'Teaching is first rate across the curriculum. English and Mathematics teaching is consistently of a very high standard.' Ofsted


Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)
Key Stage 3 in English is aimed at extending students' abilities in the three main language skill areas:
• Oracy: Students are encouraged to develop their capacity to express themselves effectively and develop their individual spoken voice.
• Reading: Students develop the ability to read, understand and respond to all types of writing.
• Writing: Students learn to communicate effectively in written language, matching style to audience and purpose, spelling accurately and presenting work clearly.
Regular visits to the library encourage wide, personal reading for pleasure.

Year 9
The curriculum provides opportunities for enrichment and preparation for the GCSE courses, which the students commence in Year 10. The same three main language skill areas are covered.

Modules include: 'Much Ado About Nothing', war poetry; and 'Of Mice and Men' and an oracy unit engaging with ideas about crime and punishment. These schemes of work will encourage the girls to become independent and build up crucial skills for GCSE English and English Literature, such as essay writing, effective note taking and analysis of a range of texts.

Key Stage 4
Girls in Year 10 and 11 will study the new AQA specifications for GCSE English Language and English Literature. 

This combination of qualifications offers excellent scope for girls to extend their abilities in reading, writing and speaking and listening, whilst studying an enriching and broad range of texts.

Key Stage 5
Within the sixth form, the English Department runs a two-year A2 course in English Literature, following the AQA Literature A specifications. From September 2017, students will also have the opportunity to study the combined AQA English Language and Literature qualification. In both, students will study a range if literary texts and develop the ability to engage with writers’ ideas and the ways in which they convey them, using a number of different approaches.