Design and Technology

GCSE Textiles


Course Outline

Students will explore a rich and diverse range of ideas and techniques through the use of fabric as medium on the Textile Design course. The intention of this course is to support the student as designer by giving them the ability to master technical skills whilst formulating expressive ideas; and through teaching skills in research and idea development, we can realise designs within the context of the design world. â€‹ We seek to connect traditional textile methods with innovative and current contemporary topics that are both relevant and meaningful to students.

Year 9 is a foundational year where students will build a strong library of skills to guide them towards greater independence during the sustained study period in year 10. We focus on the necessary skills associated with project work to appreciate how it feels to work in this way; as well as how a project could and look across the assessment objectives. Student will experiment and explore sewing, printing, stitching, dying, and using other decorative techniques to create a range of functional, decorative, and expressive projects.

In year 10 and 11 we typically generate two projects through sustained investigations (component 1) and in the January of year 11 students begin responding to a theme set by the exam board. This is the exam unit (component 2) which concludes in a 10-hour period where students produce their final outcome. This takes place around Easter time. Each component is marked holistically by us and is externally moderated by AQA. This course is 100% Non-Examination Assessment, meaning that there is no written paper.

Assessment and Progression

Examination Board:  


Grading system:

Projects are marked holistically across four assessment objectives.

1-9 (9 is highest)


A portfolio of work and a sustained investigation (component 1) (60%).

Externally-set exam unit (component 2) (40%).

Progression to Post-16:

A-Level Art and Design.

Future career links:

Fashion Designer/Fashion industry

Textile Designer/Textile Industry

Fine Artist

Product designer


Ms Lovett Capone

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