Knowledge Organisers

A 'knowledge rich' curriculum

At Didcot Girls’ School we are committed to delivering a knowledge rich curriculum and helping students develop impactful life-long study skills. We know that regular retrieval practice is the most effective way to ensure that we move information into our long-term memory and that simply re-reading texts is not an valuable way of revising.

To support student learning, each department has created a Knowledge Organiser for every unit of their KS3 courses. These valuable documents summarise the exact facts, dates vocabulary, characters, concepts and definitions that students need to revise and secure to help them be successful.

Alongside the Revision Revolution techniques, documents and vocabulary booklets, these can be used for revision and self-quizzing and will often be used as homework tasks and in review lessons.

We urge students to use these crucial documents to support their learning and develop independence around reviewing their understanding; identifying gaps in their understanding and taking proactive steps to address them. Parents can be a huge support for their daughter too by helping them quiz themselves using the Knowledge Organisers.

Very shortly, we will add a series of invaluable and constructive guidance videos on using the KOs and revision techniques effectively. Watch this space!

Year 7

Year 8

Revision Revolution

Vocabulary booklets Years 7-11

Vocabulary booklets can be found on our Oracy page.

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