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Year 9

Welcome to the Year 9 page. Read our blog below for all the latest Year 9 news. You will find key documents at the bottom of this page.

Mrs A Bass
Head Of Year 9

Monday 11th June - Overdue library books

As we go in to the final term of the school year, it is vital that we have any outstanding items returned to the library in preparation for September. There are a number of students who still have books on loan that are long overdue. We do not charge late fees, so please simply return these items to the library as soon as possible - we are always happy to get them back! If your daughter has lost an item belonging to the library, we do ask that you consider paying the cost to replace it. This can be done by a cheque made payable to Didcot Girls' School or via the parentpay item 'Replacement fee for lost library item'. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Barnes, the Library Manager, should you have any queries regarding this.

Wednesday 2nd May

9CXB - Demonstrating resilience and empowerment

From the start of this academic year, Student Guidance Time at DGS has increased from fifteen minutes to half an hour each morning.  As a form tutor, I have been particularly pleased with how 9CXB have utilised their time.  There is a real sense of community within the form and also across friendship groups.  This is demonstrated daily, through a strong desire to help others with homework tasks, in recommending books before silent reading time and when building on and constructively challenging each other’s views during Ethos activities.  Recently, we have discussed the values of resilience, empowerment and integrity and my tutor group have continued to demonstrate these in several ways. I asked each of them to write a short blog entry about their experiences at DGS, to reflect on their studies, their wider achievements and the responsibilities they have eagerly volunteered for.  Their accomplishments are all very pleasing to read and I continue to be proud of them as their form tutor.

Mr Byrne – Form Tutor 9CXB

Last year I participated in the Dance Show.  It was a really enjoyable experience and I’m so happy that I did it.  Along with my other dances such as ‘Kids’ and a contemporary group dance I also got invited to do a routine named ‘Come Little Children’ along with Year 8s.  Miss Hook also entered us into a competition.  I took Dance as a GCSE so hopefully I will be a part of every Dance Show until Year 11. - Tilly C.

My job as an anti-bullying ambassador is to help younger pupils if they are feeling sad or lonely.  I help by walking around the school in a pink jacket and saying hello to different students. If pupils are upset, I would take them to a student manager or a teacher that can help. I also encourage students to go to Community Club at lunch times to play games and interact with others. - Sophie M.

This year, Holly Bourne visited the school, gave a talk on feminism and did a book signing.  This made me feel empowered because Holly Bourne really inspires me and I got to meet my idol. - Martha G-W

In Student Guidance Time, I use this time wisely to finish my Maths homework sheets so I don’t have to do it at home.  I find Maths a challenging subject and when I ask for support from my tutor and friends, it reassures me and gives me an inspiration to do well. - Amelia H.

I am a member of the Netball Under 14s team who won the counties. Whilst competing in county friendlies we then qualified for the regionals. Unfortunately we didn’t win but persevered and won three games. - Anonymous

Since the start of Year 9, I have mentored a Year 7 tutor group. When I met the Year 7s it was scary as I find it hard to talk to people that I don’t know as well. A few weeks later I had been able to start conversations and guide Year 7s in the right direction. I felt empowered by this as I’ve improved my social skills by helping the people around me. - Harriet B.

I look forward to Wednesday when our tutor helper from Sixth Form (Nicole) visits. She is an excellent role model of empowerment. - Daniella K.

Throughout the past year, the school has been successful in what it partakes in. The Under 14 netball team reached the regional round in a tournament.  They tried their hardest but were not able to take home the trophy.  The drama department had been busy most of the year, preparing for the production of ‘Grease’, which took place in February. The play was a big success for the school. - Genevieve C.

In Drama at the moment we are doing script work for a play on anorexia.  This is a hard topic to act out because it can be sad and upsetting for some people but it is nice to act out a more serious topic. - Jessica B.

