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Chris Fulwell
Head Of Year 9

2nd May 2019

We are excited to announce that on Monday 20th May, the award winning author Lisa Williamson will be visiting DGS to talk to Year 9 about her career path and the inspiration behind her books.

As part of the visit, Lisa will be signing copies of her books. Copies of her books are available via until Monday 6th May.

Click here for more information about Lisa and her books.

21st January 2019 

HP book nightIn celebration of Harry Potter Book Night, we are holding a cake competition on Wednesday 6th February. Students wanting to take part should make or decorate cakes in a Harry Potter theme and bring them to the library before school or at break time on Wednesday 6th February. The judging will take place at lunch time, so it is important that entries are submitted before then, and that they are clearly labelled with the student's name. This is a House Competition, with points awarded for the winning entries!

A message from 9 JFD

When I asked 9 JFD to write me something important to them for the Year 9 Blog, I had no idea they would produce such an impassioned argument against the use of palm oil. Well done, girls, particularly to Lottie and to Megan!

The Destruction of Palm Oil

Up to 300 football fields are cleared every hour to make room for Palm Oil Tree plantations in rainforests. In Borneo, (one of the UK's biggest Palm Oil providers), every hour trees and forests are being bulldozed in order to make room for Palm Oil plantations, leaving many animals without homes, including elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, but most affected are orang-utans.    

Only a few manufacturers – mostly in the organic sector – label their products as containing palm oil and palm fat. Most companies disguise it, referring to it as “vegetable oils and fats”, therefore leaving costumers oblivious to the damage that the products they consume every day are causing to the environment.

Can we help to prevent this?

As consumers we can make better choices. For example, there are many substitute oils that we can use that will not endanger wildlife. Although they are marginally more expensive in supermarkets, they are proven to contain less saturated fats and have health benefits. Oils such as Babassu, Sunflower, Corn, Rapeseed Oil and Olive oil are among those that are healthier for our bodies and the environment. Creating areas in the Rainforests specifically for Orang-utans and other wildlife to live safely (until the use of Palm Oil is banned) may decrease and eventually stop animals from dying, as a temporary solution.

Who is affected?

Not only is the production of Palm Oil affecting the wildlife population, it has a shocking effect on the people harvesting the Oil. The exploitation of children is extremely common in this area of work, they are unprotected by companies, working in some cases 20 hour days, working with machinery and chemicals hazardous to humans and particularly untrained children. Locals are also affected, frequently losing their livelihoods. Not only do they rely on the forest as a natural water reservoir and source of food, but also as protection against landslides and floods. The chemicals used on palm oil plantations pollute the soil and water, the soil then becomes poisoned and unsuitable for vegetables and fruits to be grown by local people.

Thousands of everyday products that you have probably already used today contain Palm Oil, including leading brands such as L’Oreal, Colgate and Palmolive. Even food products such as Nutella, Nestle, instant noodles and packaged bread contain the oil. As you can see the use of Palm Oil is destroying our forests and is an unhealthy product for human consumption, if we do not stop using Palm Oil the effects with be devastating.

By 2041 it is predicted that Orangutans will be extinct if the use and production of Palm Oil does not stop!


Year 9 Vocabulary Booklet

We are pleased to be able to share with you the Year 9 Vocabulary Booklet. This booklet has been put together with great care by your teachers, to equip Year 9 students with some of the key vocabulary you will need to be successful in your study of these subjects this year. The booklet can be viewed here, which includes information about how best to use it to support your studies.

Friday 23rd November- Poetry Writing Workshop with Elaine Baker

Today I had the luxury of witnessing some of the poetry writing workshop that Elaine Baker, our Patron of Creative Writing, ran with some of Year 9. There was a real buzz in the air and I'm very excited about the potential of our budding young poets- watch this space for more!

EB Writing Library

Year 9 Fly High and Hit Hard

It was an absolute pleasure for Sarah-Jane and me to visit some PE lessons and see some of the excellent work our girls are doing. 9 JFD were doing some boxing training and 9 AEK were impressive on the trampoline. To paraphrase a popular recent advertising campaign: These Girls Can and I see evidence of this each and every day in school, both in and out of lessons. Keep going, girls!

Boxing 2


An Update from 9 SXD

Please see below for an update from Evie and Grace, Form Captains of 9 SXD:

This term, 9 SXD has been working on having discussions about certain topics. There has been a new topic each week and we spend our student guidance time talking about it. Two students of the tutor group write the ideas on the board while everyone else get involved discussing. It has been very interesting listening to everyone’s views on the different subjects. Having these ideas have helped with our oracy skills and debating skills.


Also this term, most members of the tutor group have been getting involved in the House Shout. This is a competition where each house chooses a song to sing. Rehearsals have begun and it has been great to see everyone taking part and helping the Year 7 and 8 students. It has been a great start to the term and we look forward to see what 9 SXD achieves throughout this year!

