Year 7

Our aim is for the curriculum to allow and support every girl to thrive and achieve to their best at a pace appropriate to them. There is additional support to enable those with learning or physical difficulties as well as an advanced learner programme of study.

Mathematics, English and Science are set (either in half year or whole year groups); Design and Technology is taught in smaller groups.

Setting is determined using KS2 assessments, information from primary schools and our own assessments during the first term of the year. There is regular assessing of pupil progress and pupils may change sets as appropriate to support individual need and to achieve potential.

Pupils experience a range of languages (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese) and a broad curriculum that encompasses the core subjects of Science, Mathematics and English to Drama, Dance, Computer Science, Music and Design and Technology (Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Textiles).

Years 7 & 8

All pupils follow a common curriculum during their first two years (Key Stage 3). All students study the following subjects:

Art Computer Science Design & Technology
Drama English Geography
History Mathematics Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Music Personal Development (PD) Physical Education (PE)
Religious Education Science  

Tom Goodenough

@DidcotGirls10:28 PM - 15th August, 2019 Daisy in rehearsal for the most recent summer concert singing Mozart’s “Parto m’affretto”🎶 Absolutely amazing!!! Read more
@DidcotGirls08:52 PM - 15th August, 2019 Hugely impressive. Well done everyone. Read more
@DidcotGirls05:13 PM - 15th August, 2019 Mrs Pearl’s tiger onesie is washed and ready for this coming year’s House Opening Ceremony. Come on Ennis! 🐅 Read more
@DidcotGirls09:26 AM - 15th August, 2019 Congratulations to these brilliant students who have achieved 4A*s, 13As and 5Bs between them. Read more
@DidcotGirls09:11 AM - 15th August, 2019 Shout out to our Year 12 Further Mathematicians, who took A2 Maths a year early...and achieved 6 A*s and 6 As and 2 Bs between them. What an inspiring bunch! Read more
@DidcotGirls09:11 AM - 15th August, 2019 Huge congratulations to our Year 12 Further Maths students taking their A-level Maths a year early. 100% A*-B. Read more
@DidcotGirls09:03 AM - 15th August, 2019 A lovely atmosphere in the Hall as our A-Level students students pick up their results. Many happy faces and stories of success…but behind every result are personal stories of adversity and challenge, sustained hard work and a great student-teacher relationship. Read more
@DidcotGirls01:33 AM - 14th August, 2019 Our fingers are crossed for those students collecting A Level results on Thursday! Results can be collected from Cockcroft Hall at Didcot Girls' School from 8.30 - 10.00am. Please enter the school by the Cockcroft Gates.
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