Key Stage 3

This is a broad curriculum offer with 16 subjects, including 4 languages, and discrete, timetabled lessons in Personal Development, Dance and Drama. There is generous time allocation in subjects such as Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities to ensure depth of learning.  

The focus at Key Stage Three is on depth of learning and mastery of knowledge, understanding and skills within a wide range of subjects. Our aim is that students become resilient learners with learning focused on thinking hard and working hard. 

Students are taught in mixed ability groups other than in Maths and English where some students will access additional support through smaller group teaching. 

Key stage three is not simply preparation for Key stage four. The curriculum in Key stage three places importance on the delivery of rich and powerful knowledge and ensures students are equipped with the depth of language they need to make exceptional progress. We meet, and in places exceed, the requirements of the National Curriculum.  

Students with additional needs make excellent progress because they are supported by skilful academic scaffolding through, for example, the careful use of pre unit briefings in departments to support the teaching of each curriculum topic, and high quality social, emotional and mental health support delivered through the well-planned wider curriculum and appropriate interventions within learning support.  

The curriculum in Year 9 is designed to provide continuity, balance and breadth, but at the same time enable students to specialise in some courses which meet their needs, aptitudes and career intentions.  

In exceptional cases, small groups of students will be supported with additional English rather than studying both languages in Year 7 and 8. A very small number may not continue with a language in Y9 but will access additional English and literacy support instead.  

Year 7 and 8

Subject Hours per fortnight
Year 7

Hours per fortnight
Year 8

English 7 7
Mathematics 6 7
Science 6 6
History 3 3
Geography 3 3
Religious Education 1 1
Design and Technology/ Dance* 4 4
Modern Foreign Language (MFL) 6 5
Computer Science 2 2
Art 2 2
Music 2 2
Physical Education 4 4
Drama 2 2
Personal Development 2 2


*taught in a carousel of 3 D&T subjects with Dance

Year 9

Subject Hours per fortnight
English 6
Mathematics 7
Science 9
Option 1
(Geography or History)
Option 2
(Choice of MFL)
Option 3 4
Option 4 4
Religious Studies 1
Computer Science 1
Music 2
Art 2
Design and Technology/ Drama* 2
Physical Education 3
Personal Development 1

 *taught in a carousel of 3 D&T subjects with Drama


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