Last month in Graphics we started a new project which I am really enjoying.  We have to design a book cover for a fairy-tale or nursery rhyme with an evil twist.  This is a really interesting and fun idea and I have found lots of inspirational artists, illustrators and photographers.  Graphics really helps with my creative outlet. - Anna S.

I have enjoyed English because it is enjoyable and helps me with my writing.  I liked ‘Of Mice and Men’ because I thought it was very interesting. - Anonymous

I have enjoyed doing Creative Studies which is a new subject at DGS and I think it is an amazing, enjoyable subject. - Sabbah J.

I have done mentoring with Year 7s and I enjoyed it and I would like to do it again.  And I felt empowered when I got the role of Community Prefect. - Molli P.

I feel empowered by the American teens in the US fighting for gun control.  As a teen it’s nice to see millenials and Gen X fighting for their voice to be heard even if Trump does nothing, as per usual. - Carys M.

In January, I competed in the Oxfordshire and North Bucs County Championships.  The swimming event was over 2 weekends; I had races in both but was unfortunately ill on the 2nd weekend.  However, I continued to train hard and competed in another event later on in the season, achieving times that allow me to go to the regional championships. - Anonymous

I showed resilience when I struggled in Spanish learning certain words.  To make sure I understood the words I spent a lot of time learning them on Quizlet.  Doing this I got a good score on my test. - Rosie P.

At the start of the year I started Maths Intervention.  Now my grades have picked up and I feel better because of it. - Leona P.

I am part of a student run singing group known as ‘The Accidentals’.  We officially started last year and have performed both in school and out.  It’s great musical experience, but more importantly, I really enjoy it.  There are 8 other people in the group at the moment and we spend most of our rehearsal time laughing. - Celeste L.

One time I felt empowered was when I went to Rugby Club and enjoyed it.  I enjoyed playing against people I didn’t know. - Anonymous

I like being in the School Council because it makes me feel like I’m helping out the community and making a difference. - Tira G.

I am resilient in Maths because I find it hard to do Constructions but I try to understand and continue to try and do Constructions and learn from my mistakes. - Roseanna S.

I felt empowered when I jogged the 800m without stopping.  I have only been able to do the 100m before so I was really surprised when I did it. - Anonymous

I’ve taken Computer Science and thought it’d be hard.  I love it because of the many challenges I face, even if I’m a bit behind others.  Sometimes I feel a bit sad when I am behind but each lesson is really fun and positive that learning more isn’t a problem.  Computer Science is normally male dominated and I feel empowered as it’s a really nice thing to get around. It’s fun too! - Anitra F.

I showed empowerment ever since I came to this school by working hard and studying and adapting to a new environment, new people, place and almost everything new!  I don’t want to give up.  I have in mind that I must always stay positive to face any problems. Because of this, I feel empowered because I always remind myself to work hard, stay positive, pray to God and give my very best. - Yasmeen J.

Wednesday 25th April

Year 9 Parents' Consultation Evening

The Year 9 PCE is taking place on Thursday 10th May. The online booking system goes live to parents today (link below), Wednesday 25th April, at 7pm. You should have received your log in details however, if you would like any support in booking appointments please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9

Monday 26th March

Disneyland Paris!

On Wednesday 14th February, 83 of us, and 8 members of staff, arrived nice and early at school at 3.30 am to begin travelling to Disneyland Paris! We all were half asleep and ready to go as we travelled for about three hours to the Eurotunnel and then another 4 to Disneyland.  On the first night, after we all had settled into our rooms, we went on a walk to the main park, where we did a little bit of shopping and then we went to the first seminar, held in one of the cinemas, which was based on physics and energy. Afterwards, we collected our dinner which we took back to our rooms and then settled down for our first night.

On Thursday, we went to breakfast and then we went back to the main village area. We spent the morning in the Magic Kingdom which was amazing (even though we got stuck on it’s a small world for 45 minutes!). After lunchtime we then went to our workshop, where we got to invent our own rollercoaster ride based on any Disney character. We used the equations and information we received in the seminar the previous night and then presented our ideas to the people who led the seminar and they asked us questions about our ideas, which we answered. Next, we had our last seminar, which covered biology and chemistry, and looked at how a large theme park has to deal with the waste produced by the visitors, and how to feed thousands of people a day without giving them food poisoning.

