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In our recent meetings, the school councillors have been reflecting on their actions and achievements over the course of the year:

Term One

Red boxWe teamed up with Always and the Red Box to get free Tampons, Pads and spare knickers in school as part of the End Period poverty campaign.  Remember, these are still available from Pupil Services and your Student Managers. We also ran the Choices for Change project, in which students voted for the revamp of Frides toilets, which has started and is scheduled to be finished in early September.  Some of us also presented to the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.


Term Two

We raised awareness of bullying as part of National Anti-Bullying week, and ran a smoking awareness information stand. As part of this, lots of students took the smokealizer test, which showed the impact that smoke and traffic pollution can have on our lungs.

Term three

We ran one of our most inspiring projects in which we brought some of our favourite stories from the brilliant ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ books to students and even created our own film tribute to one of thefeatured women, Audrey Hepburn.  We also met with Laura, the Catering Manager, to raise an issue that students had fed back was important to them - more labelling on the food items in the canteen. We are now working to get this introduced next year.

Term 4

ToiletsWe asked teachers what their one wish would be to make DGS an even better school community.  We hope you enjoyed learning about their ideas as much as we did.  Term 4 also saw us launch our picture competition for the Frides loo project and saw us secure £2000 of funding to pay for the work go ahead.

Term 5

You may recall having learned about the possible problem of water shortages in the future in the UK. In response to this, we promoted ideas on how to save water and specifically explained how to get some water-saving freebies from the Thames Water website.  We have been delighted to get lots of feedback from students who have ordered these and are now using them, saving both water and money with cheaper water bills! We also got an insight from Heads of Year as to which students they admired in their year group and why. 

Term 6

Our final project has been a tutor challenge. Several of our projects in the School Council this year have linked to the environment.  It is a topic we think is very important, and we know from student feedback, as well as more widely from the student climate change protests, that is it something many, many people are concerned and interested about.

As a result, we produced a wallchart featuring 30 different challenges that each make a small difference to our planet. The idea being that, over two weeks, as many students as possible sign up to each challenge within a tutor group, so that each challenge is completed by at least one student. At the end of the fortnight, we hope that students might carry on with the action permanently. The most successful tutors groups were presented with an edible prize in the final whole school assembly of the year.


We are proud of our achievements as School Councillors and have hopefully demonstrated to all around us that change is possible with a bit of creativity, teamwork, resilience and a lot of girl power!

Mr S George
School Council Lead


The Student Council identified that one of its main priorities was to reduce the queues at our cash loader units which are used for students to top up their accounts with cash for school meals. In order to help achieve this we want to appeal to all parents to pay for school meals by online payments rather than cash. Not only does this reduce the queues but it also minimises the need for students to carry cash and thus prevents the risk of loss.

It is very easy to pay money directly into your child’s account through our on-line payments system, ParentPay. It may be that you have forgotten your account username or password, in which case, we can help reset these. Alternatively you may not have yet registered to use the system at all in which case we can arrange setting up of your account, username and password.

In either case, just give the school a call on 01235 812092 and ask to speak to the administration office or email Miss Allsworth on who will be pleased to help you.

Please do help our Student Council achieve its wish to get all our payments online and eliminate those queues!

Access to ParentPay is via:

Mr C. Powell
Director of Finance and Services


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