CPD & Leadership

We offer a range of courses and professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff in schools. Below are details of upcoming courses, details of future events will be added shortly. For all enquiries or to secure a place on any of our CPD days please contact teachingschools@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk.

English KS3 Curriculum Day - 15th January 2019

The day is aimed at English curriculum leaders who are currently in the process of reforming their KS3 English curriculum. Our aim is to provide an overview of the challenges and schools of thought in English curriculum design, model how we have responded to these, and provide a forum to share and discuss your approaches. The English Department at Didcot Girls’ School has spent the last year developing an English Mastery curriculum. This curriculum draws on the most up-to-date research into English Mastery, and has put theory into practice in a way that is designed to work in the classroom. DGS Teaching School Alliance has shared its curriculum in its entirety with several English departments and is happy to do so more widely. For further information please click here.


Setting up Mandarin - 22nd January 2019

Mandarin is the Modern Foreign Language showing the most growth in the UK currently. With an exciting role to play in Britain’s future economy, it is well-acknowledged that students with a knowledge of Chinese culture and language will be at an advantage in the workplace. On this day we invite Senior Leaders from Primary and Secondary schools to learn from our experiences of successfully implementing Chinese into the mainstream curriculum. Click here for further details.


T&L in Mandarin - 12th February 2019

Fascinating yet challenging to learn, there are several aspects that differentiate Chinese from the other MFL taught in the UK. On this day we invite teachers from Primary and Secondary schools to learn from our experiences of successfully implementing Chinese into the mainstream curriculum, including to KS4 and 5. Click here for more information.


Behaviour & Ethos - 8th March 2019

At DGS we believe powerful, positive and forward looking ethos makes an invaluable contribution to behaviour in both the short and long term. We have found an inextricable link between exceptional ethos and exceptional behaviour. Our Behaviour and Ethos Development Day will provide practical support on how to secure excellent behaviour management and support it with a rich and vibrant ethos. For further information, please click here.



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