School Council

We are Miss Elford and Miss MacDermott, and we took over the School Council in 2023. We soon received over 100 applications to join the School Council, allowing us to appoint an incredible team for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Our Council has some new roles in it this year, including Subject Councillors, Charity Councillors, Year Councillors, Equality and Diversity Councillors and Young Carer Councillors. These new roles within the council allow students to channel their passions and voices into meaningful and specific ideas that are relevant to their lives, their knowledge and their future goals, whilst providing the wider school community with clear leaders to turn to with their ideas and questions.

Projects that the School Council run and organise include non-uniform days, raising money for charities and local causes including the SOFEA Community Larder in Didcot, which was our chosen charity for the Christmas non-uniform day, and hosting events to bring awareness to nationally and globally noted days, including Blue Monday, Holocaust Memorial Day and more.

Although the new School Council is just getting started, we are looking forward to bringing more fundraising projects to the school community, hosting events, listening to the voices of the staff and students and continuing to encourage future leaders at DGS.

Well done to the members of the School Council who have started this year so confidently and full of ideas. We look forward to what we will be able to do in 2024!

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