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Science Club Challenge

On June 6th DGS Science Club hosted a visit from their counterparts at SBS for a practical challenge in a spirit of friendly competition.

Students worked in small groups to use their skills and ingenuity to cook an egg using only a nightlight as the source of heat, and with a limited supply of other resources.

Teams came up with a very wide variety of ways to cook their egg, some of which were more successful than others.

At the end of the session all the teams were assessed on how appetising their egg looked and on how much wax (energy) was used, as well as on their teamwork and safety throughout the challenge.

The eggs ranged from slightly warm but still raw to beautifully cooked, with team 3 (DGS) and team 4(SBS) both having the best cooked eggs. The overall winners were team 3, Eve Batty and Carys Sharp in Year 7, who used only 0.94g of their nightlight wax to cook their egg, compared to the runners up, team 4, who used 1.25g.

Well done to everyone who took part – you all showed great teamwork, enthusiasm and ingenuity.

We will look forward to more challenges in the future.


Dr Nickerson

STEM coordinator

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