Examination Results - Didcot Girls' School

Examination Results

August 2017 - Didcot Girls’ School celebrates another year of superb GCSE results!

This summer, students in Year 11 at Didcot Girls' School achieved another year of outstanding GCSE results, placing us in the top 20% of schools nationally for the key Performance 8 performance measure with a superb score of 0.34. This measure summarises the amount of progress students make from the end of primary school until they complete their GCSEs (or equivalents) in year 11. Not only is this the 4th year running we compare so favourably with other schools nationally but, once again, this also makes us one of the top 3 highest performing comprehensive schools in Oxfordshire.

74% of the year group achieved Grades 9-4 in the new, challenging reformed GCSEs in both English and Maths and 22% of entries across all subjects were graded A* or A. The achievement of our most able students was phenomenal and 31 students achieved six or more grades at A*/A or grade 7-9.  The  overall pass rate of 98% of students achieving at least 5 GCSE passes is also extremely impressive. This gives the school an impressive Attainment 8 score of 50.5 which is significantly above the local authority average of 47.4. Again, for the 4th year running, this means that students' overall attainment is not only among the best in Oxfordshire but is also in the top 25% of schools nationally.

Our students once again achieved excellent results in the English Baccalaureate with 20% out of a possible 23% of students achieving 5 GCSEs of 4/C or above in English, Maths, the Sciences, a Modern or Ancient Foreign Language and a Humanity, such as History or Geography. We do not force the English Baccalaureate curriculum on our students as we believe that all subjects in the curriculum have value and there is no justification to insist that a student studies, for example, Geography instead of Music. However, all students receive expert guidance about GCSE option choices, and those who choose the English Baccalaureate subjects are invariably successful in these subjects. 

In summary, for the 179 students who entered 1582 exams:

  • 88% of students gained a grade 4 or above in English 
  • 75% of students gained a grade 4 of above in Maths
  • 22% of students gained a grade 7,8 or 9 in English and Maths
  • 22% of all entries were A*/A or grades 9-7
  • 50% of all entries were A*-B or grades 9-6
  • 22% of students gained 5 or more A*-A grades
  • 97% of students gained 5A*-G grades
  • 100% of students gained at least 1 A*-G pass
  • 20% of 23% eligible students achieved the English Baccalaureate

Year on year, the school delivers exceptional GCSE results and there are no secrets to this success which is a result of top quality teaching, a highly aspirational culture, first class pastoral care and sheer enthusiasm for learning from inspiring young people. 


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