Subject Leaders

Miss L Ahearn
HOD Geography

Mr O Cointre
Head of Economics

Mr S Dingley
Head of Music & Director of Music for RET

Miss A Eccleston
Head of Chemistry

Mr S George
HOD PD and Careers/School Council Leader/Cross-curricular PD-RE Coordinator/D6 Careers Education

Ms S Hall
HOD Media Studies

Mrs S Hook
Head of Dance/Lead Practitioner

Miss C King
Joint HOD Mathematics

Mr N Lawton
Second in History/EPQ & Lead Practitioner for Independent Learning in Sixth Form

Mrs L Martin
Head of English

Mrs V Morris
Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr A Naylor    
HOD Science/Physics

Ms C O'Connor
Joint HOD Mathematics/Computer Science

Miss Ralph
Head of Psychology

Mr N Rees
Head of ICT & Computing

Mrs E Reynolds
Head of PE/Lead Practitioner

Ms D Roberts
Head of Ethics, Religion and Philosophy

Miss M Robertson
Head of Drama/Deputy Public Speaking Leader

Mrs P Rodrigues
Head of Vocational Learning

Mrs E Rudman
HOD Art/Graphics & D&T

Miss J Street
Head of History and Government & Politics/Associate Senior Leader

Mr S Thompson
Head of Business Studies


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@DidcotGirls12:21 AM - 19th January, 2021 Y7 (and their parents!) starting week3 of remote learning and doing a marvellous job! Remember to look after yourselves and one another! We are here for you! ☺️📚💻 Read more
@DidcotGirls12:21 AM - 19th January, 2021 Happy Monday all - Week 3 of Remote learning here we come! So proud of all the hard work and focus from our students Remember - Get up from your desk/walk around/stretch/grab a drink between lessons & email us for any support we are in this together! Read more
@DidcotGirls11:11 PM - 16th January, 2021 Miss Street is just off out for a good long walk. I hope everyone is managing some outdoor time today, within the rules, of course!! Read more
@DidcotGirls09:33 AM - 16th January, 2021 It’s Friday 🎉 which means 2 weeks of remote learning are almost complete 👍🏻 we are super proud of how you have adapted to the current situation, and we hope you have a good weekend away from screens 🤞 send us any pictures or videos of your weekends 😍
@DidcotGirls09:31 AM - 16th January, 2021 Miss V on the local BBC news with her brilliant karate skills and online success!! Congratulations, Miss V!
@DidcotGirls11:39 PM - 14th January, 2021 Our climate dashboard is now up and running! Last November we used more than our target of 176800kWh, with good reason as we are ventilating classrooms due to Covid. Let's focus on turning off lights and devices when they aren't in use! Read more
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