The DGS Half Dozen


This is our statement of intent to provide high quality learning experiences for all our students every lesson, every day. Lessons at Didcot Girls’ School embody our core values of respectful relationships, high expectations and including everyone.


As teachers we are expert in our subject areas and passionate about learning. We seek to inspire our students and as a result they demonstrate enthusiasm for learning. We believe that talent and ability are not fixed and that all students can achieve.


All lessons have clearly communicated objectives and differentiated success criteria, and students understand how their learning fits into the big picture both of the curriculum and their lives. Wherever possible, students have a real audience for their work.


Learning is planned to challenge all learners appropriately. This includes using a variety of approaches so that students can learn in different ways. Where a menu of choices is offered students choose appropriately, challenge themselves and take risks in their learning demonstrating their growth mindset.


Learning proceeds at an appropriate pace. Transitions between activities are swift and effective, lesson routines are slick and there is no low level disruption. Maximum use is made of every minute of lesson time. 


All students make progress which is good or better and aim towards challenging targets. Teachers use a range of techniques to assess students’ understanding, especially high quality questioning throughout the lesson to pick up on misconceptions and drive the learning forward. Students understand the next steps they need to make in their learning and are able to reflect on the progress which they have made. Written feedback is specific and students consistently act on their teachers’ feedback to make progress.


Students are fully engaged with their learning and take responsibility for their own progress. Lessons have explicit planned opportunities to develop skills of resilience, independence and team work.  Students work hard and are not afraid to make mistakes.

PS - Skills

The teaching of literacy is embedded into every lesson and emphasis is given to subject specific terminology and the accuracy of written work. Students present and discuss confidently using Standard English. Teachers take every opportunity to promote and develop numeracy skills.

@DidcotGirls07:50 PM - 24th January, 2020 A massive congratulations to Luisa, Year 7, who got a merit in her Grade 4 Piano!
@DidcotGirls03:40 PM - 24th January, 2020 Year 7 getting to grips with microcomputers at today's KS3 Science Great work girls! Read more
@DidcotGirls12:18 AM - 24th January, 2020 About to watch at The Oxford New Theatre with this lovely bunch of dancers 😊 Read more
@DidcotGirls12:18 AM - 24th January, 2020 A lesson of doubles for me today! Double class volleyball 🏐 with year 7, and they were phenomenal using ‘thinking me’ to collaborate as a team 👌 Read more
@DidcotGirls12:17 AM - 24th January, 2020 You'll all be ready to smash those exams once is finished with you! Have a great day ❤️ P.S... Looks like Cammy colour coordinated his shirt with the school blazers - he fits right in!
@DidcotGirls12:17 AM - 24th January, 2020 Year 11 are laughing in the face of exams with Cameron from Tree of Knowledge. Brilliant stuff! Read more
@DidcotGirls10:43 PM - 23rd January, 2020 There's a great buzz about vocabulary at today! Thank you to for presenting in briefing this morning and to the Media, Drama and MFL departments, who have already been in touch about good practice! We are proud to be a word-curious school.
@DidcotGirls09:41 AM - 23rd January, 2020 Year 11 are laughing in the face of exams with Cameron from Tree of Knowledge. Brilliant stuff! Read more
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