School Development Plan

Our key priorities for 2018/19 are:

  • Key Priority: Improve outcomes, attendance and exclusion figures for PP students and students with SEND needs.
  • Continue to improve the currently good provision in the sixth form, maintaining and making further improvements in VA, T&L, ethos and independent learning.
  • Use a bespoke whole-school CPD programme, reformed QA processes and focused curriculum development (in particular at KS3) to maintain outstanding outcomes and continue to prepare students even more effectively for challenging GCSE and A level specifications.
  • Maintain and improve systems, structures and facilities that ensure pupil wellbeing remains a strength of the school.
  • Revamp and expand the House System in order to build a greater sense of competition and aspiration. Use the House System as a vehicle to explicitly signpost and build even greater adherence to the school’s values.
For more detail on these and our other priorities, and the actions we plan to take to achieve them, please read the full School Development Plan for 2018/19 here
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