Staff Directory

Miss L Ahearn
Head of Geography

Mrs L Allen
Deputy Head Year 7/Cover Supervisor

Mrs F Ashton
English/Assistant Head for Teaching & Learning and CPD

Mrs K Atkins
English/Year 7 & 8 Curriculum Progress Leader (0.8)

Mrs A Bodinham
Psychology/Lead Practitioner

Mr R Bowrage

Mr I Briggs
Science/Head of Physics/Mathematics

Mr C Byrne
Mathematics/Computer Science
Young Carers Lead

Mr D Cameron-Hobbs
Science/Biology/House Events Coordinator

Miss LJ Carter

Miss H Chalmers

Mr T Clement
Mathematics/KS5 Mathematics Lead

Mrs S Cohen
Modern Languages/Head of German/International Coordinator

Mr O Cointre
Head of Economics

Dr K Coldwell
Science/Biology/Chemistry/Ethics, Religion & Philosophy Enrichment Day Coordinator

Dr P Comina
Science/Chemistry/Head of Ethos (0.8)

Mr L Copley

Mrs J Corris
Science/Biology (0.6)

Mr J Cross
English/Director of Didcot Sixth Form

Miss C Davies
PE/Assistant Head/Culture & Standards

Mr S Dingley
Head of Music & Director of Music for RET

Miss J Druce
Dance & Drama

Mrs J Durie
Second in English/Lead Practitioner

Miss AL Eccleston
Science/Head of Chemistry

Miss H Edwards
HOY 9/Music/House Events Coordinator

Ms E Egan

Miss C Fisher
Drama (0.2)

Mr C Fulwell
HOY 11/Mathematics/Behaviour for Learning CPD Lead

Mrs H Fulwell
Science/Biology/Assistant Head for Raising Standards KS3/Director of Teaching School

Mr C Gardiner

Mr S George
Head of PD & Careers/Cross-Curricular PD-RE Coordinator/School Council Leader/D6 Careers Education

Mrs M Gilbert
PE/D of E Lead Co-ordinator

Mrs M Good

Ms S Hall
English/Advanced Learners Lead (0.7)

Miss C Hanna
HOY 12/Psychology/Deputy Director of Didcot Sixth Form

Miss J Harrap

Mrs D Harris
Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (0.8)

Mr A Hexley
Modern Languages

Miss E Higgins
Cover Supervisor/Tutor for 7EXH

Mrs S Hook
Head of Dance

Mrs R Huggett-Murray
Science/Biology (0.6)                                          

Dr G Hunter
English/Advanced Learners Lead

Mrs E Irwin
Mathematics (0.4)

Dr G Khan (Maternity)
English/Director of Ethos RET (0.8)

Miss C King
Mathematics/Senior Lead for Numeracy (0.6)

Miss A Kyriakides
Science/Head of Biology/KS5 Biology Lead/Lead Practitioner for Research

Mr N Lawton
Joint Head of History/KS5 History Lead/EPQ and Lead Practitioner for Independent Learning (0.8)

Miss G Littler
Modern Languages/Headteacher

Mrs M Lovett Capone (Maternity)

Mrs H Lloyd
Mathematics/Progress Mentor (0.6)

Mr Y Low-Hong
Science/Physics/Computer Science

Miss S Malta
Art/Freeborn Gallery Coordinator

Miss C Marshall

Mrs L Martin
Head of English

Miss L Martin
Health & Social Care (0.8)

Mrs C Matthews (Maternity)
History (0.4)

Miss E McAdden
English (0.6)

Mr J McGrail

Mrs K Melidis

Mrs J Minell
Cover Supervisor/Deputy Public Speaking Leader

Miss N Moody
HOY 8/Mathematics

Mrs V Morris
Head of Modern Languages

Dr A Naylor
Head of Science/Physics

Miss S Nichols
Second in Geography

Miss L Oakey

Ms C O'Connor
Head of Mathematics

Mrs R O'Malley

Mr C Osborne

Mr J Parkin-Haig
HOY 13/Geography/DSF Enrichment Leader

Miss J Passey
PD (0.9)

