Year 11

Our aim is for the curriculum to allow and support every girl to thrive and achieve to their best at a pace appropriate to them. There is additional support to enable those with learning or physical difficulties as well as an advanced learner programme of study.

Years 9, 10 & 11

Pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) follow a common core curriculum of English, Science (Core or Separate Sciences), Mathematics, Physical Education and Personal Development (which includes Religious Studies, Morality and Ethics). Pupils can choose up to an additional 4 subjects from a variety of academic and vocational courses, depending on appropriate individual challenge, preferred learning style and future aspirations.

To support pupils with their subject choices, we publish a detailed subject guidance booklet, run an evening Options Event for parents and pupils, run ‘taster’ lessons, meet with all Year 8 pupils individually, and discuss future career possibilities, aspirations and subject requirements within the PD curriculum.

Pupils are taking the following Option subjects at GCSE:

Art Business Studies  
Citizenship Computer Science Dance
Drama Food Preparation and Nutrition French
Geography German Graphics
Health and Social Care History Home Languages
Mandarin Media Studies     Music
Physical Education (PE) Design & Technology: Resistant Materials Psychology
Religious Studies Spanish Textiles

Tom Goodenough
Head of School


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@DidcotGirls11:29 PM - 16th February, 2018 Read more
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