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Community Ambassadors fundraise for school library

On Friday 12th May, the Year 9 Community Ambassadors held a cake sale in Frids Bistro. We did this to raise money for new books for the school library.

We made brownies, cakes and cookies and also sold hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Overall, we made £63 and had a great day. The support from teachers and students was amazing and made the whole experience fantastic. We learnt a lot about business and it felt good to be contributing to our community. We worked well as a team and really enjoyed the whole day.

All the money made has been given to the library for new books. We chose the library to expand the selection of books to choose from and encourage others to start reading. We all love to read and hope to encourage others by adding to the range of books available. The Library Manager, Mrs Barnes, will be asking students for suggestions of the books they would like to see in the library.

Thank you from the Community Ambassadors, for all your support!


Lily Gilmour


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