I have borne witness to some of these discussions and I have been very impressed at the depth and involvement of 9 SXD- well done girls!SXD Board

Dance Show- Exceptional Work From Year 9!

This is my fourth year working at Didcot Girls' School and every year I have attended the Dance Show at the Cornerstone Theatre. I can honestly say that this year's show was the best I have seen and Year 9 can take a significant, much-deserved portion of the praise for this success. I was bowled over by the power, skill and confidence I saw on display, whether this was in the excellent group pieces, the delightful duets or the superb solos, every single member of the Year 9 Dance cohort can hold their heads up high as they absolutely smashed it. Well done girls!


I remain massively impressed with the work that Mrs Hook and Miss Druce (one of our Year 9 tutors, of course) did in choreographing and organising the evening, but to top this they took part in one of the dances with the sixth-form students! Well done to all involved, the Dance Show was a real highlight of the year so far.

Dance 18

Attendance Trophies


Last week Year 9 got the first glimpse of the Year 9 Attendance Trophies. I was inspired by another year group's trophy and so, naturally, I ordered two trophies, both twice the size of theirs. We have one trophy for Best Attendance and another for Improved Attendance; these trophies will be up for grabs every two weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing Year 9 embrace their natural competitive spirit as they strive for attendance-based greatness.

I'm delighted that the first recipients of these trophies are 9 AEK with a whopping 97.9% and 9 BDN who have climbed up to 96.4% in a short time period. Well done girls! I know Miss Kyriakides and Mr Newborn are delighted and deservedly smug in how proud they are of you.



An Update From 9 SXM

In 9SXM we have been very busy with group discussion and how we can help our community and people that need our support. We have decided to help out a charity of our choice, which we still are debating to this day.

The charities we have narrowed down to are either: sponsoring a child/animal, brain haemorrhage awareness/support or raising money for a charity to help with cancer. We believe that any of these causes we choose will impact the charity positively. As well as doing some charity work, some of us are taking part in local events. On the 11th and 12th of November 2018 Katy Reilly, Ellen Ross, Jessica Dubock, Molly Rogers and Idun Christensen are taking part in the Remembrance Parade, remembering the soldiers who fought for us in World War One. We have also been working on Self-belief, setting our own personal goals and completing small steps to achieve them. Our tutor group is up to some many exciting activities. Thanks for reading and a special thanks to Miss Malta, our tutor!

Brook Cheadle and Lily Madge, 9SXM Form Captains


An Update From 9 LGM

Periodically we will upload updates from each of our nine brilliant tutor groups. First up is 9 LGM, led by the inimitable Mrs Martin. 9 LGM have been thinking hard about the issues of plastic pollution and the impact on the planet.

This term in 9LGM, we have been focusing on pollution, especially how if affects our oceans. We have all been really moved by a BBC documentary called “Drowning in Plastic“, therefore 9LGM all came up with ways we can do our part to combat the problem of plastic pollution as a group. Many girls including Zara, Jess, Saffy, Jeni, Imi and Yinka have all been recycling more in and out of school. Bekah focused her Graphics project around how litter is fatal to sea creatures. Maddi has been researching companies who are helping save our oceans, for example “Bright Swimwear” who donate 10% of their profits to clean up the ocean. We really hope this blog encourages you to recycle more and help save our oceans, Thank you!


Written by Maddi Claridge and Bekah Riley

LGM Plastic 2018

September 2018- Year 9 Off To A Great Start

As I write this I can't believe we've already been back for several weeks; time certainly flies at Didcot Girls' School, especially when working with such a dynamic and fantastic Year Group as Year 9.

I've been lucky enough to have several interesting conversations with students as well as a great deal of comments from staff along the lines of, 'Mr Fulwell, my Year 9 class are brilliant!'- I am proud of the girls every single day. Special mention must go to the Health & Social Care classes; I can't walk through the staff room without Mrs Rodrigues stopping me to sing their praises!

I've also been fortunate in that I've had time to pop into some lessons; as you can see Year 9 are hard at work already (and I thoroughly enjoyed literally tying them in knots in the first of my once-a-fortnight Drama lesson). I've also seen 9 SXD running a great class discussion led by the girls and a PD class learning about CPR, well done girls!

I look forward to hearing more and more of what Year 9 are up to both in and out of school; please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have anything you think I should know.

Great start, Year 9, keep going!

SXD DebateScience 2Science 1Drama knotCPR



Year 9 Parent Information Evening

Please see the base of this page for the presentation from the Year 9 Parent Information Evening. Thank you to those who could attend on Tuesday 18th September, it was great to see so many of you and answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries.

Mr Fulwell


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