Business Studies & Economics

Business Studies GCSE is one of the most popular courses to take at GCSE. It applies knowledge and understanding to contemporary business issues and to different types and sizes of businesses in local, national and global contexts.  Along with this it works well with many other subjects especially Maths and English Language.

Course Outline

The course is developed into two key sections

Unit 1 (50%) GCSE

This unit concentrates on the key business concepts, issues and skills involved in starting and running a small business. The primary topics it covers are;

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Spotting a business opportunity
  • Putting a business idea into practice
  • Making the business effective
  • Understanding external influences on business

Unit 2 (50%) GCSE

Unit 2 examines how a business develops beyond the start-up phase. It focuses on the key business concepts, issues and decisions used to grow a business, with emphasis on aspects of marketing, operations, finance and human resources. The topics it covers are;

  • Growing the business
  • Making marketing decisions
  • Making operational decisions
  • Making financial decisions
  • Making human resource decisions


Assessment and Progression

Examination Board:


Grading System

Level 1 – 9



2 formal written examinations at the end of Year 11

Paper 1: Investigating a small business

Paper 2: Building a business

1 hour 30 minutes


Progression to Sixth Form

Business Studies is currently the most popular subject at A Level. Due to its diversity and ability to use a wide range of skills that open doors to many different career opportunities.

Future Career Links

  • Accountancy
  • Law
  • Advertising
  • General Management
  • HR Management
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