Performance Tables

The Government's School Comparison Site is a concise way of gauging a school’s performance and comparing this with other schools.

Results in Summer 2015 placed us as the best school within a 75 mile radius and the 6th best performing school nationally when compared to schools whose pupils achieved similar results at the end of primary school. The results also saw pupils achieve significantly above both Oxfordshire and national averages in all key performance measures.

We are delighted to say that Summer 2016 results have seen us move up to the 4th best performing school nationally for pupils with similar achievement at the end of primary school.

These results place the school in the top 25% of schools nationally for the new performance measure of 'Progress 8'. This measure summarises the amount of progress pupils make from the end of primary school until they complete their GCSEs (or equivalents) in year 11.

National data for 2017 results will not be released until the autumn but, as soon as this happens, we will update this page.

Our most recent data on the School Comparison Site can be found here

The comparison table with other similar schools can be found here

For a more detailed breakdown of our most recent results, please see our own reports and results data here

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