Careers Information for Staff

DGS has a network of department based ‘Careers Champions’.  The group meets approximately 2 times a year and aims to:

  • Raise pupils careers aspirations
  • Broaden pupils knowledge of careers that exist
  •  Increase motivation for pupils to succeed in their subjects
  •  Pupils ending up in more informed, further and higher education options and careers

Outcomes and actions to-date include; department based careers conferences, career displays in departments and subject based career ‘wordles’.  Your Head of Department or Stuart George will be able to tell you who your own departments Career Champion is.  If you are interested in becoming a Careers Champion or initiating a careers related event within your subject please do speak to your departments Careers Champion and/or Stuart.

For career resources for your own use as a teacher and to advise or guide students we recommend using the ‘Unifrog’ website on which staff receive training and if required for further advice and guidance to book an appointment with Cathy King-Spooner (see details below) or point students in the direction of:

Head of Careers at DGS is Mr George:

DGS employs the services of a Careers Adviser, from Adviza, Cathy. Her role is to provide impartial careers information, advice and guidance. Cathy has an office in the Sherwood Café/Year 11 area and is in school most Thursdays and Fridays. During lunchtimes she runs a drop-in session to which students from all years are welcome

You can contact Cathy on behalf of any of your tutees via: 07970 508561    


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