Business Studies & Economics

The Business department aims to provide students with an active and engaging learning experience, providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace, at college or starting their own business.

The courses offer the opportunity for students to develop as learners, building their independence, confidence and evaluative skills. The subject material is rooted in the real world and students get to experience both academic and vocational qualifications, based on practical business activities and academic rigour.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Business Studies is a popular course with several classes in each year.  Years 9 and 10 allow students to learn the fundamental skills in starting up a business, which they then apply in a series of projects.  For instance, students get the opportunity to work as a team making products that they sell at a Christmas craft fare as a way of enhancing their knowledge of production and finance.  They develop their marketing flair by rebranding some well-known High Street stores, and get the chance to write their very own business plan to test whether they could be an entrepreneur. 

In Year 11 students complete a unit on growing as a business, where they get to look at successful businesses that have been able to expand.  They complete a piece of Controlled Assessment in the Autumn term, which allows their writing skills to fully develop before the final exams.

Key Stage 5

Within sixth form we offer the following A level courses: Business studies, Economics, and Cambridge Technical level 3 in Business. They are designed to complement the needs of different learners by having a mixture of both examination and coursework options. They will build on students’ prior skills and experience to give them some access to advanced level study, which can be developed either from their GCSE qualification or as a completely new subject choice.  All lessons are taught entirely at Didcot Girls’ School, and further information can be found on the Didcot Sixth Form College website. 

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