Staff Directory

Miss L Ahearn
Head of Geography

Mrs L Allen
Deputy Head Year 7/Cover Supervisor

Mrs F Ashton
English/Assistant Head for Teaching & Learning and CPD

Mrs K Atkins
English/Year 7 & 8 Curriculum Progress Leader (0.8)

Mrs A Bodinham
Psychology/Lead Practitioner

Mr R Bowrage

Mr I Briggs
Science/Head of Physics/Mathematics

Mr C Byrne
Mathematics/Computer Science
Young Carers Lead

Mr D Cameron-Hobbs
Science/Biology/House Events Coordinator

Miss LJ Carter

Miss H Chalmers

Mr T Clement
Mathematics/KS5 Mathematics Lead

Mrs S Cohen
Modern Languages/Head of German/International Coordinator

Mr O Cointre
Head of Economics

Dr K Coldwell
Science/Biology/Chemistry/Ethics, Religion & Philosophy Enrichment Day Coordinator

Dr P Comina
Science/Chemistry/Head of Ethos (0.8)

Mr L Copley

Mrs J Corris
Science/Biology (0.6)

Mr J Cross
English/Director of Didcot Sixth Form

Miss C Davies
PE/Assistant Head/Culture & Standards

Mr S Dingley
Head of Music & Director of Music for RET

Miss J Druce
Dance & Drama

Mrs J Durie
Second in English/Lead Practitioner

Miss AL Eccleston
Science/Head of Chemistry

Miss H Edwards
HOY 9/Music/House Events Coordinator

Ms E Egan

Miss C Fisher
Drama (0.2)

Mr C Fulwell
HOY 11/Mathematics/Behaviour for Learning CPD Lead

Mrs H Fulwell
Science/Biology/Assistant Head for Raising Standards KS3/Director of Teaching School

Mr C Gardiner

Mr S George
Head of PD & Careers/Cross-Curricular PD-RE Coordinator/School Council Leader/D6 Careers Education

Mrs M Gilbert
PE/D of E Lead Co-ordinator

Mrs M Good

Ms S Hall
English/Advanced Learners Lead (0.7)

Miss C Hanna
HOY 12/Psychology/Deputy Director of Didcot Sixth Form

Miss J Harrap

Mrs D Harris
Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (0.8)

Mr A Hexley
Modern Languages

Miss E Higgins
Cover Supervisor/Tutor for 7EXH

Mrs S Hook
Head of Dance

Mrs R Huggett-Murray
Science/Biology (0.6)

Dr G Hunter
English/Advanced Learners Lead

Mrs E Irwin
Mathematics (0.4)

Dr G Khan (Maternity)
English/Director of Ethos RET (0.8)

Miss C King
Mathematics/Senior Lead for Numeracy (0.6)

Miss A Kyriakides
Science/Head of Biology/KS5 Biology Lead/Lead Practitioner for Research

Mr N Lawton
Joint Head of History/KS5 History Lead/EPQ and Lead Practitioner for Independent Learning (0.8)

Miss G Littler
Modern Languages/Headteacher

Mrs M Lovett Capone (Maternity)

Mrs H Lloyd
Mathematics/Progress Mentor (0.6)

Mr Y Low-Hong
Science/Physics/Computer Science

Miss S Malta
Art/Freeborn Gallery Coordinator

Miss C Marshall

Mrs L Martin (Maternity)
Head of English

Miss L Martin
Health & Social Care (0.8)

Mrs C Matthews (Maternity)
History (0.4)

Miss E McAdden
English (0.6)

Mr J McGrail

Mrs K Melidis

Mrs J Minell
Cover Supervisor/Deputy Public Speaking Leader

Miss N Moody
HOY 8/Mathematics

Mrs V Morris
Head of Modern Languages

Dr A Naylor
Head of Science/Physics

Miss S Nichols
Second in Geography

Miss L Oakey

Ms C O'Connor
Head of Mathematics

Mrs R O'Malley

Mr C Osborne

Mr J Parkin-Haig
HOY 13/Geography/DSF Enrichment Leader

Miss J Passey
PD (0.9)

Mrs C Pearl
Alternative Provision Lead

Miss S Powell
Science/BiologyKS3 Coordinator

Miss F Ralph
Head of Psychology/Lead Practitioner

Mrs S Ralph (Maternity)
Mathematics (0.8)

Mr M Ray
Art and Graphics/Design & Marketing Lead

Mr N Rees
Director of Computing RET

Mrs E Reynolds
Head of PE/Lead Practitioner

Ms D Roberts
Head of Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (0.7)

Miss S Roberts (Maternity)
English/Deputy Headteacher Curriculum and Standards

Miss M Robertson
Head of Drama/Drama Outreach/Deputy Public Speaking Leader

Mrs P Rodrigues
Head of Vocational Learning (0.8)

Mrs E Rudman
Head of Art/Graphics & D&T

Miss C Saunders
Joint Second in Modern Languages/Head of Spanish

Miss K Sayers
Mathematics/KS3 Coordinator

Miss R Slater

Miss R Still

Miss J Street
Joint Head of History/Middle Leader Development Lead

Dr M Suggate

Mrs L Svizinska

Mr A Tamplin
Business Studies/Senior Assistant Head/Culture & Standards/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Thompson
English/6th Form Oracy Leader

Mr S Thompson
Head of Business Studies/Computer Science

Miss E Thursfield
Second in Art/ Graphics & D&T

Miss L Tilling

Miss S Vassiliou
English/Professional Tutor/Associate SLT/Senior Lead for Literacy

Mrs L Walker
PE (0.8)

Mrs R Warwick
English/Executive Headteacher Ridgeway Education Trust

Miss C Webb

Miss R Weirs

Ms A Wickham
Mathematics/Maths Mastery Lead RET/Lead Practitioner (0.8)            

Mrs L Wicks
Modern Languages/Head of Chinese (0.8)

Mr P Willett (0.6)
Music/Deputy Head/Curriculum & Standards

Mrs G Wiltshire
Second in Mathematics

Mrs H Wright
English/KS5 English Lead (0.6)

Ms Q Zhou
Languages/Chinese (0.6)


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