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The School Council have made some exciting strides forward this term on our Choices for Change winner, Revamping the Toilets.

Councillors have visited all of the main toilets to see what condition each one is in and came up with an ‘essential’ list of what we would like to be in each toilet block. We then presented this list to the schools Business Manager Mr Powell.  He was in agreement with us and we are now working with him to make sure all these essentials are in place.  Some of you may have noticed some little differences already in our toilets.

What we are most excited about with this project is our plan to turn one of our toilet blocks into something special, something a bit different, something that other schools don’t have.  We have chosen one toilet block to have a make-over.  We arranged a meeting with Kate, an Interior Designer who runs a local company called ‘The Bee and the Dodo’.  You can see her in this picture as we took measurements for her.  Kate liked our own ideas and also had some great suggestions of her own that we think we look amazing.

Looking ahead into the new year, Kate is going to come up with several different designs and drawings for us to look at and then leave us to decide which one we would like to go with.  We also want to get DGS pupils involved in the make-over, both in some of the designing and creating – it’s going to be really interesting to see this project unfold.

As well as contributing to our schools anti-bullying month initiatives, by presenting some of the latest research on Bullying, we also launched our own campaign against smoking.  We called it ‘The Truth Behind Tobacco’. 

It was good fun to join up with Sara our School Nurse on this project and run an information awareness raising campaign.  This included giving students the chance to blow into a ‘Smokealyser’.  This is a device that measure your Carbon Monoxide levels. Although it was encouraging to discover that no-one who tried it had an unhealthy reading it was interesting, and a bit worrying, to find out that some students had higher a reading than others.  Sara told us that the cause of higher readings can sometimes be due to how busy the roads are when you walk into school which affects the quality of the air you breathe in.  We didn’t realise the potentially harmful consequences of walking to school alongside busy roads.  It gave us ‘food for thought’. It also felt good in our campaign to provide ideas and tips for those of us who might live with smokers and how to reduce the impact of this on our own health. 

So another enjoyable and rewarding term of project work with the School Council comes to an end.  We wish you all a really Happy Xmas and a peaceful New Year, a New Year that we are already looking forward to, to continue to improve our school for all who attend.

Mr S George
School Council Lead


The Student Council identified that one of its main priorities was to reduce the queues at our cash loader units which are used for students to top up their accounts with cash for school meals. In order to help achieve this we want to appeal to all parents to pay for school meals by online payments rather than cash. Not only does this reduce the queues but it also minimises the need for students to carry cash and thus prevents the risk of loss.

It is very easy to pay money directly into your child’s account through our on-line payments system, ParentPay. It may be that you have forgotten your account username or password, in which case, we can help reset these. Alternatively you may not have yet registered to use the system at all in which case we can arrange setting up of your account, username and password.

In either case, just give the school a call on 01235 812092 and ask to speak to the administration office or email Miss Allsworth on who will be pleased to help you.

Please do help our Student Council achieve its wish to get all our payments online and eliminate those queues!

Access to ParentPay is via:

Mr C. Powell
Director of Finance and Services


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