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Local MP Ed Vaizey visits Didcot Sixth Form College

Year 12 and 13 students from Didcot Sixth Form College welcomed Ed Vaizey, the MP for Didcot and Wantage, for an informal talk on Friday about a range of issues. Ed spent an hour with a group of 28 students, in which time a huge range of subjects were covered, including Donald Trump, Brexit and even ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!

As well as discussing current global matters, the students asked Ed his opinions on many local issues, such as the new Didcot bus route and the disappearance of disabled parking spaces. The students were especially interested in his views on the possible building on Ladygrove Meadow, having recently been involved in a discussion with the local council about Didcot Garden Town.

Ed also gave some helpful advice to one student interested in a career in a politics and talked openly about some of the decisions he had made during his own political career.

“It was great that he was able to find time to come and talk to us and that he gave his personal opinions about the matters we raised, rather than just the ‘party line’. I thought his views on the NHS were especially interesting.” Harry Benbow, Year 12

“It was a fascinating chat and I enjoyed hearing his opinions, even if I didn’t agree with all of them! That said, I was pleasantly surprised about some of his more liberal views, which weren’t necessarily what I was expecting. It’s really important that our generation engages in politics and this was a good chance for us to do just that.” Rose Kent, Year 12

After the event Ed tweeted: “Great political chat with @DidcotSixthForm this afternoon.”

Miss K Baines

Teacher at DSFC

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