Examination Results

August 2018 

Didcot Girls’ School celebrates record-breaking GCSE results!

This summer, students in Year 11 at Didcot Girls' School achieved another year of outstanding GCSE results, rewarding them for their exceptional hard work and commitment over the last 5 years. 

80% of the year group achieved Grades 9-4 in both English and Maths, and 38% of entries across all subjects were graded 7-9 or A/A*. The achievement of our most able students was stunning, with 27 students achieving six or more grades at 8-9 or A/A* and 34% of students achieving 5 or more grades at 7-9 or A/A*. The overall pass rate of 99% of students achieving at least 5 GCSE passes is also extremely impressive.

This gives the school an excellent Attainment 8 score of 55.8 which is significantly above both the local authority and national averages. Again, for the 5th year running, this means that students' overall attainment and progress are among the very best in Oxfordshire. This also places the school in the top 3% of schools nationally on the government's key progress measure, Progress 8. 

Our students once again achieved excellent results in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) with 41% out of a possible 51% of students achieving 5 GCSEs of 4/C or above in English, Maths, the Sciences, a Modern or Ancient Foreign Language and a Humanity, such as History or Geography. As always, we do not force the English Baccalaureate curriculum on our students as we firmly believe that all subjects in the curriculum have value and there is no justification to insist that a student studies a narrow group of subjects that may not be right for them. All students receive expert guidance about their option choices and it is heartening to see that those choices are enabling students to be successful in both EBacc and non-EBacc subjects. 

In summary, for the 190 students who entered 1716 exams:

  • 90% of students gained a grade 4 or above in English 
  • 80% of students gained a grade 4 of above in Maths
  • 41% of students gained a grade 7, 8 or 9 in English and 36% did so in Maths
  • 38% of all entries were grades 7-9 or A/A*
  • 34% of students gained 5 or more 7-9 or A/A* grades
  • 99% of students gained 5 passes 
  • 100% of students gained at least 1 pass
  • 41% of 51% eligible students achieved the English Baccalaureate

These results are just reward for the effort, resilience and talent displayed by this inspirational group of young people - we are very proud of each and every one of them. 

Congratulations to all students, parents and, of course, the dedicated staff who helped along the way. 


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