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At Didcot Girls' School, we are delighted to already have many positive relationships with local businesses, but we are always looking to form new partnerships. We realise the vital role local business can play in developing our students' life skills, contributing to the curriculum and supporting our students future employment prospects.

Via the Opportunities to Inspire (O2i) initiative, we have the resources of a local Enterprise Adviser, Mike Foster, who himself is a local business owner. Mike is working with the school to help establish the areas where we can best engage the support of local businesses and work together.

We are keen to ensure this is a two way partnership, with the school supporting the local business community, as much as receiving the support we desire.

Employers3One specific partnership we value with many local employers is the provision of work experience.  Currently our students benefit from a two week work experience programme in the summer term of Year 10 each year.  If you would like to contact us regarding work experience then our Work Experience Co-ordinator Mrs Hannah Burke would be delighted to hear from you; she can be contacted on 01235 812092 or email directly to hburke@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk.

Other specific areas we are interested in developing with local businesses are:

Mentoring for our 6th Form – If you are able to offer your time, knowledge and expertise to mentor one of our sixth form students or as a group, then we would welcome your contribution.

6th Form Work Experience – Are you able to support our sixth form students with their university or employment applications, by offering work experience or work placement opportunities, that will enable them to apply and / or practise in a practical context their theoretical learning.

Speaker – Would you be available to offer your support as a speaker on an ad hoc basis? This could be to deliver a talk, run a short workshop or even provide a tour at your own business.  

Notify us of Part-Time Work/Opportunities - research suggests that pupils who have undertaken part-time work or volunteer work are more likely to end up in employment and fulfilling jobs.  Therefore are you able to offer an opportunity that we can advertise to our pupils, especially in the Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays?

As an employer, if you wish to explore opportunities and discuss possible ways of engaging with the school and our students, then please contact Mr Stuart George, Head of Personal Development and Careers on 01235 812092 or email directly to:


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