We had dinner in Planet Hollywood, which was lots of fun, even though Dr Comina insisted in taking lots of photos of us! The day was finished with another hour or two back in the Magic Kingdom where we were able to go on more rides and also to watch the amazing firework display in front of the Castle.

On the last morning we checked out of our rooms and then spent the day in the Studio Park where we went on rides like the Hollywood Tower of Terror and Crush’s rollercoaster, which were both really fun. We got to meet Mickey mouse too, for photos with the whole group, before going back to the hotel to meet the coach and the long journey back home. After a delay on the Eurotunnel we got back quite late on Friday night, all really tired, but we had a great time!

Caitlin Oliver 9PJC & Dr Comina

IMG 0273


Tuesday 20th February

9EWR & Ethos

Since Christmas we have been doing additional interactive ethos activities, and the photo below of hands is something we did last week on the theme of being thankful.  This week was the turn of Caroline and Rhiannon who planned and delivered a range of activities based on problem solving and team work. 
Caroline said, "we worked as a team over 2 days to make some team building exercises.  It was fun to see everyone joining in and we particularly liked the untangled and mute organisation games."
DSC 2251
Caroline was last week's tutor captain and now the badge has been handed over to Jessica Skelly for the next activity!
Caroline and Rhiannon ethos
Mrs Rudman 9EWR

Wednesday 7th February

U14's Badminton Success

Congratulations to the U14's BadmintonTeam who fought hard at the Oxfordshire County Badminton tournament and secured 4th place. This is the first time they've played together as a team and we're really impressed with how well they performed both individually and in doubles. Well done girls!

The U14's Team; Rosie Park, Seren Fullbrook, Phoebe Maslen, Izzy Langley & Gen Carey.

DSC 3210

Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9

Wednesday 7th February

TRAIN Activities over Half Term

See below for all the fun looking activities that TRAIN will be offering during the half term break.


Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9

Friday 2nd February

Community Prefects

Congratulations to all the Year 9 Community Prefects for a brilliant start to the new role this term. The girls have been busy during their break and lunch times supporting students in all year groups to ensure they are feeling safe, happy and included in the DGS community. Well done girls!

IMG 8329

Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9

Tuesday 23rd January

DGS Poetry and Song-writing Competition

We are excited to announce the first DGS Poetry and Song-writing Competition!

Students should perform their entry to our Patron of Writing, Elaine Baker, in Cockcroft Hall on Thursday 1st March - World Book Day.

Competition poster for website 2

We are also offering students the opportunity to take part in a song-writing workshop with our Patron of Reading, Jo Cotterill, and Mr Dingley on Tuesday 20th February, in which they will work on their entries. If your daughter is interested in taking part, please see the letter below, and ensure that the reply slip is completed and returned to Mrs Barnes in the library by Friday 9th February.

Click here for more information on Jo Cotterill, Elaine Baker, and the school library.


Friday 19th January

E-Safety for Parents

•Does your daughter regularly accept ‘friends’ she's never met? Friends of friends?
•Have you checked her privacy settings recently?
•Do you feel she's using social media appropriately?
•Snap Map – Does she share her location on Snapchat or other social media websites?
Check out the link below that offers support and advice about keeping your daughters safe online.

Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9


Tuesday 16th January

Didcot Train #reachout

On Tuesday 16th January Didcot Train came to present in our year group assembly. We all got given a hand and they asked us write down on each finger who we could turn to for support at home, at school, within our family and within the community. This was a great way to reflect on all the people who are there to support us but also a great way to highlight the support available from Didcot Train.


They told us all about the exciting opportunities that they offer to young people in Didcot. One session in particular they advertised was a girls only group on a Monday evening 7 - 8:30pm which some Year 9s have recently attended and enjoyed. They also offer day trips and residential trips; Splashdown, ice skating, trampoline parks, Thorpe Park and much more. Lots to get involved in, keep busy in the holidays, socialise and meet new people.


