Welcome from the Chair of Governors

"Didcot Girls' School is a vibrant and happy place to work and learn" Ofsted

The opening line from our latest Ofsted report (Nov 2022) perfectly encapsulates Didcot Girls’ School and what it is like to be here. As a governing body we support and encourage the relentless ambition of the school for every student. We have a universal commitment to excellence at every level and believe that the combination of a single sex main school and co-educational sixth form offers every student the opportunity to realise their full potential. The school’s core values of respect, inclusivity and setting high expectations lie at the heart of everything we do.

The rich curriculum at DGS is deliberately ambitious, broad and inclusive, providing all learners with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Student well-being and safeguarding are of paramount importance; a great deal of work goes on continuously to deliver a safe, caring environment for learning.

DGS has a strong sporting tradition with excellent facilities and participates regularly in county fixtures. There are superb art, music, dance and drama departments which put on regular concerts and shows – often jointly with other schools in the Ridgeway Education Trust. We offer a wide range of languages: Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish and German. With the pandemic over, we look forward to more overseas visits to enable students to experience other cultures.

The school understands the importance of learning and personal development beyond the curriculum and making sure all students leave equipped and ready for their chosen path. There are many clubs, societies and extracurricular activities on offer. Careers provision and personal development are strengths, and we have an ever-expanding network of contacts and partnerships with local businesses. These include links with local Science Parks and the Smallpeice Engineering Trust, creating fantastic opportunities for girls to develop a passion and expertise for STEM subjects. We are successful in sending students to the UK’s top universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) and also in supporting girls to find apprenticeships and employment.

As Chair of Governors at DGS it is fantastic to work with such a devoted and enthusiastic team of leaders, staff and governors. We are all justifiably proud that our school has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted in the last two inspections (2015,2022). The governing board are totally focussed on ensuring the school builds on what has already been achieved and continues to deliver an outstanding education and experience for every current and future DGS student.

Best Regards


Paul Smith

Chair of Governors


@@LibraryDGS01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 We are very excited to be welcoming to next Wednesday to talk to Year 7 about Reading for Empathy.Lots of Year 7 students received a copy of 'The Wild Way Home' on their transition days in July - bring them to the library at break to get them signed! pic.twitter.com/QTw3i8eCe3
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 We look forward to welcoming you to our Open Evening on Thursday 28th September. Click here for more information: Read more pic.twitter.com/sq0qC8u8AW
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Some exceptional work this afternoon around the site. Year 9 are focusing on portraiture and were doing a fabulous job! pic.twitter.com/9QWTXVggGa
@@LibraryDGS01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Welcome to a new school year at Didcot Girls' School!We have a fantastic opportunity for students to join one of our book groups with our Patron of Reading, More information here: Read more pic.twitter.com/mpuFk2wNJ5
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students and everyone in our school community on another year of superb results. Such commitment- and a sea of smiling faces! 🌟45% of entries Grades 7+​​🌟85% Grade 4+ English & Maths​🌟71% Grade 5+ English & Maths
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Congratulations to our wonderful year 11 students who are celebrating excellent GCSE results today. Read more
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 It was really inspiring visiting our Year 10s last week as they experienced a great range of careers. Here is Chloe, ready to go into the lab at Abbott Toxicology. pic.twitter.com/mOxn7HDkru
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 A massive thank you to all the local businesses who hosted our Year 10 students on their work experience last week. Here is Josie, on reception at the beautiful Bee House on Milton Park. She even checked in some of her peers when they visited the park on Friday! pic.twitter.com/8BvrUQirCn
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 A huge well done to all our Year 10 students on work experience last week, we've had lots of lovely feedback about how brilliant you were! This is Molly who impressed the finance team at Structure Tone, London with her IT skills and commitment. pic.twitter.com/lpXEU2mJfd
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 We’re excited to be running our first ‘Leadership and Learning’ day today, welcoming a group of senior leaders from various schools to explore teaching, culture and inclusion A great opportunity to learn from each other. pic.twitter.com/yIULct4gfy
@@RidgewayEdu01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 We’re excited to be running our first ‘Leadership and Learning’ day today, welcoming a group of senior leaders from various schools to explore teaching, culture and inclusion A great opportunity to learn from each other. pic.twitter.com/yIULct4gfy
@@DidcotGirls01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Some of our GCSE and A-Level Music students wanted to drop in on Beethoven’s house in Bonn! pic.twitter.com/sxayaBOTdW
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