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Miss R Still - Acting Head of Year 10


Fingers crossed for our Under 16's Football team!

This week will see our under 16's team face two matches the first Wednesday 12th December will see the girls playing Langtree in the semi-final of the County Cup on Wednesday 12th December.

Followed by an away match at Bournemouth on Friday 14th December.

A strong team with 11 girls from year 10, we are all wishing the girls the best of luck and I look forward to hearing how both matches go - stay tuned for updates!


Football November 2018




Getting into the Festive Spirit with Pizza and The Grinch

It was so lovely on Friday evening to spend the afternoon watching the Grinch and eating pizza and sweets with 40 girls from the year group. Easing into the festive spirit with the Grinch after a long term getting the chance to unwind was definitely needed! As the photos below show the girls that came along certainly enjoyed the afternoon.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Pizza and Movies nights in the coming terms!


IMG 1020

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10 GAW – Face to Face Discussion


This year in Student Guidance Time we have been doing face to face discussions. This involves students leading on class discussions on a range of controversial and current topics such as: Gun crime, Uniform and is eating animals is wrong?


We have enjoyed hearing other people’s opinions and getting the chance to debate how these topics can impact and influence us. The sessions are led by students who take notes creating a diagram of the ideas from the class. It has really allowed us to develop our confidence in having a voice and getting the chance to discuss with others without feeling there is a judgement. The tutor group’s favourite discussions were about prohibiting guns and who our house name sakes should be. Below are a range of topics and the ideas shared by the class.

IMG 1003IMG 1002

IMG 1001IMG 0999

IMG 0998IMG 0996

IMG 0997

Year 10 Vocabulary Booklet

We are pleased to be able to share with you the Year 10 Vocabulary Booklet. This booklet has been put together with great care by your teachers, to equip Year 10 students with some of the key vocabulary you will need to be successful in your study of these subjects this year. The booklet can be viewed here, which includes information about how best to use it to support your studies. 

Year 10 Takeover DGS!

Friday the 23rd of November was takeover day for year 10. Takeover day is a fun opportunity for students to take on the role of staff in school. It allows the students to find out what staff do during a school day and be responsible for their roles, whether it’s the site team, canteen staff, teaching a lesson or even Mr Goodenough!


The day saw 102 students take on the roles of staff within school starting with students leading the staff briefing in Cockcroft Hall for all staff at 8.30 in the morning. Students got the chance of break in the staff room where the queues for hot chocolate and cups of tea were a sight to behold! The students taking over the canteen staff helped to provide break and lunch for the whole school, whilst the girls working with the site team enjoyed wearing their Hi Vis and getting stuck into keeping the site running. Many girls were responsible for leading lessons and taking on the tasks of teaching younger students in Drama and PE.


Feedback from some of the students show how much the opportunities were enjoyed and valued in building the confidence.


“It’s so fun we have had a great experience as well as free hot chocolate” Site team


“It’s really fun learning how to cook” canteen


“It has boosted our confidence and gave us help on our oracy skills and overall has been good”



“More team work with the people I’m working with and helping people through lessons and leading the lesson at the start”



“Eye opening and informative” RE


“I enjoyed the challenge of having to have the confidence to have to speak in front of the class” English


It was a fun experience to find out what Head of Years get up to in a normal school day, completing learning walks, writing postcards, understanding all of the behind the scenes jobs that go into looking after a year group. It has helped with our confidence and oracy skills.


After such a successful day bring on work experience at the end of year 10!


Miss White and Miss Walker (10GAW) taking on the Head of Year 10.


Staff briefing


Mr Manning



Site teamJackie

Girls teaching Art

Miss Street

Miss SayersMrs Renolyds


Mr P H


Dance Fusion at Cornerstone

Week 3 of term 2 and we are definitely moving towards winter with shorter days and colder weather! This week to beat away the dark nights I had the chance to attend the Dance Fusion showcase at Cornerstone. For the first time DGS joined with SBS to showcase performances from students from both schools. After hearing the reviews from other staff who had watched the first two nights I was brimming with excitement.

The entire show was breath-taking, every dance was performed to an excellent standard and the professionalism, focus and enjoyment shown by all students was incredible. I was blown away and filled with pride to see that Year 10 performed 17 dances throughout the evening. With 34 girls from the year group taking part in multiple dances. From individual solos from Libby Field and Neve Lofthouse, to a beautifully moving partner piece performed by Chloe Moss and Adam Dearman as well as a number of group pieces, where I am not ashamed to admit the performance of Black Roses made me reach for the tissues.

A truly magnificent night, showcasing the talents of all the students from both schools, a huge thank you to all the girls from year 10 who took part and an enormous thank you to Mrs Hook and Miss Druce for working with all the students. I always love dropping into the studio to see the dance lessons and open mornings when I can but this evening was a whole new level.


Well done to all!


