'Pupils, in all year groups, behave really excellently in lessons. They are consistently hard working, happy and determined to succeed.' Ofsted


Pastoral support systems in the school are excellent and ensure that each girl is quickly known as an individual and feels part of
the school community.

Tutor groups meet for 15 minutes each morning and consist of students in the same year belonging to the same House. Sixth form students and Year 11 Prefects are involved in assisting tutors and running mentoring programmes for younger students during tutor time.

Heads of Year overview the progress and well-being of their year group, working alongside an expert team of tutors. Alongside year groups, we run an active House system with seven Houses: (Kate) Adie, (Darcy) Bussell, (Jessica) Ennis, (Susan) Greenfield, (Helena) Kennedy, (Ellen) MacArthur, and (Jacqui) Wilson. The House system encourages both competition and the family feel of the school which is much commented on and praised by visitors.

We hold Year Assemblies once each week and House Assemblies once each term. We encourage the development of thinking skills and reflection through active participation in these morning sessions. A highlight of each term is the Whole School Assembly, where students share their achievements and successes and we celebrate the strong sense of community that makes our school a supportive and stimulating place to grow.

Each year group is led either by a non-teaching Head of Year or a teaching Head of Year supported by a Student Manager who does not teach and is skilled at working alongside young people. These staff form the main contacts with parents and will work alongside families and students where further support is needed.