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Mr C Fulwell
Head Of Year 9

An Update From 9 LGM

Periodically we will upload updates from each of our nine brilliant tutor groups. First up is 9 LGM, led by the inimitable Mrs Martin. 9 LGM have been thinking hard about the issues of plastic pollution and the impact on the planet.

This term in 9LGM, we have been focusing on pollution, especially how if affects our oceans. We have all been really moved by a BBC documentary called “Drowning in Plastic“, therefore 9LGM all came up with ways we can do our part to combat the problem of plastic pollution as a group. Many girls including Zara, Jess, Saffy, Jeni, Imi and Yinka have all been recycling more in and out of school. Bekah focused her Graphics project around how litter is fatal to sea creatures. Maddi has been researching companies who are helping save our oceans, for example “Bright Swimwear” who donate 10% of their profits to clean up the ocean. We really hope this blog encourages you to recycle more and help save our oceans, Thank you!


Written by Maddi Claridge and Bekah Riley

LGM Plastic 2018

September 2018- Year 9 Off To A Great Start

As I write this I can't believe we've already been back for several weeks; time certainly flies at Didcot Girls' School, especially when working with such a dynamic and fantastic Year Group as Year 9.

I've been lucky enough to have several interesting conversations with students as well as a great deal of comments from staff along the lines of, 'Mr Fulwell, my Year 9 class are brilliant!'- I am proud of the girls every single day. Special mention must go to the Health & Social Care classes; I can't walk through the staff room without Mrs Rodrigues stopping me to sing their praises!

I've also been fortunate in that I've had time to pop into some lessons; as you can see Year 9 are hard at work already (and I thoroughly enjoyed literally tying them in knots in the first of my once-a-fortnight Drama lesson). I've also seen 9 SXD running a great class discussion led by the girls and a PD class learning about CPR, well done girls!

I look forward to hearing more and more of what Year 9 are up to both in and out of school; please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have anything you think I should know.

Great start, Year 9, keep going!

SXD DebateScience 2Science 1Drama knotCPR



Year 9 Parent Information Evening

Please see the base of this page for the presentation from the Year 9 Parent Information Evening. Thank you to those who could attend on Tuesday 18th September, it was great to see so many of you and answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries.

Mr Fulwell


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