A huge thank you to Carolina and Alice from Didcot Train for coming in and talking to us.


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Mrs Bass

Head of Year 9

Friday 15th December

Christmas Celebration Assembly

After a very long and busy term Year 9 came together this morning to celebrate a wide range of fantastic achievements. The U14 Netball squad collected certificates for their success in the County Netball Tournament . They now go on to compete at Regionals in January, good luck girls! We had a powerful performance from the Year 9 dancers who performed 'Torn', one of their pieces from the recent Dance Show, pictured below.

IMG 8040

Casey gave a brave performance as she resited a thought provoking speech on the necessary changes for modern day life and the impact on the environment. Emily Smith played some beautiful Christmas Carols as the girls came in and out of the assembly.

IMG 8045IMG 8038

In addition to all of this, I congratulated 20 students on their Snapshot report success who had achieved 8 or more 'Aspiring'. 9ALE were awarded the prize for having the best overall attendance and 9EWR were awarded the prize for most improved attendance! I was also able to share numerous lovely comments from teachers who had emailed me to say how brilliant they had been in lessons. I have attached the powerpoint as a document so please do have a look through to see the comments.

Year 9, you have had a brilliant term and I'm so proud of all of your achievements. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Wednesday 13th December

Celebration Breakfast

This terms Celebration Breakfast saw a flurry of nominations for students who have been going above and beyond in and out of the classroom. Lots of nominations came from tutors who have been really impressed with their use of silent study during morning registration, some for improving their attendance and others for their commitment to extra-curricular activities.Congratulations to all of the students who have been nominated, it was lovely to celebrate with you over hot chocolate and a croissant.

IMG 8024

Congratulations: Aya Andersohn-James 9ALE, Jasmine Jones 9ALE, Margi Patel 9ALE, Chloe Jacobsen 9CHS, Lucy Maughan 9CHS, Lucy Ross 9CHS, Philippa Sykes 9CHS, Annabelle Turner 9CHS, Tira Grant 9CXB, Sophie Murdoch 9CXB, Leona Page 9CXB, Emily Hill 9EBT, Nicole Himpson 9EBT, Ellie May 9EBT, Eleanor Paine 9EBT, Rachel Colbourne 9EWR, Caroline Fotso 9EWR, Jasmine Prentice 9EWR, Rosie Mainini 9EXH, Ilaria Mocciaro 9EXH, Emily Smith 9EXH, Leah McLean 9JSS, Saffron Simpson 9JSS, Jade Burnage 9PJC, Isabel Collett 9PJC & Iris Rogers 9PJC.

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9


Wednesday 6th December 

DGS' Christmas Cake Bake Off

Year 9 students have been working extremely hard this term in their Food Tech lessons to make, design and decorate their very own Christmas Cakes. On Wednesday 6th December they presented their cakes to the judges, Mrs Warwick, Mr Brady, Head of Catering, as well as our special guest, Christine Wallace from the Great British Bake Off. 

Congratulations to all the girls for their creative Christmas cakes, but a special congratulations to the following;

Winner - Sophia Rollinson 9JSS

IMG 7973 (2)

Runners up - Lottie Woollard 9PJC & Olivia Rollinson 9JSS

IMG 7977 (2)

Take a look at the photo gallery below to appreciate just how brilliant all of the cakes were. Well done girls!!

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Monday 4th December 

Ellie May - a World Tap Dancing Junior Formation Champion

As many of you will know Ellie has been working hard to fundraise over these last six weeks and raised a phenomenal £600. This has helped to fund Ellie's flights, accommodation, GB kit and other necessities in order for Ellie to fly to Germany last week and compete in the World Championships.  

