS!


When I asked the girls what we should write about for the year 7 blog, they were brimming with ideas and memories of their first three terms at DGS. Some of their favourite memories included all the afterschool clubs they have been involved in. These clubs included: football, fencing, cricket, science club, netball, film club, young voices, orchestra, basketball, dance and astronomy club to name a few.


The girls also picked out some recent highlights in their lessons; for example, in Personal Development they have been learning about E-safety, which they’ve found really useful and relevant to them. In Art, they have been making papier-mache teacups based on the teacups from the tea party in Alice and Wonderland. In their Mandarin lessons, the girls have enjoyed tackling this challenging language and some of them have been involved in a competition between our partnership schools, which involved performing Mandarin with an element of song and dance. Three members of our tutor group, Faith, Grace and Antonia, performed some Mandarin brilliantly in the most recent whole school assembly! The girls have also been using their lesson time to collect as many merits as they can!


The girls have shown a real commitment to our tutor group, not only when collecting merits, but also most recently in the inter-tutor netball competition to raise money for Team GB to go to the Tokyo Olympics. Imogen captained our team and the team went from strength to strength. Well done to Imogen, Ellie, Jodie, Freya, Konain, Abigayle, Karis and Elizabeth who all took part in the competition!


As a tutor, I’ve seen the girls really bond with each other and I’ve been privileged to see this develop in student guidance time on the Friday when the girls choose games to play as a tutor group! I think this could be a tradition that keeps going for 7KES! They’ve made a wonderful start to DGS and long may it continue!


Miss K Sayers


7KES Tutor

Monday 22nd January

This term Year 7 PD classes are covering the topic of E-Safety. I know from teaching this myself the types of activities that the girls get up to, whilst the majority are using these for a way of keeping in contact with friends and sharing photos, there are still potential risks and we are having a number of students come to us and discuss Whatsapp groups, Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook.

Below is a link which you may find useful as parents to use with your daughters.


Monday 15th January - Student Success

Kelsey Sym and Amber Collins-Freeman both represented their swimming club, Abingdon Vale, in the relay squad at the Oxon and North Bucks County Championships on Sunday 14th January.

They won the gold medal in the medley relay (Kelsey swam butterfly and Amber swam freestyle) and won the silver medal in the freestyle relay.

Kelsey and amber

Congratulations girls!!

Wednesday 10th January - Student Fundraising

Ella Hale 7KES has decided to take on a huge challenge over the course of this year. She is hoping to swim 1,200 lengths, which is equivalent to 30 km. Ella will be swimming most of this in local swimming pools but hopes to do some of this in open water.

Ella has set herself this challenge and said "I am doing it to raise money for Water Aid, I chose this charity because I believe that clean water is a basic human right. Clean Water saves lives! 

I embarked on this challenge just over a week ago and have already swam 1 km and 24 lengths. Raising £102. I hope to make this number even bigger so please donate generously.  Thank you!"

Please see the link below should you want to donate to Ella's fundraising.


Well done Ella!

Monday 9th January - Happy New Year

I hope you have had a restful break over Christmas and that the students are ready for this year at DGS. The students will receive new timetables on Tuesday as there have been a number of set changes. The hub learning sessions will also continue in to this term, again this will have been communicated with you.

There will be lots of events coming up this term for your daughter to get involved in, the new club timetable will be in the bulletin sent home on Friday 12th.

We have a GB athlete coming in to school on Friday 26th January to run a motivation session, this will be a non-school uniform day for Y7 only. Students should come in to school in their PE kit or sports clothing of their choice and pay £1 to their tutors. Mrs Reynolds will be sending out more information in due course.

Whilst we were having a relaxing break some of our students were involved in The Nutcracker performance at The Cornerstone. I have attached some photos of them in their costumes. Well done to Grace Gardner and Etholle Wren, what a great experience and I am sure you can't wait until the next time you are back on stage.


Nutcracker 2

Wednesday 20th December - Happy Christmas


With the disruption of snow days last week I finally got to deliver the Year 7 Celebration Assembly. It was an absolute pleasure to read out the praise that students had received from staff. I continue to be really impressed by the year group, their hard work in lessons, their attendance and the amount of students who have now received their leadership badges (so many that we ran out of badges for other year groups).


I have attached the presentation below so that you can read for yourselves how well your daughter is doing at DGS.


Thank you for your continued support and for all of those parents who have taken the time to send an email thanking their tutor, myself or Jackie for all of our support, it really is appreciated.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs Fisher

15th December - Onesie Day

On Friday 15th December saw the Year 7 "Onesie" Day as part of the non-uniform day which raises substantial for local charities. It was wonderful to see the variety and colour that the onesie day brings, alongside the enthusiasm and positivity of our students. I have provided a few photos at the bottom of this page.

