School Policies

Name Date File Size  
Acceptable Use Policy 17th October 2016150 KB Download
Accessibility Plan 28th January 2015237 KB Download
Advanced Learners Policy 2016 15th September 201669 KB Download
Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and other staff 8th March 2016285 KB Download
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy 27th January 2016227 KB Download
Anti-bullying Policy 8th October 2015267 KB Download
Assessment, Marking and Reporting Policy 29th September 2016185 KB Download
Assessment, Marking and Reporting Policy Appendix 1 29th September 2016358 KB Download
Assessment, Marking and Reporting Policy Appendix 2 29th September 2016968 KB Download
Attendance Policy 29th September 2016314 KB Download
Behaviour Management and Standard Operating Procedures 3rd October 2016821 KB Download
Bereavement Guidance Policy 14th November 2014234 KB Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 30th November 2015166 KB Download
Citizenship, PSHE, Sex and Relationships Policy 21st March 2014343 KB Download
Collective Workship Policy 14th November 2014171 KB Download
Complaints Policy 3rd November 2015201 KB Download
Curriculum Policy 29th September 2016565 KB Download
Data Protection Policy 14th September 2015238 KB Download
Drugs and Alcohol Policy 24th April 2015232 KB Download
Early Entry Policy at DGS 21st October 2014183 KB Download
Educational Visits Policy 14th November 2014156 KB Download
Environmental Strategy 12th April 201655 KB Download
Equalities Policy 13th April 2016276 KB Download
Exams Policy 13th April 2016171 KB Download
Financial Regulations Manual 7th February 2017371 KB Download
Flexible Timetable Policy 30th November 2015259 KB Download
Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme 23rd May 2016222 KB Download
Governor Visits during the School Day 28th January 2015407 KB Download
Guidance to promote Safer Working Practice for all adults who work with children and young people 17th October 2016488 KB Download
Health & Safety Policy Statement 8th March 2016221 KB Download
Home School Agreement 1st July 2015312 KB Download
International Policy 8th October 2015125 KB Download
Lettings Policy and General Conditions of Hiring School Premises 18th July 2016272 KB Download
Looked After Children (Inclusive Education) 1st July 2015376 KB Download
Privacy Notice OCC 2013 Extra Information 6th September 2013115 KB Download
Privacy Notice OCC 2013 summary 6th September 201363 KB Download
Reserves Policy 7th February 2017134 KB Download
Safeguarding Policy 29th September 2016189 KB Download
Safer Recruitment Policy 29th September 2016223 KB Download
Secure Storage Policy Statement 19th October 2015165 KB Download
Separated Parents Policy 2nd March 2016184 KB Download
Sixth Form Bursary Policy 8th November 2016276 KB Download
Social Networking Policy 8th February 2016282 KB Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 30th November 2015356 KB Download
Standard Terms and Conditions for Suppliers 21st October 2014217 KB Download
Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Policy 31st January 2017362 KB Download
Treasury Management Policy 7th February 2017159 KB Download
Use of Photos and Video Policy 14th April 201553 KB Download
Use of Reasonable Force In Behaviour Management Policy 28th January 2015255 KB Download
Whistleblowing Procedure 27th January 2016198 KB Download
Young Carers Policy 16th September 2015163 KB Download