Modern Languages

The Modern Languages we offer are:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese

We passionately believe in 'Languages for all' and we strive to enable all our students to access a range of languages at various levels. During their time with us, our students are given the opportunity to study two foreign languages and to gain one GCSE qualification in languages. With our option courses at Key Stage 4, they are able to study and gain a qualification in more than one language if they wish to.

In a spirit of internationalism and cultural awareness, the aim of the Modern Languages Department is to instil and develop language learning skills that enable pupils to attain a high level of communicative competence. Our priority is to make the learning of foreign languages a positive and enriching experience, offering enjoyment and intellectual stimulation, and promoting confidence and achievement. To complement and extend the learning taking place in class, we run regular trips abroad which are very popular, from a short residential trip to Northern France with Year 7 students to longer visits to Paris, Salamanca, Munich and China for older students.

Read the article 'Learning Mandarin to get ahead of the game' from the Oxford Mail, January 2014.

See what a typical Mandarin lesson looks like here (filmed as a model lesson for Pearson exam board)

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, our focus is to develop strong language learning skills and an understanding of how languages work.
In Year 7 students study French in mixed ability groups until Easter and they are offered taster courses in Spanish, German, Chinese and Latin in the Summer Term.
In Year 8 we aim to offer choice and a good breadth of experience. Our students are set into bands and they are given the opportunity to further study at least two languages until March when they opt to continue with the language of their choice for the rest of the year. The core band will study French and Spanish and the extension band will study Spanish, German and Chinese.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we run GCSE courses in French, Spanish, German and Chinese as part of our option programme. We are also offering a Latin Twilight course.
We support bilingual students and native speakers to complete a GCSE qualification early. So far students have successfully achieved early GCSE qualifications in French, Spanish, Polish, Urdu, Persian, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.

Key Stage 5

We run AS and A2 courses in French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

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