Have a great Christmas everyone, it is well deserved.

Mr A Tamplin
Assistant Headteacher of Lower School

6th December - Odd Socks

On Tuesday 5th December the Community Ambassadors ran their first event. The "Chalk In" was a great success and it was great to see them getting so many students involved. As part of our All Different All Equal campaign the students were also asked to come in odd socks, yet again Y7 have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and were by far the best year group to get involved. I have attached some photos of the event so you to see the students in action.

Img 1542

Img 1543

Img 1544


30th November - The Best Parts of my Job and Odd Socks

It was lovely to hear so much praise from staff and employers about how well the Y7s did in their roles both in and outside of school on Takeover Day. It was great to hear how well the students settled in to the workplace, took on a variety of roles and responsibilities and were outstanding ambassadors of DGS. Mr George told the girls this morning that Y7 had the largest number of students working offsite that we have ever had! Thank you to all the parents and family members who allowed this to happen by welcoming the girls in to their place of work.

This morning I did a tour of the school with some prospective parents, hearing comments such as "I haven't seen my daughter with a smile like this for a while", "I can't believe how calm the lessons are" and "this school has a really lovely atmosphere". Well done, girls, particularly to those students in the Science and Maths lessons that I dropped in to, you showed excellent enthusiasm for your learning.

This week our Community Ambassadors have had their first meeting with Mr Manning and Heads of Year. Following this, we have devised the duty rota and they have delivered their first assembly.

Their role around the school will be to:

•Champion and advocate school values
–respectful relationships
•Run anti-bullying campaigns  
•Connect with the Student Council and House Captains
•Follow up with students after problems
•Keep up to date notice boards
•Promote a supportive, safe and inclusive community

They have already impressed me by being punctual to our meetings and all wanting to present in our assembly this morning. They spoke with such confidence in front of the rest of the year group that I know they are going to be great ambassadors for the school.  

Well done Joanna, Mehtab, Evie, Eleanor, Kate, Ruby, Eve, Grace, Hansah, Kahdeejah, Liybah, Ruby, Amy, Olivia, Sophia, Ella, Molly and Rebecca.

Following on from this the students were told about the "Odd Socks" Anti-Bullying Campaign. It would be great to see as many Y7s as possible on Tuesday wearing odd socks and participating in the "Chalk In" outside Austen at lunchtime.

24th November - Takeover Day

Our experience of being Mr Tamplin has been an amazing opportunity to see what he does. We have undertaken a lot of meetings and it feels like he is in these 24/7! It was a fun lesson speaking to the Year 9s about their Christmas projects; they were kind and respectful. Takeover Day is an opportunity to work out what to do when you’re older and it is a fun experience for young children. We really enjoyed it!

Louise Blake & Leesha Brown-Klucsai (AKA Mr Tamplin)

22nd November - Praise from Teachers

This term I have had numerous emails from members of staff sharing the great work that students have been competing in their lessons. I have attached some photos below of the great work that YLH and NHM have been doing in Geography, JCB in Art and Science.

Well done girls. Keep up the good work!

Thursday 16th November - 7DCH's Blog Entry

This term we asked 7DCH to reflect on their experiences so far at Didcot Girls School and their successes. I was very impressed by the articulate, well-thought-out responses I received. So I thought we could share some of 7DCH’s reflections with you.

Many of the girls started by writing about how well they have settled in since the start of the year…

“When I was in Year 6 my mum asked me if I wanted to visit DGS. I said “No! Why would I want to go to girls school all the way IN DIDCOT!?”  So I went anyway but it instantly clicked; I really wanted to come to this great school. Now I make an hour and a half journey every day, but it’s worth it because I have made the best friends and have already learnt so much.” – Sophia

“When I came to DGS I was scared and didn’t know where to go and I was confused. But after a week, I found my way around and made loads of friends. Moving to DGS was a great adventure.” – Sarah-Jane

“I was very nervous at the beginning, but I’m feeling much better. You make friends easily. Everyone is super friendly and all the teachers are super kind and helpful.” - Aoife

“Everyone helped me to settle in and now I have some good friends” - Melissa

Many wanted to talk about the clubs they have joined and other successes…

“There is a vast variety of clubs for all different interests. I have participated in Science club. It has been so much fun popping hydrogen, fire-writing, making slime and even holding fire in my hands!” – Nina

“7DCH has borrowed 125 books from the library putting us in 1st place for reading! I also went with the reading ambassadors to the Oxfordshire Book Awards” – Kirsty

“Sir! We should put a photo of us at House Opening Ceremony on the blog. I will send you a few to choose from” - Alexa



Okay Alexa, I couldn’t decide, so have two…


Go Greenfield house!

