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Gallery in action

Term 5 sees the Freeborn Gallery playing host to artist and illustrator Wendy Botto (nee Sanderson), a former student at Didcot Girls’ School. Not only is Wendy exhibiting in the gallery but is also working as an Artist in Residence – producing paintings live for all to see. 

The gallery is a key teaching space for the Art Department and Yr7 students who are exploring painting this term have been enjoying the company and instruction of Wendy whilst they work on their own responses to her work. Wendy regularly stops her own work to discuss the work and progress of the students, giving advice and demonstrations.

Here are just some of the comments from our Year 7 students:

“It’s really amazing to see how quickly the artist is working. We go into a lesson and by the time we come out again she has done so much!”

“It’s great to see the person that has done the paintings and even better to be able to talk to her about the work. She is really friendly.”

I am enjoying painting in the gallery because Wendy is there to help me and explain about how to paint like her.”

The Freeborn Gallery is open to visitors daily during term time from 9.30am to 3pm. Wendy’s exhibition of locally inspired work is on show until the end of May.

Mr Ray

Graphics Teacher

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