'A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities enriches students' experiences and contributes to their wider development.' Ofsted


As an International Award School we take our overseas visits very seriously, believing that they enrich our community, offering opportunities for girls to experience different cultures and ways of life.

We run a large number of trips abroad, to China, Sweden, France, Poland and Spain, to name only a few. We have school exchanges to Germany and China and all of Year 7 travel to France for a long weekend each year. World Challenge groups explore Ecuador, Borneo and Tanzania. Travel in Britain is also encouraged and there are regular visits to museums, galleries, castles and coastal areas to make our curriculum come alive.

As a Language College, we use our specialism to create a wide range of opportunities for our students to welcome visitors from abroad, and to engage in real learning opportunities in the community which highlight the importance of languages in the world of work.

We encourage everybody to take part in visits during their school life. There is a special fund available for those who have financial difficulties.

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