Mrs C Pearl
Alternative Provision Lead

Miss S Powell
Science/BiologyKS3 Coordinator

Miss F Ralph
Head of Psychology/Lead Practitioner

Mrs S Ralph
Mathematics (0.8)

Mr M Ray
Art and Graphics/Design & Marketing Lead

Mr N Rees
Director of Computing RET

Mrs E Reynolds
Head of PE/Lead Practitioner

Ms D Roberts
Head of Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (0.7)

Miss S Roberts (Maternity)
English/Deputy Headteacher Curriculum and Standards

Miss M Robertson
Head of Drama/Drama Outreach/Deputy Public Speaking Leader

Mrs P Rodrigues
Head of Vocational Learning (0.8)

Mrs E Rudman
Head of Art/Graphics & D&T

Miss C Saunders
Joint Second in Modern Languages/Head of Spanish

Miss K Sayers
Mathematics/KS3 Coordinator

Miss R Slater

Miss R Still

Miss J Street
Joint Head of History/Middle Leader Development Lead

Dr M Suggate

Mrs L Svizinska

Mr A Tamplin
Business Studies/Senior Assistant Head/Culture & Standards/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Thompson
English/6th Form Oracy Leader

Mr S Thompson
Head of Business Studies/Computer Science

Miss E Thursfield
Second in Art/ Graphics & D&T

Miss L Tilling

Miss S Vassiliou
English/Professional Tutor/Associate SLT/Senior Lead for Literacy

Mrs L Walker
PE (0.8)

Mrs R Warwick
English/Executive Headteacher Ridgeway Education Trust

Miss C Webb

Miss R Weirs

Ms A Wickham
Mathematics/Maths Mastery Lead RET/Lead Practitioner (0.8)            

Mrs L Wicks
Modern Languages/Head of Chinese (0.8)

Mr P Willett (0.6)
Music/Deputy Head/Curriculum & Standards

Mrs G Wiltshire
Second in Mathematics

Mrs H Wright
English/KS5 English Lead (0.6)

Ms Q Zhou
Languages/Chinese (0.6)


@DidcotGirls10:26 AM - 25th September, 2020 FoDGS are looking for new members to join our inclusive, vibrant committee for fun fundraising adventures. To find out more and get involved please email
@DidcotGirls09:13 PM - 24th September, 2020 It was so good to see so many people at the virtual Parent Information Evening for Y11 on Monday! An email has been sent with details of how to view the recording of the evening and presentations
@DidcotGirls09:13 PM - 24th September, 2020 It was great to see so many of you at our first Virtual Parents Information Evening. I hope you found it useful. Any questions please do let your tutors know. .
@DidcotGirls07:15 PM - 23rd September, 2020 Workshop planning, DONE ✅ is coming to a classroom near you, year 9... 💓 Read more
@DidcotGirls07:15 PM - 23rd September, 2020 Miss Street was very impressed by the quality of discussion from her Y9 classes today. We explored the concept of ‘Blitz Spirit’ and debated whether it really existed or not....the jury is still out!
@DidcotGirls06:44 PM - 23rd September, 2020 A reminder to start to bring layers for PE lessons - a long sleeve plain top (no jumpers, hoodies, or coats) to be worn under your PE T-shirt, plain black or blue sports leggings to wear under shorts or skort, and/or navy blue plain tracksuit bottoms are acceptable. Read more
@DidcotGirls12:52 AM - 23rd September, 2020 Y9 are currently studying issues of justice & injustice in English. Recently, one them put up her hand to say that she had changed her view about an important topic over the weekend, because of what we had been exploring in lessons. Learning, thinking, self-reflection, change 👏
@DidcotGirls12:51 AM - 23rd September, 2020 A very important, enlightening and enjoyable book - available from the DGS library! Read more
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