IT Support


Mr S. Wilgrove IT Support Manager
Mrs C. Riley Senior IT Technician
Mr D. Marsh IT Technician
Mrs E. Bird IT Technician

About Us

IT Support are responsible for the maintenance, administration, and development of the school's computerised infrastructure. We also provide computer related support services to staff and students. We are heavily involved in the evaluation of new technology based systems to meet the needs of the school.

The school has the following IT facilities to offer staff and students:

  • IT computer suites in Science, Modern Languages, Library, ICT, English, Health & Social Care, Music, Learning Support, and Technology.
  • Two trolleys of laptops with wireless network connections in Business Studies and one in Maths.
  • Most classrooms are equipped with at least one computer connected to the school network and the internet.
  • Numerous interactive whiteboards and data projectors around the school.
  • Printers.
  • Wireless network throughout the school.
  • Local Area Network 

All computers in the school are networked together using RM Community Connect 4 and are running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office installed. There are many general purpose packages installed across the network, along with other educational software titles purchased by departments. Access to the network and various other systems is provided through individual usernames and passwords.


All computers have internet access provided through a 200MB connection. The internet can be an unsafe environment for students to explore. Whilst we embrace the educational side of the internet, such as our use of SAM Learning, we also take steps to prevent students from endangering themselves and others. We use filtering to censor which sites the students can access. All staff and students are required to sign an Acceptable Use policy before they are allowed access to the school network and internet.

Home-School Network Link

As part of the school's policy on providing a dynamic and technology orientated teaching environment both in the classroom and at home, the following services are available to staff and students:

  • Access to your own My Documents folder on the school network
  • View the Learning Resources system: a teaching and learning area where staff can set tasks, as well as post teaching material for students.

To access the system click on the link provided on our school home page. Your username and password is the same as for the school network.

Faults and Repairs

If something doesn't work properly then it should be reported to the IT Support staff - it is quite possible that the problem can be solved over the phone or by direct connection to your computer through the network. The preferred method for problems is via email. Much of our equipment is covered by a 3-5 year warranty so it is important that all faults are reported quickly. Most repairs will be carried out within school.


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