Computer Science & ICT

KS3 Computer Science

All KS3 students follow the new Computer Science KS3 National Curriculum which is divided into 3 sections: Computing, IT and Digital Literacy. Students are taught in mixed ability groups. The lessons are delivered using a variety of teaching and learning methods and students’ progress is monitored throughout the key stage by on-line tests and end of unit assessments. Computing - Students are given the opportunity to write computer programs; to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science: algorithmic thinking, generalisation, abstraction and decomposition - students are encouraged to become a competent user of IT to aid successful learning. They are encouraged to develop their creativity, initiative, collaborative working and independent thinking skills. Digital Literacy & ICT – Students will learn how to keep safe while utilising the power of the Internet and exploring the rapidly expanding world of digital communication. Students develop sound, transferable skills and the confidence to use IT hardware and software effectively.

GCSE Computer Science

Students are given the opportunity to study OCR GCSE Computer Science as one of their GCSE options.

At the heart of Computer Science is the concept of problem solving. Not only will pupils develop skills in creating efficient algorithms using Python, but they will be able to plan and comment upon other factors that could affect the performance of a program, such as the limitations of hardware. Computer Science will encourage your daughter to be resilient and determined, as many of the concepts of the subject are challenging and will often require enhancement.

As well as developing code, topics include flowcharts, pseudocode, logic gates, binary representation, hardware, and classification of software, encryption and emerging trends. Pupil understanding is assessed through internal coursework and external exams. Studying Computer Science can enhance many future careers including manufacturing, science, gaming, software development, communication, security, fashion, art, finance and retail.


Whatever you do in your future career, there is a very strong argument for the fact that it will include some form of ICT. The WJEC GCSE ICT course aims to prepare you to become an independent and discerning user of ICT, providing you with the ability to make informed decisions about the use and impact of ICT on individuals, organisations and society.

You will learn to develop ICT based solutions to solve problems that develop your understanding of current and emerging technologies, understanding the legal, social, economic, ethical and environmental issues presented, all whilst acquiring and developing the skills to work collaboratively.

The course gives you fantastic opportunities to work with a variety of technologies, offering you choices including web design, game design and computing. This makes it an engaging and enjoyable subject to study. The qualification has been designed to provide you with up-to-date skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around you and nurture your digital literacy ability.

Use the links below:

Word 2013 Tutorial

Excel 2013 Tutorial

PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

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