Friends of Didcot Girls' School

Friends DGSFriends of Didcot Girls’ School are an independent group of parents, carers, staff and supporters from the local community wishing to offer appropriate support or help to the school.

Since the start of the 2017 school year FoDGS continues to be successful with our fundraising. We have raised over £6,000.00 to support DGS through our fundraising events and activities.

Drugs kitWe have recently confirmed that we will be  providing an updated sound system and lighting for Cockcroft Hall, a new leaf blower for the site team to help keep the site clear, a sack truck for the cleaners to transport supplies, as well as furniture and accessories for the new Wellbeing Centre, badges for the Science Club, art supplies and games for the Young Carers Group. In addition to this, we have provided the funds to purchas a drug box for Personal Development lessons to help educate students about the risks associated with various drugs. New bids continue to come in from students and staff and we are delighted to be able to support them.


Our Christmas Raffle was a fantastic fundraiser selling over 2500 tickets, raising over £2,500.00. The winners of the first three prizes were:

£200 CASH - 03539 - Mrs Broome

Samsung Galaxy Tablet - 01499 - Gill Suter

Wine Hamper - 00162 - Samara Arnold

Our Friends 500 Draw continues to grow and we currently stand at over 220 members. The more members we have the bigger the prize fund and the more money raised for DGS. There is currently room for you to join us, please do download the membership form from the Didcot Girls’ School website or pick up a form from Pupil Services.

Recent Winners

July 2018
1st Prize Mrs T Mock £108
2nd Prize Mrs N Rutterford £64.80
3rd Prize Mrs D Wicks £43.20

Another way of helping to raise funds for DGS is to sign up to Then when you use most major shopping websites you just activate the link and donation from the vendor will automatically be given to DGS.

Should you have any queries please contact Lisa Turner on:


Page Downloads Date  
Friends 500 Lottery Application.pdf 31st Jul 2017 Download
Friends 500 Lottery Rules Relaunch.pdf 31st Jul 2017 Download
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