I'm very proud to announce that Ellie is now a World Tap Dancing Junior Formation Champion and won Gold at the Championships last week. Ellie's mum, a very very proud parent, told me that 'it was a fantastic night for Team GB junior finals, there were lots of medals and GB wiped the floor with the rest of the world". 

Congratulations Ellie on such a fantastic achievement! 

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Monday 27th November

Ellie's Dance Display

On Tuesday 21st November Ellie May 9EBT led a fantastic showcase of Dances from students in Year 7 through to Year 10 to raise money for her GB Tap Attack Team. Ellie has been choreographing and rehearsing for the last 6 weeks and it all came together for a really successful evening. Alongside this Ellie has been selling sweets and raffle tickets and along with the tickets for the Dance Display, she has managed to raise a staggering £600 and 10p.

Ellie is currently competing with GB in Germany and we wish her the very best of luck and look forward to hearing how she gets on.

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Monday 6th November

Year 9 Netball

On Monday 6th November DGS welcomed King Alfred's U14 Netball team to school for their first friendly match of the season. The team played well, trying out various player combinations and the shooting was impressive! DGS secured a convincing win of 33-3 and Player of the match was awarded to Phoebe Maslen. Congratulations to the team: Rosie Park (C), Phoebe Maslen, Seren Fullbrook, Gen Carey, Izzy Langley, Hannah Muddiman, Jorja Smith, Hana Taylor, Izzy Driscoll, Laura Millar and Celena Appleby-Prince.  

Congratulations to all the girls involved and a massive thank you to Miss Palmer for organising and leading the fixture.

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Tuesday 31st October

Hot Chocolate with the Head of School

This week four Year 9 students were nominated to have Hot Chocolate with the Head of School, Mr Goodenough. Each student was nominated by one of their teachers for working exceptionally hard, going above and beyond, relishing challenge and supporting peers. Congratulations to the following students;

Chloe Jacobsen 9CHS – nominated by Miss Martin in Health & Social Care

“Chloe has made an incredible start to HSC.  Chloe has done the right thing in lessons so far, she is very focussed on her learning, trying really hard and as a result completing all of her work to a good standard.  Chloe also contributes valuable points to discussions which demonstrate her knowledge and understanding and has been very supportive to other students in the group.”

Charleigh Richards 9EWR – nominated by Ms O’Connor in Maths

“Charlie is consistently doing her best, taking on challenges and supporting others.”

Izzy Langley 9CXB – nominated by Mrs Bass for Y7 Swimming Club

“Izzy has been helping out with the Year 7 Swimming Club which runs after school on a Tuesday at Hagbourne Primary School. Izzy saw the club being advertised and asked if she could help out. She's been leading her own lane and planning sessions for them. She's been absolutely amazing!”

Nikola Gulbe 9EXH – nominated by Mrs O’Malley in Maths

“Nikola is consistently doing the right thing in maths lessons and quietly staying focussed and pushing herself onwards.”


Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Monday 30th October

Congratulations Neve!

During half term Neve Lofthouse 9PJC competed in the Great British Irish Dancing Championships in Brighton. She was up against some tough competition from all around the world but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Neve is currently training for the qualifiers and is putting in over 8 hours of training a week. Alongside this she also finds time to coach the younger girls in her dance school, rehearse for the schools Dance Show and keep up with all of her school work. We're extremely proud of your achievement Neve and we wish you the very best of luck for your next competition.


Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9


Tuesday 17th October

Year 9 Celebration Assembly

At the end of each term in our last year group assembly we always focus on what a successful term we have had and what fantastic achievements the girls have achieved. This is my favourite time of the term as I'm always inundated with lovely emails from staff who share with me whose been working hard, going above and beyond, taking risks, relishing challenge, stepping into leadership and much more. Below are just a few of the comments and nominations I have received from staff.

