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In what has been an unprecedented year, the School Council has continued to demonstrate their unwavering enthusiasm for and dedication to supporting and improving DGS for everyone. Here’s an overview of everything they achieved in 2019-2020:

Term 1 Frids Toilets 1

We started off the year by continuing to work on the Frids toilet renovations. It’s been really exciting to see the plans come together and we really hope that everyone likes them! We also spent a lot of time thinking about the school rewards system and speaking to fellow students about this, with a particular focus on house points. We shared student voice feedback about this matter with Dr Khan in a meeting.

 Term 2

We worked with the charity officer from Didcot Sixth Form to raise awareness about poverty as we approached Christmas. We conducted research about poverty in Oxfordshire and the work being done to alleviate this. We then organised an enormous donation from DGS to Didcot Food Bank, which every tutor group took part in. It was wonderful to see our school community working together to help the wider community in Didcot.

 Term 3

We started Term 3 with our plans for ‘Balloon Monday’, which was a fun take on ‘Blue Monday’ which falls on the third Monday of January and is said to be the most depressing day of the year. After spending the morning secretly blowing up hundreds of colourful balloons, we released them into the school community where they were passed between staff and students for the rest of the day. It was amazing to see how this cheered everyone up and made what was quite a grey day bright and happy. We also worked with Mr Rees to raise awareness of online safety among students, giving presentations on Safer Internet Day 2020 to every year group in assemblies.

 Term 4

We made International Women’s Day our focus in Term 4. We gave assemblies on the topic of #Eachforequal and shared some of the famous young women who have been inspiring us lately, particularly Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai. We spent the weeks running up to International Women’s Day creating a video in which staff and students shared the women who inspire them the most. The finished video included a huge range of fascinating women, including sportswomen, artists, scientists, politicians, activists, and lots of mums! On International Women’s Day itself we took photographs of staff and students as they held up signs making their #Eachforequal pledges.

 Term 5

Term 5 was an unusual one for all of us, but we remained committed to representing and supporting the DGS community. We ran lockdown competitions based on the theme of rainbows that could be entered from home and helped us to all feel connected. The Rainbow Baking and Rainbow Arts & Crafts competitions showcased creativity from across all year groups. We also had an online meeting with Miss Littler to provide feedback from students about home learning.

Term 6

 As the lockdown continued, we spent Term 6 compiling tips and resources that we or people we know have enjoyed or found helpful while working from home. We shared these with students in a virtual assembly, which was accompanied by a video that we created with the hope of keeping everyone motivated and excited to see each other again.

 We are proud of our achievements as school councillors this year and are very excited to get back to using our creativity, teamwork and resilience to make DGS the best place it can be in 2020-21.


The Student Council identified that one of its main priorities was to reduce the queues at our cash loader units which are used for students to top up their accounts with cash for school meals. In order to help achieve this we want to appeal to all parents to pay for school meals by online payments rather than cash. Not only does this reduce the queues but it also minimises the need for students to carry cash and thus prevents the risk of loss.

It is very easy to pay money directly into your child’s account through our on-line payments system, ParentPay. It may be that you have forgotten your account username or password, in which case, we can help reset these. Alternatively you may not have yet registered to use the system at all in which case we can arrange setting up of your account, username and password.

In either case, just give the school a call on 01235 812092 and ask to speak to the administration office or email Miss Allsworth on who will be pleased to help you.

Please do help our Student Council achieve its wish to get all our payments online and eliminate those queues!

Access to ParentPay is via:

Mr C. Powell
Director of Finance and Services


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