Management of Provider Access Requests


A provider wishing to request access should contact: Stuart George, Head of Careers
Telephone: 01235 812092 Email:

Opportunities for access

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils; this includes the Year 11 Careers Convention, the Year 8 'WOW ' (World of Work) event, the Year 7 Guess the Employer event and the Key Phase opportunities detailed later in this section.  In 6th Form opportunities are included within assemblies, the Meet the Employer Event and the 6th Form Mentoring program and launch event 

Alongside this, we are part of a local network group comprising of Careers Leads and other interested parties, who work together on careers initiatives and delivery including area wide Generic and Industry themed careers events, which we promote to our pupils and parents in our bulletin and careers notices (emailed fortnightly to pupils and parents). Provider access where linked to the aims and focus of these events is welcomed and can be arranged by contacting our Careers Lead. On top of these events we hold assemblies which sometimes focus on careers and progression routes, and we deliver some Careers Education lessons within our Personal Development provision. Access to these is through our Careers Lead.

We also proactively promote an Employer’s database.  We seek to add local employers and education and training providers onto this and then send relevant invites to our careers events and initiatives to the database members. 

In line with the Skills and Post-Education Act 2022 we provide at least two opportunities for training and education providers to present and engage with our pupils in each key phase (as defined in the Act).  These all take place in the school day and are delivered to whole year groups. 

First Key Phase provision includes:  

  • Training and education providers assembly to Year 8 

  • Training and education providers assembly to Year 9 (including local UTC) 

Second Key Phase provision includes:  

  • Training and education providers assembly to Year 10 

  • Presentations by education and training providers as part of our Year 11 Careers Convention (including local UTC)  

Third Key Phase provision: 

  • Presentations across the phase on University, Apprenticeships, Employment and Gap years and a visit to a University and Apprenticeship roadshow event 

At our events we will endeavour to make providers’ experience and opportunities as fulfilling as possible, which includes making guests feel welcome and valued, providing access to the most appropriate age group/s or targeted groups of pupils and providing the equipment required where possible, e.g. access to a suitable space (hall/classrooms), audio/visual equipment and the internet. Please contact the Careers Lead to discuss specific premises and facilities requirements for your event. The Careers Lead will also agree with you in advance materials that you can bring to the event that can be left for students to read (e.g. prospectuses and handouts).

Details of career opportunities and progression routes are also publicised in our weekly bulletin. To arrange for an opportunity to appear in the bulletin please contact our Careers Lead.

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