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Year 10 students attend Biology Masterclass with Lee Sheldon from the National Space Academy

What is life? How can we detect life? How likely is it that life exists elsewhere in the Universe?

These questions and many others were addressed at Abingdon School on May 25th at a Biology Masterclass led by Lee Sheldon from the National Space Academy.

Thirty Year 10 students were challenged to think deeply and to apply their practical skills and their knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as they grappled with themes that cut across traditional subject boundaries.

The girls calculated, questioned, experimented, investigated, measured, discussed and even created and performed raps! Topics covered included plants, religion, toothpaste, cockroaches, enzymes, ATP, red giants, space time, radiation, ageing, conservation of energy, food chains, atoms and much more. This was an amazing and inspirational workshop and we are very grateful to Abingdon School and the National Space Academy for providing this opportunity.

Well done, girls; we and the presenters were so impressed with your maturity, practical skills and your insightful questions throughout the day.


Dr Nickerson (STEM coordinator) and Mrs Norton (Science Technician)

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