'We were extremely impressed by the input from the students; their understanding, their pertinent questions and their desire to know more' - CAB visitor

Personal Development & Citizenship

PD lessons comprise Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), Citizenship, Careers and some Work Related Learning (WRL) topics, including preparing the girls to make the most of their Work Experience.

All pupils in Years 7-11 receive 1hour a week of Personal Development in mixed ability groups.

Key Stage 3 focuses on issues including: First Aid, Emotional Health, Human Rights & Responsibilities and Smoking & Alcohol

Key Stage 4 focuses on issues including: Illegal Drugs, Careers, Personal Finance and E-Safety

GCSE Citizenship is concerned with teaching and learning about issues that affect us, within our local communities, the UK and the wider world, such as human rights. Citizenship enables pupils to put their learning into practice by taking action on issues of concern through school and community based activities and play an active part as members of society.