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Year 9 students attend Maths Masterclasses at Oxford University

Starting on the 21st January, the four of us attended the 6-week series of Royal Maths Master classes, run by Oxford University in the new Andrew Wiles building every Saturday morning. We explored high-level maths and gained a huge insight into the University maths experience. Over the course of 6 weeks, we covered a variety of areas in the mathematical field:

  • Modular Arithmetic
  • Dancing Factorisations
  • Problem Solving
  • The Josephus Problem
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • Centres of Triangles
  • Mathematical Modelling

We learnt a lot during the course and are glad to have participated. Our favourite week was by far the one on Modular Arithmetic as we got to find patterns in numbers and see a more interesting outlook on simple problems. Also, problem solving was a great week due to the quirky questions that were asked and the way we had to think outside the box. We all love problems where there is no simple answer and The Josephus problem was a great example of this. There was a lot of surprising information given to us during the course that really got us interested in maths at a higher level. One of the strangest weeks was the one where we explored different centres of a triangle and learned about a man who dedicated his entire life to finding over 12,500! Each week there was a new lecturer and their enthusiasm about maths was great to experience and it got us involved in all the tasks available.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and we are happy to have secured our places on the course for Years 10 and 11 as well, enabling us to participate in even more challenging maths problems. The success of the course has encouraged us to look into further opportunities to study maths in higher level education and we are looking forward to returning next year.

By Sophie Martin, Lily Gilmour, Eloise Turlier, and Imogen Young

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