“I have already talked in several assemblies! I am really happy with the opportunities that DGS has given me.” - Sofia

“DGS gives you so many opportunities to start clubs you really enjoy and meet new people.” – Tahira

“This term we have been in a competition to sell as many Christmas raffle tickets as we can and whoever wins gets a £10 voucher and a selection box” - Lou

Funnily enough, culinary reflections were usually on the menu (my apologies) when it came to what the girls most enjoyed about DGS…

“The lunch food is amazing” – Leah B

“The food at DGS is great. I love the waffles.”- Katie

“The food from the canteen is amaaaazing. I have loved eating hot food at break and lunchtime” Isabel

And a final word from me,

I feel immensely proud of 7DCH for the wide array of achievements they have made already since starting secondary school. The girls are constantly updating me on all the ways in which they are working to move up the school’s leadership ladder and teachers are stopping me all the time in the corridor to say what a well-behaved, enthusiastic and hard-working tutor group I have. I feel very lucky, and can only echo a thought that Ebs put in her response…

“If this is what year 7 is like, I am excited for year 8 and for all the challenges ahead!” - Ebs

Mr Cameron-Hobbs

Monday 13th November - Student Success

One of the nicest parts of my job is hearing about what the girls do outside of school. I am very lucky to have a very talented year group and I really enjoy hearing from your parents about what you have achieved.

Hannah Ackland-Snow 7JCB competes in Archery to a very high standard and shoots well above her age group. This weekend she shot in a record status at Clophill Junior Open and won gold. Well done, Hannah! Hannah

Drew Lofthouse 7NWR

Drew Lofthouse (7NWR) is competing at the qualifiers for Irish dance on Thursday 16th November in Watford. In this competition Drew will compete against other dancers in order to secure a place at the World Championships. The picture below is Drew at the Great British Championships. We wish Drew lots of luck for Thursday.



Monday 30th October - 7HEA's Blog

Our first term at DGS has been an adventure, but all the while really fun! It was scary coming into school because you didn’t know anyone and people who are older than you may judge you, but now we’ve all made loads of friends, both inside and outside our form, so there was no need to worry!


“It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people” – Katie Shand


We have all done a range of clubs including; choir, science, knitting club and reading ambassadors. There is also a homework club everyday which helps us complete our homework on time and gives us extra support if we need it.

“The homework is challenging but that helps our learning” Victoria Yates


All of our teachers are really fun and enthusiastic, which encourages us to learn more. It’s been a great experience working with subjects we’ve never really done before like Product Design and Drama.

“We all really enjoy music with Mr Dingley and Art with Miss Malta because the subjects are really creative” Felicity Smith, Lauren Watts


The school is huge! We were all quite scared about getting lost a first but everyone is so friendly, there have been loads of times where we haven’t been sure about where we’re going so we just ask a teacher or another student and they are more than happy to help us out.

“I can’t wait to go to Year 8 and face the challenges ahead of me, also I like knitting club, its fun!” – Lillie-Mae Case


Now that term one is over, we are all really excited to come back after half term and continue our learning at Didcot Girls School. In term 2 we will be more confident and sure of where we are going! Thank you to everyone who has helped us settle in!

“I cannot wait to spend all our school life here!” – Aimee Dean

Wednesday 18th October - Student Success 

I am delighted to share that Amber Collins-Freeman was awarded a gold medal the the Abingdon Vale Biathlon. This involved a 50m swim and 800m run. Hopefully her time will qualify her for the National Finals.  Well done Amber!!Amber

Wednesday 11th October - Year 7 Public Speaking

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing half the year group complete their Public Speaking Competition in Cockcroft Hall. All of the Year 7 students had been working on their speeches during their English lessons and the winning students from each class then presented to their peers, teachers and Mr Cross and Mrs Warwick who were judging the competition. The speeches covered a variety of topics including; why computers are the best invention, racism, poaching, women's rights and equality, Didcot becoming a toy town, palm oil, their friends likes and dislikes, sexism, turning books in to films, the environment, the importance of performing in creative subjects and the winning speech from Elisha about her love of cats.

Mrs Warwick described the speeches as passionate, engaging and persuasive and was impressed by how well the girls spoke about some complex topics clearly to the audience.  