Geography – Miss Nichols: "Sophie Murdoch, 9CXB, for making a fantastic improvement in her urban Issues and Challenges exam"

Psychology – Miss Maiden: "Particular stand outs this year in terms of contributions in class are Siena Dornan Juffkins, Nabila Hafiz, Grace Hansen, Georgina Penton, Beth Reed and Iris Rogers. I have been incredibly impressed by the quality of work produced by all of the girls, with some particular standouts on the flashcards homework - Shauna Thomas, Ella Cribb and Verity Halligan-Davis. Well done year 9 for a fantastic start to the GCSE! You are all really impressing me!"

Music – Mr Dingley: "Nabila Hafiz - for outstanding enthusiasm in every lesson. Hannah Andrews - for being friendly and helpful at all times. Lizzie Beesley - for persistence and focus, particularly in group work. Sophie Thomason - for outstanding contributions to lessons."

Maths – Miss O’Conner: "The Maths Department were very impressed with year 9 and their approach to their first skills test today. Calm, sensible and considerate of each other as well as giving the test a good go."

Congratulations to all the girls who received a special mention in assembly I'm extremely proud of you.

A special thanks to all of those girls who shared with us their Y9 aspirations for the year or presented on leadership, you spoke beautifully; Lottie Woollard, Emmy Bottley, Sally-Ann Hillier, Rebecca Dryden, Ella Smith, Tilly Cochrane, Emily Smith and Izzy Langley. A very big thank you also to Alex Norton and Alice Hosen for singing, their performances were enjoyed by all!

Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Friday 13th October

Year 9 School Council Representatives

Congratulations to this years Year 9 School Council Representatives; Tira Grant 9CXB, Kiara Chorley 9EXH and Hannah Muddiman 9PJC. Following a rigorous application process the girls were all successfully chosen to represent our year group this year. They led their very first assembly this week and presented on the choices for change in making improvements to the school. The various options included; more water stations, more pay machines,decorating the terrapin classrooms, air fresheners in the changing rooms, better locks on toilet doors and many more.The year group were given the opportunity to vote for which project they wanted the School Counsellors to focus on next term. Despite being very nervous, Hannah, Tira and Kiara did a fantastic job and presented with confidence. Well done girls!


Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9


Tuesday 10th October

Attendance Matters!

Year 9 as a cohort have had fantastic attendance in the first term of the new school year and are currently on 96.2%. A special Congratulations to the 151 Year 9 students who are currently on 100% attendance, this really is a fantastic achievement and you will all be in the running to win £10 vouchers awarded in our Celebration Assembly next week!

Tutors are sharing your daughters attendance % with her each week and will be letting her know which group she falls into on our Attendance Diamond (pictured below). There is an ongoing attendance competition throughout the year between tutor groups in Year 9 as they strive to be the best in the year group.

As it stands at the moment;

1st 9ALE - 99%

2nd 9PJC - 98.1%

3rd 9CXB - 97.6%

4th 9EXH - 96.5%

5th 9JSS & 9CHS - 95.5%

6th 9EBT - 95.3%

7th 9EWR - 92.3%

In our weekly assembly this morning, I have set Year 9 the challenge to be in every day between now and half term in order to do their bit for their tutor group.

A lot of research suggests that Attendance directly correlates to academic progress and attainment. With your daughters at the beginning of their GCSEs, now is such an important time to be in school and learning. As we near the end of term, the mornings are getting colder and darker, your daughters are getting tired and beginning to flag, please can you do your bit to encourage them into school and end the term in the green group!


Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9

Thank you to those of you who joined us for another successful Parent's Information Evening on Tuesday 19th September. I hope you found the evening informative and that you feel prepared for the year ahead as your daughter begins her GCSE journey.

Below, you will find the presentation that was shown during the evening, so if you weren't able to join us, please do have a look through and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

I've been particularly impressed with the way in which Year 9 have approached their GCSE's so far. There has been a vibrant atmosphere within the year group over the first couple of weeks with the prospect of starting new subjects. As I have been visiting classrooms to check on the culture and climate of lessons, students have shown a clear sense of pride, excitement and interest in what they're learning. A great start to the school year, well done Year 9!


Mrs A Bass

Head of Year 9





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