Year 8

Welcome to the Year 8 page. Read our blog below for all the latest Year 8 news. You will find key documents at the bottom of this page.

This term each tutor group is going submit a blog entry one a week on a topic of their choice.The reason for this is to give each of the tutor groups the opportunity to present within the blog on a topic of their choice. We will of course additionally be reporting on student’s success and highlights of the term.

Miss C Davies
Head Of Year 8

8DCH Tutor Blog Update

During student guidance time on Mondays, Mr Cameron-Hobbs and Mr Mummery have taken it in turns to read 8DCH ghost stories. For the past couple of terms, 8DCH have been exploring wicked collections of tales of the macabre from acclaimed authors Anthony Horowitz and Roald Dahl. Anyone who has visited our lab has been perturbed to find the blinds down and all the lights off - except, of course, for the faint, eerie glow of a solitary reading light on Mr C-H’s desk. In honour of World Book Day on the 7th March, we decided to review a couple of the stories we’d read most recently. Rather than submit Mrs Barnes, our librarian, 32 written reviews of the same story, we decided to get a bit more creative and devise our own performances based on these stories. Let’s just say the results were… utterly terrifying (as of course we’d hoped).

Some groups interpreted Horowitz’s short story ‘Scared’ where Gary, an outright bully – vile both in school and to his poor mum at home – gets the ultimate comeuppance. Ashlee’s group started by showing us a scene where Gary’s mum had to bribe him with CDs to get him to agree to come on a trip to visit his grandmother in the Suffolk countryside.

He reluctantly agreed. After an argument, with his mum and grandmother, he decides to go on a walk. His gran reminds him of the ‘country code’ – how to respect nature, mind the local farmers’ land and not to litter the beautiful countryside. Of course, being the abhorrent character he is, Gary ignores all that, stopping to have a coke and a cigarette before throwing the can and lit butt into a field. He then finds some kind of sick satisfaction in leaving a cow gate open and finding joy at the thought of angry farmers finding all their cows missing in the morning. He swings off a weak branch of a tree with the purpose of snapping it off before trampling through some freshly sown crop fields. To put it bluntly, Gary didn't care about the ‘country code’ (as Isabel embodies in this freeze-frame from her group’s performance)