 'Untangled' : Supporting your teenage daughter

Thank you to all those who were able to attend our first ‘Untangled evening’ on Thursday 9th November. Looking through the feedback I’m so pleased you found it useful and were able to take something from the session. The feedback has also been valuable in how to improve future sessions which will include more of the discussion element and advice of how to support you with tricky situations.

For those unable to attend or unsure of what the evening was about I have attached the PowerPoint at the bottom of the page and really encourage you to access the web page for Dr Lisa Damour the author.

Last night focused on using Dr Lisa Damour’s New York Times bestselling book:

Untangled: Guiding teenage daughters through the seven transitions into adulthood.

Lisa Damour draws on decades of experience and the latest research to reveal the seven distinct—and absolutely normal—developmental transitions that help support your teenage daughter into adulthood and becoming a young woman. Throughout the book there are realistic scenarios and welcome advice on how to engage daughters in smart, constructive ways and most importantly, Untangled helps mothers and fathers understand, connect, and grow with their daughters.

During the 70 minutes we discussed aspects from three of the chapters

Chapter 2 – Joining a new tribe

Chapter 3 - Harnessing emotions

Chapter 4 - Contending with adult authority

Included in the PowerPoint is the link to Lisa Damour’s website where you can also find a range of articles written for The New York Times’ including some of the following articles:

  • Why Teenagers Become ‘Allergic’ to Their Parents
  • Why Your Grumpy Teenager Doesn’t Want to Talk to You
  • When Teenagers Bristle at ‘How Was School?’
  • Why Teenage Girls Roll Their Eyes

If you are interested in knowing more about the session please do contact me on and keep an eye out for the next ‘Untangled’ evening in the Spring which will focus more on giving you the chance to meet and discuss with other parents of teenage girls, some of the scenarios or experiences you’ve had in raising your daughter. Where with biscuits and tea you will feel safe and secure knowing that actually it’s not just you who gets the eye roll, the claim that you are so embarrassing or the look of absolute disgust shot your way if you enquire as to how school went that day!


Term 1 of Year 10 and what a fantastic start!


It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of term 1, but the leaves are changing colour and Autumn is definitely here. It has been an absolute joy to work with such a charismatic, caring and focused year group. I really do feel lucky to have guardianship of Year 10 in my Acting Head of Year role.

I’ve had the chance to head into a range of lessons and student guidance time sessions over the last few weeks. It has been amazing to see the hard work in lessons shown in some of the photo’s below. Science with experiments, Maths with algebra and fractions and also getting a sneak peek of the year 10 dancers preparing for November and the annual Cornerstone Dance show.

One of the new initiatives in the school has been our Thursday Face to Face discussions. It has been amazing and a privilege to get to drop into the different tutor groups and see how the girls have engaged. From 10PJC discussing whether we should only have white women namesakes to 10EBT discussing Is it wrong to eat animals? And should the use of the word ‘chav’ be classified as a hate crime?

Not only do I get to see great things by dropping into lessons, but my email is full of comments for the celebration assembly at the end of this term. These emails highlight the focus, engagement, hard work and resilience of Year 10 and how they have started this year.

Below are just a few:

“My whole Y10 class are a delight to teach - enthusiastic, curious, hard-working, determined to succeed, supportive of each other, organised, polite and, most important of all, they have a lovely sense of humour!” Mrs Street (History)

"I am lucky enough to teach three Year 10 classes for Science this year and I thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson!” Miss Painting (Science)

“These girls have made such a great start to Year 10 Maths and I've been impressed with how hard they work and how much they put up with me” Mr Fulwell (Maths)

“Everybody in the year group has started the GCSE course with maturity, motivation and a real sense of responsibility for their own learning. The atmosphere in Austen during the recent test essay was electric: every group was determined and focused, and have done really well as a result.” Mr Cross (English).

The dedictation and hardwork also happens outside of the classroom with two of our Year 10's Emily Smith and Saffron Simpson being nominated for the Young Volunteer and Charity Fundraiser award from Didcot Town Council on Friday 18th November. As well as two of our Year 10 dancers, Neve Lofthouse who is competing at the Great British Irish dance championships and Ellie May who has been selected for team GB and will be going to Germany to compete in The World Tap Dancing Championships.

I look forward to hearing more feedback about what the girls are doing in lessons, outside of school and getting the chance to head into lessons to see more of what year 10 are doing in the coming terms. For now I am ending Term 1 full of pride and excited for what is to come.

Miss Still  

IMG 9413

IMG 9408


Parent Information Evening September 19th 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Parent Information Evening last Wednesday it was fantastic to see such a packed hall of both students and parents/guardians. Year 10 is a really exciting time in your Daughters time at DGS and I look forward to working with you to support your daughter during this.

Key dates:

November 8th I will be running an evening looking at Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood by Lisa Damour.

Please go through Mr George's slides looking at the key dates for work experience and how to support finding these placements.


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