I am sorry that I couldn't see the other half of the year perform but if they did as well as the girls in P5 I am sure they would have been amazing. It really was a proud Head of Year moment to see the girls speak with such confidence to a large audience and I have no doubt that we have the next generation of politicians and lawyers in our year group with the persuasive skills that I observed that afternoon.

We are excited to announce that our Patron of Reading, Jo Cotterill, is paying her first visit to us of the academic year on Thursday 12th October. Jo will be talking to Year 7 about empathy within the context of her award-winning books.

Take a look at the video below for an introduction from Jo herself:


Signed books will also be available for students to buy. Pre-order your books by completing the form below, and returning to Mrs Barnes in the library by Wednesday 11th October.

Tuesday 3rd October - House Opening Ceremony

Once again Year 7 have thrown themselves in to school life. At lunchtime today students came together for the House Opening Ceremony - it is safe to say that Year 7 made an incredible effort and looked amazing in their house colours. I have attached some photos so you can see what they looked like.

Friday 29th September

Thank you for your attendance at last night's Parents Information Evening. I hope the evening was informative and useful to you as parents. I have uploaded the PowerPoint from last night onto the bottom of this page. Please get in touch if you have any questions relating to Year 7 at DGS.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr A Tamplin
Assistant Headteacher of the Lower School

Tuesday 26th September

Staff Praise

Miss Still - Geography - 7NWR

"The girls have worked so well today! They have been working silently for the whole lesson on completing their radial graphs for our fieldwork we did the work is fantastic, I’ve been so impressed today!"
Miss Vassiliou - Student Guidance Time - 7LNA
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been by 7LNA, whom I am covering this morning. They are working in absolute silence, working on things ranging from Chinese to Textiles to Maths to silent reading. What an impressive group!
It has been a real pleasure to meet them,
Miss Nicholls - Geography - 7LNA
I wanted to share with you the amazing geography work which 7LNA have produced this week.
LNA have been looking at Tectonic Processes, and in todays lesson, they looked at the two main types of volcano: Composite and Shield.
Attached, is a collection of their outstanding Play Doh models. 
Particular mentions for accurate and frankly awesome models go to:
Amber Wood, Amelie Harries, Rebecca Harrison, Keira Barnes and Elizabeth Rutherford.

Thursday 21st September

It has been another busy week for Year 7 at DGS. I think they are finally finding their way around the school site and there seems to be a lot less of them looking at the map in their planners.

Jackie and I have had the pleasure of dropping in to lots of lessons this week and have been really impressed by their work ethic. There is a real buzz when we go in to lessons and I am extremely proud of how well each of them has settled in. I have attached some photos so that you can see what girls have been doing in their lessons this week

All clubs are now up and running and it has been brilliant to hear how many clubs the girls are attending. I am sure that we set a new record with the 80 students at Trampolining club last night, and I expect similar numbers to Netball tonight. New clubs are added during the term so please keep checking the timetable on the school website. If students haven't yet joined a club they still can, very few of the clubs require you to sign up in advance.

This week I have signed off quite a few sections on the Leadership Ladder and it is great to have students ask to lead parts of my lessons so that they can work towards their Bronze Award. I have no doubt that Bronze Award badges will be coming home in the very near future ready to be stitched on to blazers. 

Keep up the good work girls!

Thursday 14th September 2017

We are only a week in to Year 7 and life at DGS, and I could not be more proud of how well the girls have settled in. It has been a pleasure to drop in to their Student Guidance Time and lessons, and see just how focussed the girls are. I am stopped on a daily basis by other members of staff saying how lovely the year group are and that they are a pleasure to teach.

My drop-ins this week have been English, Science, and Art, alongside teaching a lot of Y7 PE and some PD. The girls have really impressed me with their excellent attitude to learning and their confidence when sharing answers and feeding back to the class. During Student Guidance Time it has been lovely to see girls reading notices from the School Bulletin in front of the rest of the class, organising their tutor group roles, nominating a Form Captain and ensuring their tutor boards are up to date. Keep it up!

A special mention must go to the following students; Ella Hale, Summer Hawkins, Jessica Mallows, Bethany Wright and Molly Rasmussen, who, on their second day, were being interviewed for our Twitter page about their first impressions of DGS. Well done, girls! If you haven't had chance to follow DGS Twitter, you can do so by clicking here. It is a great way to find out what the students are doing.

The girls will be bringing home letters inviting you to our Parents Information Evening, which is being held on 28th September from 6.30 until 7.30 in Cockcroft Hall. If you cannot make it, all of the information will go on to the Y7 area of the website.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible on 28th.

Mrs C Fisher
Head of Year 7



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